Khago Threatens To Box Sizzla and Do What With His Mother

Lewis has since been pleading with Kalonji to called off his men and even suggested that a hit is out for his head and his kids are getting caught up in the melee. Over the past two weeks we’ve seen Sizzla taking on LA Lewis and even sending his goons after the self-proclaimed 7-Star general. The dancehall deejay posted a video on social media this week going in on the reggae icon over an old feud. The “Nah Sell Out” deejay is now living in the US so he will likely not received the same level of physical harassment as LA Lewis, but we’re told that Sizzla has goons all over the place and they have their eyes on Khago. According to Khago, his beef with Kalonji stemmed from a female from Mandeville that he used to date. He revealed in his rant that Sizzla dated the same female before he hooked up with her and that’s what started their old feud from 2012. Related Posts

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Khago Rant About Delus Having AIDS Blast Dancehall Fans Khago, on the other hand, is taking matters into his own hands and issued a threat to box Sizzla and didn’t mince words when he told the icon to do all sort of things to his mother. Khago just elevate his beef with Sizzla to a whole new level.