Dialysis bus makes holidays possible for patients suffering kidney disease

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Nancy Notzon


April 23, 2018 07:04:01

Maree Jaloussis has been on dialysis for 12 months after 10 years of chronic kidney disease.
(ABC News: Nancy Notzon)
Breaks away impossibleTravel or holidays to help manage stress or just to have a break are out of reach for many dialysis patients and their families. The whizz and whir of the dialysis machine went on and on, its invasive tubes pierced into Maree Jaloussis’s arm pumped blood back and forth. “It’s hard to go a lot of places and it’s hard to go away for a weekend because you can’t go away for longer than two days. “I had a big birthday coming up this year and so I thought I’m going to go visit the Big Red Kidney Bus at Nelson Bay and do dialysis there!”

The mobile unit means dialysis patients can go away for holidays to places such as Nelson Bay while the vehicle is stationed there. (ABC Newcastle: Robert Virtue)
The vehicle, an idea sparked by a kidney patient in Victoria, where the only other Big Red Kidney Bus is located, is a mobile service which gives dialysis patients a rare opportunity to have a break away.”The bus is in a holiday location and they don’t have to travel an hour or two back and forth from hospital for dialysis,” said Ling Wei, the nurse unit manager of the Big Red Kidney Bus in NSW.”You have the [one-way] windows, you can look out and see the world going by instead of the grey wall in the hospital.”The bus has given them confidence that they can get away and you’re getting the same treatment as from the hospital.”

Nurse Ling Wei says she hopes with more support they will be able to get a bus for each state and territory. (ABC News: Nancy Notzon )
“This year when I got the newsletter [from Kidney Health Australia], it tells you where the Big Red Kidney Bus is going to be,” she said. Photo:
Dialysis treatment days can be long for patients. You have to come back and be connected to your machine,” Mrs Jaloussis said.”Usually you wouldn’t go away unless you could book into a hospital and they’re usually full with their own patients.” But for once, Ms Jaloussis was not receiving treatment at her home north of Sydney or local hospital.She was in the middle of the Halifax Holiday Park in the tourist town of Nelson Bay, NSW. The organisation said 90 per cent of kidney function could be lost without symptoms, while only 10 per cent of people with chronic kidney disease were actually aware they had it.The most common causes of kidney disease which requires dialysis or a transplant are diabetes, inflammation of the kidney, and high blood pressure.The bus will be at the Halifax Holiday Park until June 9 before it heads to Port Macquarie. “Most people, like myself, have to do between 15 and 20 hours a week of dialysis,” Ms Jaloussis said.”Kidneys are filtering blood 24/7 for most people, but for us, our kidneys have failed so that 15 to 20 hours is the only filtration of all the toxins, clearing all the toxins out of our blood system.”A dialysis patient is not only strapped to the life-saving machine for long, uncomfortable periods of time, they are also often strapped to their homes or treatment areas.They might make it two days without treatment, but the requisite to filter blood bears down upon them constantly. Photo:
The Big Red Kidney Bus travels to holiday destinations in NSW to give dialysis patients the opportunity to have a break away. (ABC News: Nancy Notzon )
Ms Jaloussis said the centre was a blessing.”It’s fantastic for all the dialysis patients who really are restricted in a lot of ways in their lives.”Many unaware they have kidney disease

Push for ‘opt-out’ organ donation Teenager Louie Hehir once missed out on simple things like sleepovers and swimming because he was on dialysis. A third of Australians are at increased risk of developing kidney disease, with 53 Australians dying from kidney-related disease each day, according to Kidney Health Australia. Now he is lobbying for organ donation changes.
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Health of platypus habitat trumps development on city’s outskirts

