Two dads redefining family for the past 20 years

She liked to break my bones.”Despite cries for help, Sarah said nobody believed her until a Department of Community Services worker took up her case. Leave a comment. It is a very vulnerable situation,” Musu said.Over time, Dennis and John won her trust and she settled in.Musu’s advice for other children who find themselves in foster care is to let go of the past and make the most of your new life.”I know that there are a lot of kids who have gone through traumatic experiences and it takes time to move on,” she said.”But you really have to take what your carers are giving you and accept the help that’s there.”Opening the home for more children

Long-time partners Dennis Cash and John Guthrie are hoping to foster a newborn soon. Musu would barricade herself in her bedroom shoving furniture up against the door to keep her new foster carers out.She said it was difficult in the early days of moving in.”It’s very hard because you don’t know these people; you are moving in with strangers. (Australian Story: Sarah Gerathy)
Sarah, now 30, was the first child Dennis and John fostered.”I was lucky to walk out of my biological family’s life alive,” she said.”I don’t think I could have survived any longer with the level of abuse.”By the time Sarah arrived at Dennis and John’s house, she had been admitted to hospital multiple times and suffered 21 fractures.”My mother had Munchausen by proxy. John is pleased that the young women now feel confident enough to open up, not only to their dads, but to the world at large.”We have known these kids for years and they told us very little about what they had been through,” he said.”Now they are adults they feel they can talk and I think it has been really good for them to own their stories.”‘She liked to break my bones’: Sarah’s story

Sarah lived in 10 foster homes and refuges before she settled in with John and Dennis as a teenager. John recalls Sarah’s first day at school.”She put her uniform on, I thought everything was rosy, I took her to school and then she bolted and I ran the streets looking for her,” he said.Sarah had missed years of schooling and was terrified.”I didn’t feel like I could fit in. And it was starting to impact on their relationship.”I was thinking maybe we could have done this or that and John and I would disagree on what we should have done or didn’t do,” Dennis said.After reassurance from their case worker, John and Dennis persevered and Sarah soon settled down.John said while a lot of children in care have trust issues, patience and love is the key.”I made their lives miserable but they loved me. (Australian Story: Sarah Gerathy)
Musu described John and Dennis as “extraordinary”.”I speak from my heart because of my experience and what they’ve done for myself and other kids, just the amount of love and attention — they’re great people and I would give them the world,” she said.Although John and Dennis are in their 60s, they say as long as there are kids who need fostering they will be there to take them in.For the past two years they have been looking after 14-year-old Hailie and later this year they plan to foster a newborn baby.Dennis said that while being a foster parent is challenging, it is also a rewarding experience.”The reward for us is to see them come back, so the door is always open and they are always coming back,” he said.When John speaks about the children he glows with pride.”Every day we live vicariously through what they’re doing. (Australian Story: Sarah Gerathy)
By the time Musu arrived at Dennis and John’s at the age of 12 she had survived a civil war in Sierra Leone and severe beatings at the hand of a family friend who brought her to Australia as a refugee.After alerting the police to her predicament, Musu was placed in the foster care system.Musu recalled her delight when John and Dennis first came to collect her in their black convertible.”Is this for real?” she remembered thinking.”Are they my carers? With all my flaws and with all my baggage, they loved me,” Sarah said.’It’s a very vulnerable situation’

Musu was born in Sierra Leone, West Africa, and came to Australia as a refugee when she was eight years old. Have something to add? They’re playing a joke on me.”

