Cyclone Iris no match for lost Staffy Rosy

Cyclone Iris downgraded and moving away from Queensland coast
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A Mackay man did not think twice about braving cyclonic conditions in the Whitsundays on Tuesday night in search of the family dog.
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(Supplied: Craig Funston) ABC North Qld


Sally Rafferty


April 05, 2018 16:30:06

One of the family: Freda Tanner with the family dog, Rosy, which bolted during Cyclone Iris.
(ABC North Queensland: Sally Rafferty)
“I’ve never done the walk myself, so I was lost, it was dark, the rain was coming in sideways,” Mr Funston said.”I was waist deep in water that was pouring down the mountain, so that part was a bit terrifying.”We had to travel over a couple of mountains and river crossings.”It was an adventure, put it that way, and then the dog decided to do the bolt.”

Craig Funston spent the night outside during the peak of Cyclone Iris searching for his beloved dog Rosy. Photo:
Rosy was found by a bystander the next bay over from where the family had been camping. “The kids were pretty upset, the wife she wasn’t happy at all — it was my fault apparently,” Mr Funston said.”I was worried about the dingoes more than anything, plus the dog had never been there before so she didn’t know which way to go. Craig Funston and Freda Tanner’s family and their dog Rosy had been camping at a bay 10 kilometres from Dingo Beach when they were alerted to news Cyclone Iris was expected to develop into a category three system.With their boat swamped by torrential rainwater, the family was left with no choice but to walk through rough terrain in a bid to find shelter from the storm. (ABC North Queensland: Sally Rafferty)
Desperate to find the family’s beloved eight-year-old Staffordshire terrier, Mr Funston spent the night outdoors in the storm, while members of the Dingo Beach community also joined the search. (Supplied: Craig Funston)
“It was pretty damn bloody worrying.”Unfortunately, with conditions deteriorating, Mr Funston was left with no choice but to abandon the search.After a sleepless night, he headed back to the campsite on Wednesday morning and it was not long before the family then received the news they had been hoping for.”I got a message from some random guy saying ‘I found her’,” Mr Funston said.”He was on a jet ski the next bay over and spotted her on the beach.”Mr Funston said after enduring a category two system, lost in the dark, Rosy was very happy to see her family.”Tired, very sore, her back foot was all cut up from travelling around on the rocks or oyster shells,” he said.”We’ll never know what her adventure was.”I just know ours was full on.” Photo:
Rosy bolted during the storm and was found the next day with minor injuries.
Craig Funston endured tough conditions to find Rosy

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