Ms Brunt says people concerned about platypus habitat loss should join their local catchment group. Photo:
A developer’s bid to put 23 house blocks on this horse paddock was rejected. A spokesperson said the council recognised the importance of protecting native wildlife and their habitat and worked with local community groups to uphold its waterway management program.They said there were also plans to carry out targeted monitoring of the city’s waterways over the next year to identify platypus habitats and inform conservation programs. (ABC Radio Brisbane: Hailey Renault)
Ms Rosenberg is part of a collective of local residents whose calls for a proposed housing development to be quashed were recently answered.The proposal to subdivide a horse paddock on Bronson Street into 29 separate house blocks attracted 62 submissions — one in support and 61 against.Brisbane City Council’s decision to reject the application earlier this month has been celebrated by residents, with Ms Rosenberg calling it “fabulous news”. (ABC Radio Brisbane: Hailey Renault)
The residents argued the development was inappropriate for the area and risked the health of platypus and other wildlife due to its proximity to a small ravine linked to a system of creeks and lagoons flowing into Albany Creek.In its decision, the council said the development would “fragment the ecological connectivity of the waterway and impact native fauna movements”.The developer has a 20-day window to appeal the decision.Survival in the suburbsWildlife Queensland confirmed the presence of platypus DNA in Albany Creek last year.Ecologist Tamielle Brunt said sampling muddy creek water for the presence of platypus faeces, skin or hair was a reliable way to confirm the elusive monotreme’s presence in an area.”Their habitat is expansive through these little tributaries and they’re really important to conserve,” she said. (ABC Radio Brisbane: Hailey Renault)
Urbanisation still a concernDespite successfully fending off a development in her own backyard, Ms Rosenberg said there was a feeling it was only a matter of time until more housing estates sprung up in the area.”I still have some concerns that in the future [council] will be under pressure by the expanding population,” she said.”Residents really have to be galvanised in presenting a united front if they have serious objections or feel their habitat or green space is at stake.”

Ms Rosenberg says she’d like to see development in her suburb limited to one-acre blocks. (ABC Radio Brisbane: Hailey Renault)
Even though they’re hard to spot, Ms Brunt said that didn’t mean they were immune to the impacts of urbanisation.She said the flow of water into platypus habitats changed when bushland was taken over by concrete and asphalt.”Where a system used to naturally just seep into a waterway because of natural vegetation and open areas, hard surfaces are causing a lot of hard and fast flows through the system.”Because we have a lot of storm water running straight into our waterways, this really impacts the habitat the platypus need to survive.”Flooding erodes creek and river banks where platypus burrow, washes food sources downstream and forces animals to cross dry land in search of new homes.Ms Brunt said residents concerned about preserving platypus habitats should consider joining a local catchment group or speak up for the species when they felt their habitat was at risk.”I cannot congratulate the local [Bridgeman Downs] residents enough for being able to put forward their concerns and know what’s in their own backyard,” she said. “[Council] will listen, they have listened, and we hope [they] will continue to collaborate and work with local residents to determine where developments can go that will have less of an impact on waterways in Brisbane.”

A platypus stencilled on a kerb in Brisbane city reminds people to protect their local waterways. (ABC Radio Brisbane: Hailey Renault)
Platypus are listed as a protected species under Queensland’s Environmental Protection Act 1994 and the federal Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999.The BCC has had an action statement on platypus conservation since 2005. For 18 years Barbara Rosenberg has made a habit of sitting quietly by her property’s lagoon, hoping to spot its resident platypus.It’s hard to tell but she suspects two of them have made homes this year under the banks of a tree-lined waterhole on her three-acre block at Bridgeman Downs in Brisbane’s north.The shy native animals only surface from time to time, just long enough for Ms Rosenberg to capture a few blurry videos on her iPad.”He is very elusive so he’s hard to see but it’s usually morning or dusk when you see him,” she said.The vegetation protection order on her property means she cannot fell trees and she is careful not to pollute the nearby streams with harsh chemicals or detergents.”I think all the local residents here, they’ve worked very hard to preserve the bush as it should be.”

Barbara and Alex are both concerned about the health of platypus in the area. “Even though there’s a buffer zone with waterways, a female platypus has been recorded to burrow 30 metres.”Whatever happens 30 metres that way is going to impact her and her babies in the nest.”

