When life gives you lemons, kind hearts provide a table

(Supplied: Philip Jazyschyn)
Andrew began selling lemonade about four months ago to afford a Christmas present for his grandfather — chocolates at a hefty $20.”He wouldn’t take money out of his bank account because he didn’t want to lose bonus interest,” his father said.”So he bought some lemons and sugar and sent me and his younger two brothers broke selling us lemonade.”When we told him we wouldn’t buy any more, he decided to open a stand on the street.”Andrew said he intended to re-open for business in the coming week after feeling “angry” following his brush with petty theft. It was a great response from Katherine.”

The lemonade stand was stolen from its usual resting place near the family’s property. Life has given an enterprising 10-year-old lemons, leaving him temporarily unable to make lemonade.Andrew Jazyschyn had been selling cups of lemonade just outside the NT township of Katherine when the fold-out table he’d been using was stolen.His family returned home over the weekend to find the table, usually left on the side of the road near their property, was nowhere to be found.But strong community support meant Andrew’s family received a replacement table within hours.”I was just having a bit of a whinge on Facebook, and we’ve probably had about 30 comments and over 100 likes, and five offers for tables to be delivered to us,” Andrew’s father Philip Jazyschyn told ABC Radio Darwin’s Conor Byrne.”Our neighbours dropped one off within about 45 minutes.
(Supplied: Philip Jazyschyn ) ABC Radio Darwin


March 13, 2018 12:10:55

The 10-year-old has been selling lemonade from a stand near his house for about four months.
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