‘The AFL final made me late for work’: Crows offer up excuse letter for fans’ bosses

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“The AFL did the scheduling and we probably would have preferred a Friday night,” he said.”But our fans have been great and turned out in force throughout the course of the season and I expect it will be no different on the Thursday night to kick off the finals.”‘It’s a special night’The Crows chief executive said the club had always expected a top four finish would mean a Thursday or Friday night opening final, which would give the losers from those two matches a day longer to prepare for fronting up again the next week, while the two winners would get a week’s extra break.”It’s not one that they consult you on, it’s one that they just tell you about,” he said of the AFL’s finals scheduling.”Obviously for some of our regional-based supporters and those with children it’s a little more challenging for them, but, look, it’s a special night.”It’s the first night of finals, it’s a big weekend for the football club and, look, supporters have been great throughout the football season and packed Adelaide Oval out each and every week and I expect it will be no different on the Thursday night.”Tickets for the opening final at Adelaide Oval against Greater Western Sydney went on sale today and fans snapped them up quickly, hoping to see a repeat of Adelaide’s round one victory over GWS back in March.Crows assistant coach Matthew Clarke said the team had about a week and a half to prepare for the opening game of the finals.”Basically we’ll just work back from the Thursday night game and standardise our training week on the basis of that,” he said.”Throughout the year we’ve found, on the longer breaks, when we’ve trained twice and trained well we’ve played better. Faced with playing a Thursday night opening match in the AFL finals series, the top-placed Adelaide Crows have produced a cheeky form letter which apologises for fans being late to work the next day.Crows chief executive Andrew Fagan is the signatory, and the letter has a space for fans to enter their own name and that of their boss.Fagan’s tongue-in-cheek effort reads: “The AFL have scheduled our qualifying final on a Thursday evening and (fan’s name) has been fulfilling their duties as a passionate fan of the Adelaide Football Club.”It goes on to acknowledge the impact on workplace productivity of a “very important game with a preliminary final berth on the line”.Fagan said he did not expect the Thursday night game would deter any fan who had to front up for work the next day. Photo:
Crows fans last saw their team clash with GWS back in Round one at Adelaide Oval.
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August 29, 2017 13:48:23

Sorry boss, but I have a great excuse for being late to work.

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The students rescued the koala on the final day of four-day canoe trip. (Supplied: Vimeo/Chris Townsend)
“Near the tree the water was moving really really fast, so for the koala jumping on a conveniently located floating object was much easier.”Since the video was posted online on Monday night it has since been played on TV news in Russia, the United States, Italy and the UK.”It’s one of those experiences — in Australia everyone knows about koalas but you don’t really see them every day and you don’t always get to go close up,” said Ms Coventry, for whom this encounter was her first time seeing the cuddly marsupial up close.The koala rescue was a fitting end to a four-day outdoor educational trip called River Environments, where students learn how to become river guides and interpret the natural environment.”If we can have some sort of interaction with nature, that’s non-invasive and doesn’t disrupt the environment … this is exactly what we’re looking for,” Mr Townsend said.”It’s not that often we have a close relationship to an Australian native animal — it’s quite a rare thing. (Supplied: Vimeo/Chris Townsend)
After the canoe was moved to the riverbank the koala clambered into the trees, before quickly returning to the riverbank and having a five-minute drink of water.”It must have been out there for a couple of days,” said Chris Townsend, a lecturer in the university’s Outdoor and Environmental Education degree.”It must have been very thirsty but couldn’t reach the water to drink it.”Koalas are able to swim, but if they do not have a way to climb out of the water they will eventually drown.”When he got off onto the shore you could see his back legs were wet, so we think what had happened was that he climbed down and tested the waters,” Ms Coventry said. Photo:
The koala could have been stuck in the tree for several days. It’s a beautiful thing.”
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Ulunpa Island in the Murray river The plight of a koala that hitched a canoe ride to safety after being stranded on a gum tree in the Murray River has made headlines worldwide after one of its rescuers posted a video online.La Trobe university students were canoeing past Ulupna Island, near the border of New South Wales and Victoria, when they came across the stranded koala.”One of the guys was paddling past the tree and the koala was eyeing off the canoe and looked like he was going to try and jump on,” said student Kirra Coventry, who filmed the video.”That’s when Matt [the canoer] jumped out, pushed the canoe up to the tree, and sure enough he got on.”In the video the canoe is seen being moved slowly towards the gum tree as the koala eagerly looks down before climbing in and seemingly sitting down on one of the seats.
Strathmerton 3641
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Stranded koala hitches ride in a canoe on Ulupna Island in the Murray River