Farmers pitch in to harvest crop for farmer fighting cancer

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“In the past, Dad’s organised it for a few of our neighbours, so I think it’s time he took help off some people.”

Headers harvesting wheat on Peter Waterhouse’s property. (Supplied: Peter Waterhouse)
In the end, more than 1,000 hectares of wheat was harvested.Peter Waterhouse, a father-of-five, said it was a “huge boost” to witness so many people willing to help.”They come from as far north as Bowgada and down to Ballidu, across to Carnamah,” he said.”There were that many phone calls from people offering to help out, we had to sort of knock people back in the end, we had too many trucks.” “It was quite overwhelming.”Blake said his father had spent decades volunteering and contributing to the community, and was initially reluctant to accept the help. “It makes it a bit easier for me to relax and concentrate on my treatment,” he said. “It’s great for the community to get together as well.” (Supplied: Peter Waterhouse)
“He’s pretty much done everything for everyone else but as soon as people want to help him, he’s not really inclined to take it,” he said. Since then, trips to Perth for treatment had held up his harvesting operation. One of his sons, Blake Waterhouse, organised the harvest event.He wanted his parents to have “one less thing to worry about”.”It’s just the last sort of thing they need to be worrying about at the moment, is taking off the crop,” he said. “It’s taken a bit for him to realise that it’s happening and so many people want to help him out.”Mr Waterhouse eventually warmed to the idea and said it was a huge relief to look across the paddock and see his crop has been harvested. Roughly 200 friends, family and colleagues of Mr Waterhouse gathered after the event.”People and all family come from Esperance and Perth; it was magnificent to see everyone come along and we all had a great night,” he said. Photo:
Volunteers pitched in to help local farmer Peter Waterhouse harvest his crop. People from across regional Western Australia have pitched in to help a farmer bring in his crop after he was diagnosed with cancer.Dozens of people turned out with machinery and road trains to finish harvest at Peter Waterhouse’s property in East Maya, about 300 kilometres north of Perth.The 62 year old, who has a reputation for contributing to his local community, was diagnosed with liver cancer following a routine annual check-up earlier this year.
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By Sarah Taillier


November 16, 2016 17:22:53

Volunteers loading wheat into trucks at Peter Waterhouse’ East Maya property. (Supplied: Peter Waterhouse)