Cycling group at it again with Strava map numbat

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March 19, 2018 13:50:04

The cycling group Fight Club has left its mark on Perth once again. (Supplied: Ben Jones)

Perth 6000
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They jumped on their bikes to follow the route yesterday, March 18.”It was a bit of fiddling around to make it look as much like a numbat as we could, but it took a lot less time to draw than it took to ride it,” Mr Jones said. But it will raise the awareness, outside Australia, of what numbats are.”Numbats are considered an endangered species. I think numbats have a mask over their eyes which I couldn’t get, but it’s good enough to know what it is,” Mr Jones said of the completed map.”All the people who told us last year that we had to do something again are impressed, which is good.”It was just a bunch of guys wanting to go out and have a bit of fun. (Supplied: Perth Zoo)
The riders used Strava — an app for runners and cyclists to track their routes — to create the numbat.Its design was mapped out first, with much of Perth’s northern suburbs featured.But to get the hind legs right the group had to cross the river. Photo:
The team wasn’t kidding around for their first Strava map attempt. (Supplied: Ben Jones) (Supplied: Ben Jones)
The numbat ride covered 192.2 kilometres and took six hours and 33 minutes to complete.”I was a little bit disappointed with some of the detail … Photo:
Ben Jones (right) and the Fight Club team on the goat ride last year. A Perth cycling group which delighted the internet last year by drawing a goat on the city’s map has followed up with the emblem of Western Australia — the numbat.”We thought if we are going to do it again, we should do it with an animal from WA,” Ben Jones from the group named Fight Club told ABC Radio Perth.”After we did the goat we figured we should do a native animal.”

Recognisable? The numbat ride involved going down roads and then doubling back to create the lines.
We're not kidding: Cyclists draw a goat with 200km ride
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