Albany Creek tested positive for platypus DNA in 2017. (ABC Radio Brisbane: Hailey Renault)
Bridgeman Downs is one of many suburbs on the fringes of Brisbane feeling the pressure of encroaching development.To the east, Aspley has absorbed most of the area’s growth in the past few years.Ms Rosenberg said developments further west had already given residents cause for concern.”I think a lot of people have been dismayed with the amount of development around here and the way it’s carried out,” she said.”The whole area gets destroyed and rebuilt.”Nearby resident Alex Grattan said it would only take one development approval to herald the demise of the area’s rural lifestyle.”I feel with the rate of population increase, it’s important to make sure people cannot only reside in Brisbane city, but make sure we can give our kids space to run around in and make sure we’re not all playing on concrete,” she said.”Once you develop these rural areas you will never get them back.”Both residents said when development finally reached their street they hoped council would limit housing to one-acre blocks to maintain the green spaces and corridors on which wildlife relied.
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Brisbane 4000
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ABC Radio Brisbane


Hailey Renault


April 24, 2018 06:00:00

Little is known about how many platypus live in waterways around south-east Queensland. (ABC Open contributor Bollygum)

J. Cole – 1985 lyrics

1985, I arrived
33 years, damn, I’m grateful I survived
We wasn’t s’posed to get past 25
Jokes on you motherf*cker, we alive
All these niggas popping now is young
Everybody say the music they make is dumb
I remember I was 18
Money, n*gger, parties, I was on the same thing
You gotta give a boy a chance to grow some
Everybody talkin’ like they know somethin’ these days
Niggas actin’ woke, but they broke, umm
I respect the struggle but you all frontin’ these days
Man, they barely old enough to drive
To tell them what they should do, who the f*ck am I? I heard one of em’ dissed me, I’m suprised
I ain’t trippin’, listen good to my reply
Come here lil’ man, let me talk with ya’
See if I can paint for you the larger picture
Congrats ’cause you made it out your mama’s house
I hope you make enough to buy your mom a house
I see your watch icy and your whip foreign
I got some good advice, never quit tourin’
‘Cause that’s the way we eat here in this rap game
I’m f*ckin’ with your funky lil’ rap name
I hear your music and I know that rap’s changed
A bunch of folks would say that that’s a bad thing
‘Cause everything’s commercial and it’s pop now
Trap drums is the sh*t that’s hot now
See, I’ve been on a quest for the next wave
But never mind, that was just a segue
I must say, by your songs I’m unimpressed, hey
But I love to see a Black man get paid
And plus, you havin’ fun and I respect that
But have you ever thought about your impact? These white kids love that you don’t give a f*ck
‘Cause that’s exactly what’s expected when your skin’s Black
They wanna see you dab, they wanna see you pop a pill
They wanna see you tatted from your face to your heels
And somewhere deep down, f*ck it, I gotta keep it real
They wanna be Black and think your song is how it feels
So when you turn up, you see them turnin’ up too
You hit the next city, collect your money when it’s due
You gettin’ that paper, swimmin’ in bitches, I don’t blame you
You ain’t thinkin’ ’bout the people that’s lookin’ like me and you
True, you got better sh*t to do
You coulda bought a crib with all that bread you done blew
I know you think this type of revenue is never endin’
But I wanna take a minute just to tell you that ain’t true
One day, them kids that’s listening gon’ grow up
And get too old for that sh*t that made you blow up
Now your shows lookin’ light cause they don’t show up
Which unfortunately means the money slow up
Now you scramblin’ and hopin’ to get hot again
But you forgot you only popped ’cause you was ridin’ trends
Now you old news and you goin’ through regrets
‘Cause you never bought that house, but you got a Benz
And a bunch of jewels and a bunch of shoes
And a bunch of fake friends, I ain’t judgin’ you
I’m just tellin’ you what’s probably gon’ happen when you rappin’
‘Bout the type of sh*t you rappin’ ’bout
It’s a faster route to the bottom
I wish you good luck
I’m hoping for your sake that you ain’t dumb as you look
But if it’s really true what people sayin’
And you call yourself playin’ with my name
Then I really know you f*cked, trust
I’ll be around forever ’cause my skills is tip-top
To any amateur niggas that wanna get rocked
Just remember what I told you when your sh*t flop
In five years you gon’ be on Love & Hip-Hop, nigga

