​twenty one pilots – Kill Me Lyrics

I need something
Revive me
I am tired of wanting
To end life [Verse]
I need something
To kill me
I am tired of taking
My own life
Why do we
Say we want
To live life
When it’s wrong
I don’t want
To live
With this pain
Screen on Chest
What if life’s
Worth living
Is worth taking
My own pride?

Grimes – Oblivion (Baarsden Remix) Lyrics

[Verse 1]
I never walk about after dark
It’s my point of view
Cause someone could break your neck
Coming up behind you
Always coming and you’d never have a clue
And now I look behind all the time
I will wait forever
Always looking straight
Thinking counting all the hours you wait
See you on a dark night
See you on a dark night
See you on a dark night
See you on a dark night
[Verse 2]
And now another clue
I would ask if you could help me out
It’s hard to understand
Cause when you’re running by yourself
It’s hard to find someone to hold your hand
You know it’s good to be tough like me
But I will wait forever
I need someone else
To look into my eyes and tell me
“Girl, you know you’ve got to watch your health”
To look into my eyes and tell me
To look into my eyes and tell me
See you on a dark night
See you on a dark night
See you on a dark night
See you on a dark night
See you on a dark night
See you on a dark night
See you on a dark night
See you on a dark night
See you on a dark night

JayteKz – Butterflies Lyrics

[Verse 2: JayteKz]
Fuck you in different holes
Yeah, I was just trying to fill the void
I wouldn’t get to close and after I feel so paranoid
Only thing on my mind was you
No matter how many I slide into
The woman I want by my side is you
I want to spend my whole life with you
Baby, you got me forever
I know that I cannot do better
I know that you feel the same inside
You used to wish that we were together
I can feel it in your energy
I can feel it when you’re texting me
You and I are so far away but I feel like you’re next to me
I won’t never let you go
No matter what I’ll never fold
I can feel it in your soul
Your heart is worth more than gold
One of a kind, you truly are
Under the sky you are the brightest star
You are the light when my life is dark
You are the love of my broken heart
You stole my heart, you did [Verse 1: JayteKz]
Tell me you want me
Tell me you miss me
Baby you know that I want you
I’m reminiscing, memories keep me up all night
Tossing and turning
Still wishing that you were all mine
Your love I’m yearning
Baby I beg don’t let go of me
The day that you left put a hole in me
You forever got a hold of me
Got me in the back like some groceries
Since you’ve been gone I’ve been drinking up
Trying to forget that I need your love
I put up a front like I’m over you
But you are the one that I’m thinking of
I wish you were here by my side
Want you for the rest of my life
Baby you get me so high, when I get lost into your eyes
Hoping and praying that you’ll come back
Stuck on my brain like a thumbtack
Make a U-Turn, baby run back
Make a U-Turn, baby run back
Run back to me..