Australian foster familiesAs at June 30, 2016, 46,500 children were living in out-of-home careAlmost 90 per cent of children in out-of-home care are in foster or relative careAbout 10,000 foster care homes have more than one child placed with themSource: AIHM Child Protection Australia 2015-16
But within days, John and Dennis were back in familiar territory. (Australian Story: Sarah Gerathy)
According to Barnardos Australia, most people who foster children want babies, but John and Dennis opted to take on teenage girls under the child protection charity’s permanent placement scheme.They agreed to take girls from the age of 12 until they turned 18 and two decades later their family is flourishing.The couple, who have been together for more than 30 years, has fostered and mentored more than a dozen children.But it is only since they started filming with Australian Story that John and Dennis have learned the full extent of the trauma that the children in their care had experienced.When each child arrived they were given a briefing, but their main focus was on the child’s future rather than their past. (Supplied)
After 10 different placements, Sarah, then 12, arrived at Dennis and John’s home and immediately took to her new environment.”There was no yelling, no screaming; it was just peaceful,” she said.But after a short honeymoon period, John and Dennis said they had their first taste of the realities of fostering. I had missed out on way too much,” she said.While Sarah was worrying about fitting in at school, John and Dennis were wondering whether they could cope. Photo:
Sarah started living with John and Dennis when she was a teenager. When John Guthrie and Dennis Cash announced their plan to foster teenagers almost 20 years ago their friends thought “they had rocks in their head”.Why would two men without kids want to take on the challenge of a traumatised teen? I love it when we’re all together,” he said.”I really can’t imagine my life 20 years ago without having these children.”Australian Story’s ‘Modern Family’ airs at 8:00pm on ABC TV and ABC iview. And what of people’s perceptions of a same-sex couple fostering?Dennis shared some of these concerns.”Initially I wondered whether we really had the ability to deal with young children that might have difficulties and need more specialised care,” he said.”I had some concerns about fostering young boys, being a same-sex couple, only because of what people might think.”So my stipulation was that they had to be girls.”

Dennis Cash (far left) and John Guthrie (far right) have fostered and mentored 12 teenagers in the past 20 years.
'I'd probably be in jail': Foster care crisis for older children in NSW
Australian Story

By Jennifer Feller


September 11, 2017 09:47:18

Video: "We always attract a few stares": Dennis and John's modern family. (ABC News)
Sydney 2000
Young people 'ending up homeless' at 18 as foster care ends
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Sa mi fie scoala – Noaptea Tarziu versuri cover Smiley

Versuri Noaptea Tarziu – Sa mi fie scoala
11 septembrie, o zi normala. Am iesit din scoala de-o varsta cu mama. Daca nu le duci pe vara te lasa
Si nu vreau, si nu vreau, ooo. Fara trezire, fara alarma. De ce ai grabit bai frate scoala chiar asa? Au transformat-o in zi de scoala. In cap imi vine acuma numai o intrebare. Mi-e dor sa trec pe langa scoala. (x2)
Mergem la scoala cu ghiozdanele goale
Si de la chiosc mancam doar chimicale. In cap imi vine acuma numai o intrebare. (x2)
Si as da multe sa am vacanta inca o zi.
Mi-e dor sa trec pe langa scoala. Mi-e dor sa ies pe afara. Ce-as mai vrea, ce-as mai vrea, ooo.(sa mi fie scoala)
Nu vreau sa iau flori, nu ma duc in clasa. De ce ai grabit bai frate scoala chiar asa? In cap imi vine acuma numai o intrebare. Sa-mi iau ramas bun de la toti prietenii. Nu mai e Obama. Aveam o viata roz si acuma pare gri. Ca intram in scoala tineri si ne intoarcem cu copii. De ce ai grabit bai frate scoala chiar asaaa? Vai ce a trecut timpul, numai e Obama. (x2)(sa mi fie scoala)
Versuri Noaptea Tarziu
Video scoala Mi-e dor sa ies pe afara. Nu mai e Obama? Sa va pupincuristii cu cadou-n plasa. Cad peste note fara sa-mi dau seama. Mergem la scoala cu ghiozdanele goale
Si de la chiosc mancam doar chimicale. Mergem la scoala cu ghiozdanele goale
Si de la chiosc mancam doar chimicale.

Vybz Kartel Shares More Photos From Prison With His Daughter

Smh..WORL' GOV'T!!! Kartel was sporting a white polo shirt and white short denim pants with a pair of black sneaker and sun shade. LUXURY DOLL, SO EASY, HOW CAN YOU, RUNUP REMIX… GAZANATION!!! The Gazanation deejay has been off social media for a few months now and suddenly popped up on IG over the weekend with a few new posts. Since the start of this month, Vybz Kartel has been churning out new music like its nothing. XOXO
A post shared by Adidja Azim Palmer (@vybzkartel) on Sep 8, 2017 at 7:01pm PDT

mashup??!!.. A post shared by Adidja Azim Palmer (@vybzkartel) on Sep 8, 2017 at 7:00pm PDT Last week, shared a few photos of Vybz Kartel and his friends taken at GP. Mi n My princess!!! The pics were taken while prisoners were allowed a family fun day visit and you can see the Worl’Boss posing for a candid photo with his daughter. Love you BabyGurl! You will also noticed that he lost a few points if you compare photos of him from 2014 during his murder trial, for which he was convicted for. The deejay also has more facial hair than we’re used to, kind of make it seems prison life has been good, but it’s far from because sources told us that he is anxiously awaiting his appeal trial which is around six months away. Vybz Kartel shares more photos from his recent family visit in prison on his Instagram page. So far we’ve seen four new singles in the space of two weeks and that’s a reminder of the old Kartel where he is known to flood the market with songs.