Playboi Carti – Drop Lyrics

Let go let go let go (drop drop drop)
Let go let go let go (drop drop drop)
Drop drop drop drop
Pouring up the lean, yeah that drop
Pull up to the party in the drop
Yeah these bitches see me and they drop
Drop drop drop drop drop drop (what)
Pouring up the red, yeah the drop
Yeah my niggas swaggin and we drop
Drop drop drop drop drop (what yeah)
In the drop
Pouring up the lean (yeah yeah yeah)
Shoutout to the plug (yeah yeah yeah)
Pouring up the drop (yeah yeah yeah)
Bitches come in fucking and they drop
All my niggas loaded you’d drop
Mercedes coupe, yeah the drop
Drop drop drop drop
All my niggas drippin and they drop
All these bitches fucking cus im up
You know im clouted up im booted up
Drop drop drop drop drop
Yeah you see me on the tv zooted up
All in vip we booted up
Ashley, fucked her in the ashton
Courtney, Damn hoe you boring (Aye Yeah turn it up)
Damn woke up in the morning
Chewing on my dick like bubblegum
Bitch like to fuck me for some fun
For some funds, they don’t get none
Drop drop drop drop
Pouring up the lean yeah that drop
Pull up to the party in the drop
Yeah these bitches see me and they drop
Drop drop drop drop drop drop (what)
Pouring up the red, yeah the drop
Yeah my niggas swaggin and we drop
Drop drop drop drop drop (what yeah)
In the drop
Pouring up the lean (yeah yeah yeah)
Shoutout to the plug (yeah yeah yeah)