Lil’ Kim – Answering Machine Skit 2 Lyrics

Oh shit, i forgot, call me back, i guess you’ll call me back when you get that quarter. Yo Kim what’s good? It’s Hill. You keep talking she’s walking Yo Kim what up? It’s Sugar Shav here, imma call you every motherfucking day and play a new motherfucking beat on your phone, you heard? It’s Sha man, whassup? I got Halle Berry dying to be in your next video. Talk to you in a minute,peace! peace! Rundell calling me every five minutes, like he needs answers, i just need you to call me when you get this it’s real important, aight? ‘aight? My name’s Nigel motherfucker,your bootlegger. Listen,call me when you get this i need to talk to you it’s real real real real important. Yo i just got back on the real, y’know i’m saying. What up Kimmy? I’m looking foward to spending some of these millions! Sha-Dash
Yo Kim, pick up, what up? Yo Kim it’s your brother man, just calling (Ay what up Kim?) saying God damn, we gotta do this bullet. Word! I bootleg everything! Yo Kim this Julie Greenwald calling. And then you got Bill Gates calling on the computer stuff. I see you ain’t answering the phone but uumm..hold your head while you in there i know is nothing you a soldier, holla at your boy. But this shit is on fire, call me! [Phone rings]
[Kim’s voicemail]
Hey what’s up? Leave me a massage and i’ll get back to you! Just waiting for you to get back up in here so we can make another classic,you know what i mean? But uumm, we gon’ knock it down, you a Jones God damn it, you got Jones in your blood, you gon’ do that man, you gon’ knock that bullet right in the ass
Kim what up? Ayo you never answer your motherfucking phone, it’s you boy Ado, you know. I done told you that before motherfucker. What the fuck is wrong with you motherfuckers? You gotta call me man, pick up the phone call me, we gotta lock some shit down while you’re away. You got a banger i heard the ablum is exceptional, y’know i’m saying? You know, call me back when you get a chance baby girl, i’m just missing you, wanna give you an update, you know me, i know you listening to the voicemail. Holla at your boy. But you so hot you might have a cell in there, so give me a call back,aight? It’s Kev Lars. Any lil’ extra com you need i got that black car for you it’s nothing and matter of fact imma hold them royalty checks, put them in a little stock and bond so when you out of there you’re all good. I got Donald Trump called earlier this morning wants to know what’s up, when you gon’ go in with him half partners on this hotel. Everybody is calling me, this album is fucking off the hook.

Life on the boats just a ‘ticket in the book’ for young captain-in-waiting

Celebrating 230 years of history on the River Murray
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(ABC Regional: Damien Peck)
Although the PS Marion now belongs to the river town of Mannum, the boat was first registered in 1900 and lasted until her final voyage in 1963 before being restoration began in the 1990s.For Captain Bromhead, passing on the skills to the next generation like Mr Wickham is important for its legacy.”Well, I mean what’s not to love?” he said.”It’s the river, it’s the old boat, it’s just — well you can feel it just being here.”It’s something different, isn’t it?”Watch Back Roads on ABC TV 8pm MondayPast episodes or extras are on iView or at www.abc.net.au/backroads

#BackRoadsHeather Ewart returns to the Back Roads of Australia, to discover more resilient country towns and the inspiring people who live in them. (Back Roads: Ron Ekkel)
The young jack-of-all-trades has been learning the craft from current skipper Dick Bromhead — one of hundreds of volunteers who have helped restore the PS Marion to its former glory.”You pick up stuff from everywhere and just even just watching, you don’t need to listen to them talk or tell your story or something, you just watch what they do,” Mr Wickham told ABC TV’s Back Roads program.Ever since he was three years old he knew what he always wanted to do.”I sort of got interested in boats when I was three — so that’s 15 years ago now,” he said.”Most river people grow up with it their whole life, they’re second, third, fourth or fifth-generation rivermen.”I’ve been here all my life pretty much … just something moving and you can see the paddles, and you see the smoke out of the stack and the whistle and that … this is a creature sort of thing.”

For about 70 years, paddle-steamers like the PS Marion were the main method of transport along the Murray River. Photo:
Captain Dick Bromhead helped restore the PS Marion to its former glory after it rested as a museum for more than 30 years. Photo:
The paddle-steamer is one of few in the world that still rely on wood for fuel. (Back Roads: Ron Ekkel)
Captain Bromhead said there were about 250 steamers in total at its peak, but the restoration of the PS Marion was important to preserve for its history.”The river was the lifeline for all these little cockies up the river,” Captain Bromhead said.”They had trading boats, which this one was at one point, she was like a big floating store.”They built a big house on her and you walked up the steps at the front, walked in and you were in the general store.”From the 1850s to the 1920s, the paddle-steamers were used as the easiest form of transport between towns along the Murray.Without them, goods and services would have been hard to come by for towns along the world’s third-longest navigable river.”They were very, very essential. Photo:
Jackson Wickham has been interested in boats since he was just three years old. When the river was the only road, this was how you travelled,” he said. A boat captain-in-waiting is making his mark as one of Australia’s youngest skippers along the Murray River.Paddle-steamers have long remained the lifeblood of the mighty Murray, and at 18-years-old Jackson Wickham is doing everything he can to ensure that boats remain a passion for future generations. She meets communities whose good humour and inventiveness will inspire and uplift. (Back Roads: Ron Ekkel)
Long term, Mr Wickham knows that he’s got to tick the right boxes to be make his dream career happen with boats.”I hope to live on one and work on one as captain and engineer, shipwright … mainly captain that is,” he said.”That’s the first goal and then you sort of branch out so by the time you cark it you’ve got all your tickets in the book.”