After Glow Riddim Mix By 2 Hard Music [Stream]

The After Glow project features songs like Beenie Man’s “One More Night,” Jahmiel’s “Home,” Masicka’s “Down For Life,” Christopher Martin’s “Incredible,” and Shaggy and GC collaboration “Live It Up.” The project is available on iTunes and will make for a good addition to your fall dancehall playlist. You can also stream the project below from this YouTube compilation. Vegas’ “Hands In The Air,” and Beenie Man classic single “Who Am I.” This new beat the After Glow shows that Harding hasn’t lost his touch. Tracklist:
Shaggy X GC – Live It Up Masicka – Down For Life Bugle – Love So Nice Chris Martin – Incredible Jahmiel – Home Beenie Man – One More Night The After Glow Riddim from 2 Hard Music is one of the hottest new projects in dancehall. Jeremy Harding has in the past produced some big riddims in dancehall like the Playground Riddim which features Sean Paul’s mega hit “Infiltrate,” Mr.

Ishawna Gives Danielle D.I. “Head Shot” She Went Hard

Ishawna drops a new diss track for Danielle D.I. give her cake to including Beenie Man, Gyptian, Kiprich, ZJ Liquid, Shabba among others. Listen to the single “Head Shot” below and leave your feedback in comments. The hottest new beef in dancehall is this cat fight between two smoking hot and lyrically acclaim female deejays, Ishawna and Danielle D.I., and this beef could be what Isaiah Laing need to breathe some new life into Sting. “Head Shot” and she went hard. D.I. Needless to say that Ishawna surprised us all with this track packing a lot of punches and addressing Danielle D.I. It didn’t take long for Ishawna to respond with “Head Shot” and suddenly this beef grabbing the attention of the dancehall masses. was the first one out the gate with a diss record last week titled “Talk Up” where she rips Ishawna for dissing Miss Lou, her affair with Downsound producer Skatta Burrell, among other things. “Yo songs them need some melody lyrics metaphor yo just basic,” she sings. She even addressed the Downsound line where she sings, “Yo go a Downsound and a try f*** Skatta / Tell the world say yo vex cause him say mi pu*** fatter.”
Ishawna didn’t refrain from calling names either, she named out a long list of entertainers who she claimed that Danielle D.I. diss track line for line.

The Weeknd Owns R. Kelly Classic “Down Low” With This Cover

But at least one of his accusers came forward with proof that he paid her off to keep quiet about their relationship while she was an underage girl. He will likely be performing this new single on future tour dates throughout the rest of the year. The Canadian singer drops his version of the song on the new episode of OVO Sound Radio on Saturday (Sept. Kelly, the singer has strongly denied them saying that people are trying to tarnish his name. Nevertheless, this cover of “Down Low” by the weekend is pretty dope, take a listen below. It kind of make you want to go listen to R. The tour will come to an end in December. 9). The Weeknd released a cover of R. The Weekend chooses an interesting to release a cover of an R. Abel’s cover is slightly different from the original and would make good for a remix version two decades of Kelly released the song. This is not the first time that similar accusations are being laid against the R&B legend. Kelly classic given the current state of bad publicity surrounding the R&B legend with strong accusations of him having a relationship with a minor and having a sex cult ring with several young women. He was scheduled to perform at last month’s MTV VMAs but pulled out of the event last month due to fatigue from touring for most of the year. The XO singer is currently embarking on the North American leg of his Starboy: Legend of the Fall world tour and will be performing in Boston, Washington DC, and Philadelphia this week. Kelly old catalog. Weeknd has in the past said that this song inspired his career in music, so this cover shouldn’t come as a surprise. Kelly‘s 1995 classic “Down Low” and he owns it. For the recent accusations against R.