Russ – Sore Losers Lyrics

So many sore losers keep tryna talk to me
Y’all need to focus on winning, stop focusing on me
Thirteen thousand in Portugal, that’s arena talk
You still on your Training Day, you Ethan Hawke
Rappers with your get rich quick scheme gimmicks
Instead of hating you should focus on your sixteenth minute
We are not side by side, ain’t no split-screen image
I’ma be around forever like a Springsteen ticket
I’m just bathing in success, yeah I rinse clean with it
I put my best foot forward like a Nowitzki pivot
I got blitzkrieg critics
They ain’t wastin’ no time
But I ain’t wastin’ no money, so I pay ’em no mind
That’s a lie, I be snappin’
That’s my fault, I’m adjustin’ to people spreadin’ lies about me
Just hatin’ and judging
For the sake of discussion, in the hopes of some clout
Shit’s been stressful, I just need some pretty hoes with some mouth
Put my home in the South, 10K square feet
Name your favorite rappers now, let’s play “where’s he?”
Probably chasin’ a hit, probably lost in LA
Probably paying for likes, probably paying for plays
Probably owns a Corolla, but probably rents the Aventador
Business manager furious, like “What the fuck did you spend that for?”
Fuck y’all though, I’ma keep on winnin’
I got angels all around me, y’all can keep on sinnin’
‘Cause ain’t no way y’all are fuckin’ up my light light
I spent two million just on taxes, somethin’ light light
In hindsight, I was right all along, life of a don
Writin’ songs, all those hooks were a fight to get on
You gotta see it way before it happens, yes yes
I’ma be the greatest, I won’t settle for next best
Got your girl in her birthday suit, that’s best dressed
Plus she likes girls too like Ellen DeGeneres
First class Emirates that’s how I’m flyin’
SUVs on the tarmac, that’s how I’m arrivin’
Presidential treatment, ooh this life so good
White skin, they can’t believe that I got friends in the hood
I know the love songs and melodies throw y’all off
Don’t give a fuck about your face tats, we know y’all soft
People we know with face tats got them for a reason
You use them for the gang culture aesthetic, you reachin’
A lot of kids are poppin’ xans and sippin’ lean now
A lot of rappers using Instagram to teach how
A lot of kids OD’ed that you don’t read ’bout
‘Cause they don’t follow rappers, they just follow fiends now
But I’m the bad guy for callin’ it out
I come in clutch with the truth, y’all are stallin’ it out
I only get in trouble when I say the truth
Which means you gettin’ fed lies everyday, you fools
Do your research before you try and speak on my name
Rappers wearing CZs and leasing the chains
The beats classic, I amaze myself
I’m a boss, I’m a owner, yeah I pay myself
Fuck the capes of society, I saved myself
Even after all the millions bitch, I stayed myself
I still take my mom with me, Bugus still right here
New people think my buzz got here in a lightyear
Fuck y’all, this ain’t a Toy Story
I eat Nigerian, save some moimoi for me
Yeah, lot of y’all girls I coulda hit
But I’m the type to pass the pussy to stay home and cut a hit
Never fuck a chick at her house, she got exes
I just bought a crib, I got guns, I got exits
Cameras at the entrance
Try if you want to
Bugus told me, “God forbid they get you, I got you”
I’m an idol, people treat me like Billy
Singin’ and rappin’ goin’ platinum, people treat me like Drizzy
Take the studio with me
Set up shop in the telly
I’ve watched a lot of rappers talk but then they flop like Belly
There ain’t shit you can tell me, you can save that shit
Fake convos before favors, I hate that shit
Yesterday turned down a 150,000
I ain’t trippin’ ’bout it
I get that every week like allowance
From my independent catalog
Fuck these rec league rappers tryna battle ‘Bron
Stay in your lane, this is big business
Move bitch, get back like Chris Bridges
I remember only sellin’ like six tickets
Now I make the girls crazy like Sid Vicious
I coulda played it different, coulda silenced all my truths
Coulda buddied up with rappers for the sake of looking cool
But it’s not in me to be fake, I can’t do it
I can see through it, man this game is translucent
They twist the truth for the headline drama
Clicks create traffic, traffic creates dollars
The sheep believe it, they ain’t up on game yet
Smooth rides ain’t as fun to watch as trainwrecks (damn)
Controversy is currency, controversy is clout
That’s why my haters keep my name in their mouth
Y’all are hopeless, this is a decade of devotion
It’s hard to stop my movement when I’m already in motion
This ain’t luck, this is by design
I had to work in the dark for my light to shine
A lot of people are dope, they just quit too soon
A lot of rappers go broke, ’cause they got rich too soon (damn)
My confidence plus my success is just a mirror for some
It forces them to look around and see what they haven’t done
That’s a line for any hater, y’all are mad at yourselves
Judging every move I make, y’all distractin’ yourselves
You could do this shit too if you wanted
But you would rather sit around and bitch and make comments
Oh well, suit yourself, be miserable
I’m country-hoppin’ in a jet, that’s the visual
I saw this coming in my hoodie with the plaid flannel
I bet on myself, yeah I had to gamble
I feel like I’m half god, half mammal
Bitch I turned my life into the Travel Channel
I’m not home, I’m in Stockholm
With heated floors and the beds with the soft foam
It’s like clockwork watching sore losers poke their heads out
Every time I big myself up, they get stressed out
I’m the best out, yeah I said it
Self-made millionaire, you know what’s up with the credits
I’m the best out, yeah I said it
Self-made millionaire, you know what’s up with the credits
Bitch, yeah
Produced, mixed, mastered—