Jackson Wickham has been learning about the PS Marion from Captain Dick Bromhead. (Back Roads: Ron Ekkel)
History makes its mark with restorationToday, the PS Marion is more than 120 years old and is one of the few restored wood-fired-paddle steamers still in operation in the world.
Paddle steamer's Murray voyage marks half century

Back Roads


Damien Peck


June 18, 2018 06:30:00

Video: Jackson Wickham has been training to become a skipper of a paddle-steamer for his dream job. (ABC News)
Communities commemorate a century of lock building on Murray River
Mannum 5238
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‘Incredibly low’ marine debris levels found at Ningaloo Reef

(Supplied: CSIRO) ABC North West WA


Kendall O'Connor


June 18, 2018 06:48:38

Researchers from the CSIRO surveying for marine debris at Ningaloo Reef.
The World Heritage listed Ningaloo Reef has recorded incredibly low levels of marine debris. (ABC North West WA: Kendall O’Connor)
Exmouth Shire President, Matthew Niikkula, said the community took pride in reducing waste in town.The town’s supermarkets stopped using plastic bags more than ten years ago.”That was a fantastic initiative,” he said.Mr Niikkula said the town was prepared for the July 1 state-wide ban on single-use plastic bags.”No one wants to litter, no one wants to harm the environment. (ABC Rural: Michelle Stanley)
About 80 million tonnes of plastic is discarded into the world’s oceans each year, and that is expected to almost triple to 220 million tonnes by 2025.Mr Thomson said the sunken debris that does not make it to shore could also bring in contaminants and invasive species to the area.”Initiatives such as the education programs we’re running with the local schools are really important and that’s helping secure the conservation of the reef in the future.” Scientists have found that a World Heritage listed site on Western Australia’s north coast is largely untouched when it comes to the threat of marine debris.Researchers from the CSIRO have been surveying the Ningaloo Reef and coastline near Exmouth to assess the amount of rubbish being found in the ocean and on the shore.Leader of the Ningaloo Outlook Shallow Reefs program, Damian Thomson, said volumes of debris in the sea and on land are both ‘incredibly low’.”We wanted to look at what was actually sinking and ended up on the reef,” he said. “We’re advocates for taking your rubbish with you, cleaning it all up and throwing nothing in the water and if you see something pick it up.”A global issueUnfortunately, the promising data does not mean the region will escape the challenge posed by more plastic ending up in the ocean.”There was an incident last year where a large amount of debris washed up in a very short space of time.”Obviously [it] travelled a long amount of time, so that highlights that while levels at Ningaloo are low it still has the potential to be impacted by debris from other areas a long way away,” Mr Thomson said. Photo:
Cape Conservation Group member Jamie Van Jones managed to fit seven weeks of rubbish into a single jar. “In the last five years we’ve covered more than 35 kilometres of reef and we’re finding very low levels of debris on the reef as well as the beaches.”Mr Thomson attributed a factor for the low pollution levels was the local community and visitors to the region being environmentally conscious.”We think that people that are coming here are incredibly environmentally aware, so they’re taking out what they’re bringing in and the local population is vigilant doing regular clean-ups,” he said.Community vigilantCape Conservation Group member, Jamie Van Jones, visits Exmouth regularly to conduct debris surveys of the region.During a recent seven-week stint of camping, she managed to fit all her waste into a single coffee jar.”We wanted to look at how much we had and how we could eliminate most sorts of plastic from our trip, so that’s what we were left with,” she said.Paper products and food scraps were composted at the local community garden and cans were sent off to recycling.
Exmouth 6707