Mac DeMarco – Is It Boy Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Exercise to stay alive
Another year has gone and passed you by
Waking up to coffee cup
Stretch it off, rip it up
[Verse 2]
When the old man gets to see it
He’ll be whistling
All his worries away
And I know just how you see them
Keep believin’
That you’ll find your foot someday
[Chorus 1]
But you won’t, will you boy
But no you won’t will you boy
It’s not what you want, is it boy
It’s not what you want
[Verse 3]
Exercise another way
To live your life, some other day ahead
Sleepin’ in the day begins
You decide to rise up from your bed
[Verse 4]
When the old man gets to see it
Understand that all his dreamin’ days are gone
And I hope now that you’ll feel it
Your belief in all this nonsense is done
[Chorus 2]
But it’s not, is it boy
No it’s not, is it boy
So take what you’ve got, can’t you boy
Take what you’ve got

EDEN – Fake Love (unreleased) (alternative version) Lyrics

You’ve been confusing since the day I met you
Another night chasing, this feels like home
Since I’ve been miles away from change
Outside or inside looking dazed
Just wash the glitter off your face and go home
And this enthralling shadow’s gone, ghost town
It’s strange to think that we were strangers once
It’s square one
I guess it’s something where I want more than I’ve got
But I can’t ask you for the things you don’t feel
Cause I don’t want no fake love, fake love, fake love
Don’t wanna know no fake friends, forced smiles to save us
I don’t wanna know no fake love, fake love, fake love
Just say what you wanna say
And I’ll still be here
It’s easy when you’ve nothing to lose
And I’ll still be there
Cause I’ve got no hope
She told me love me fast or take it slow
I said I’m going nowhere fast as hell
And keeping with the times we gotta keep it on the low
Midnight habits burning through the summer since the snow and
I finally feel myself again
It’s been so long, I thought I’d see the end
I guess you need ends to begin again
Again, again
Cause this is nothing we ain’t seen before
Lived through it I ain’t overdosed
The sky is falling like it always does
Can’t you see a storm’s watching over us
Let it rain
The clouds look heavy, but they bare no weight
Scars can’t hurt you, bruises will fade
Cause I don’t want no fake love, fake love, fake love
Don’t wanna know no fake friends, forced smiles to save us
I don’t wanna know no fake love, fake love, fake love
Just say what you wanna say
And I’ll still be here
It’s easy when you’ve nothing to lose
And I’ll still be there
Cause I’ve got no hope
Cause I don’t want no fake love, fake love, fake love
Don’t wanna know no fake friends, forced smiles to save us
I don’t wanna know no fake love, fake love, fake love
Just say what you wanna say

Carrie Underwood – Before he cheat Lyrics

No, not on me
‘Cause I dug my key into the side
Of his pretty little souped-up four-wheel drive
Carved my name into his leather seats
I took a Louisville slugger to both head lights
I slashed a hole in all four tires
Maybe next time he’ll think before he cheats
Oh, maybe next time he’ll think before he cheats
Oh, before he cheats
Oh Right now, he’s probably slow dancing
With a bleached-blond tramp
And she’s probably getting frisky
Right now, he’s probably buying
Her some fruity little drink
‘Cause she can’t shoot whiskey
Right now, he’s probably up behind her
With a pool-stick
Showing her how to shoot a combo
And he don’t know
I dug my key into the side
Of his pretty little souped-up four-wheel drive
Carved my name into his leather seats
I took a Louisville slugger to both head lights
I slashed a hole in all four tires
Maybe next time he’ll think before he cheats
Right now, she’s probably up singing some
White-trash version of Shania karaoke
Right now, she’s probably saying “I’m drunk”
And he’s a-thinking that he’s gonna get lucky
Right now, he’s probably
Dabbing on three dollars
Worth of that bathroom Polo
Oh, and he don’t know
That I dug my key into the side
Of his pretty little souped-up four-wheel drive
Carved my name into his leather seats
I took a Louisville slugger to both head lights
I slashed a hole in all four tires
Maybe next time he’ll think before he cheats
I might have saved a little trouble for the next girl
‘Cause the next time that he cheats
Oh, you know it won’t be on me!