Dua Lipa – New York (Mend My Broken Heart Tonight) Lyrics

I needed a way out
I needed to figure how
To keep get you here with me
Maybe you are my dream
So please, New York
Mend my broken heart tonight
Cause I left the one I love
So please, New York
Mend my broken heart tonight
Cause I left the one I love
New York
Save me in your arms tonight
Cause I left my boy, I left my boy at home
I left my boy, I left my boy at home
I left my boy, I left my boy at home
I left my boy, I left my boy
I left my boy, I left my boy
I left my boy, I left my boy [Verse 1]
Your kiss, your touch, your hold
You know I want you all
The darkness in my soul
Tells me to let you go
And I
Need you tonight
But I’m blinded by lights
So I gotta learn to live without you
So please, New York
Mend my broken heart tonight
Cause I left the one I love
So please, New York
Mend my broken heart tonight
Cause I left the one I love
New York
Save me in your arms tonight
Cause I left my boy, I left my boy at home
I left my boy, I left my boy at home
I left my boy, I left my boy
[Verse 2]
She never sleeps at night
So nice you name her twice
Without you I’m alive
But my heart is cold as ice
And I
Need you tonight
But I’m blinded by lights
So I gotta learn to live without you
So please, New York
Mend my broken heart tonight
Cause I left the one I love
So please, New York
Mend my broken heart tonight
Cause I left the one I love
New York
Save me in your arms tonight
Cause I left my boy, I left my boy at home
I left my boy, I left my boy
I left my boy, I left my boy
I left my boy, I left my boy
I left my boy, I left my boy
I ran away from home
I ran to follow my deams
I ran away from he
Why would he do this to me?

R. Kelly – I Admit Lyrics

I pray for you and family, and all my other enemies (prayed for you, enemies)
I’m not gonna let y’all steal my joy, I’m just gon’ keep on doing me (my joy, doing me)
Now I don’t know what else to say except, I’m so falsely accused
Tell me how can you judge, when you’ve never walked in my shoes
So easy to mess up someone else’s life
Through social media, the devil in disguise
I admit I miss my brothers (brothers)
But I admit they weren’t acting like brothers (brothers)
Yeah, we’ve had our differences, but you don’t turn on your brother (no)
For nothing, for no one, nada, mama, Joanne, is watching (no, no, no, no, no)
She must be turning over in her grave (yeah)
I admit I had to borrow a couple of M’s from the label (label)
All these hits out but I couldn’t put food on the table (table)
I was told I had to sell my cars, I was told I couldn’t get a loan (cars, loans)
Said I owed 20 million to the IRS and they were coming to get my home (oh, oh)
I admit I was feeling stupid, staying in the Homewood Suites (no disrespect)
Sippin’ Hennessy, tryna figure out what happened to me (happened to me)
There was so much going through my head, ’cause I knew that something wasn’t right (my head, wasn’t right)
I just couldn’t put my finger on it, but my spirit had better eyes (no, better)
It told me what it saw, and it scared the shit out of me (saw, me, yeah)
It said get rid of them all, it’s nothing but vultures round me (all, me)
I admit that I love my fans, for all the push and support they’ve shown (my fans)
I admit if it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t have never stayed strong (for them, oh)
Now I’m not trippin’ on all of these rumors, that don’t bother me
And I’m not paying attention to these haters, that don’t bother me (oh, oh)
But what blows me is when certain people turn phony (phony)
They say Rob, “I got your back”, Rob, “you the man”
But they really doubting me, bitch you know who you are
Bitch I bought you a car, bitch you stayed in my crib (yeah, yeah)
I loved you with all my heart (my heart)
Now I don’t like to brag when it comes to me, but I’ve given back to the community (comes to me, community)
From the non profit to the charities, but of course you never hear that about me (charities, about me)
To them niggas that drink my liquor and smoke my stogies
How come you ain’t on Facebook pickin’ up for me
While you round me most of the day, when you know I’m a good brother
Always got your hands out, it ain’t no doubt that y’all niggas ain’t nothing but blood suckas (yeah)
Plus, y’all ain’t bringing nothing to the table (no, no)
Yeah nigga, and you know it’s real talk (real talk)
Taking pictures with me for your Instagram but when I need you, you quick to get lost (can’t find you)
Mm, ohh, mm, oh, oh, oh, no, no, ooh, woah
Robert, Jay, and Joanne, my kids
What you hearin’ out here about dad, guys I’m sorry for this (sorry)
I’m so sorry, I can’t imagine what y’all must be going through (oh, through)
Everyday it’s somethin’ about me, my god, it must be killin’ you (killin’ you)
I promise there’ll be better days, just keep walkin’ straight (there’ll be better days, just keep walkin’ straight)
I know you must be worried but just know that I’m okay (oh, I’m okay)
For me, things has gotten rough (rough)
Right now I can’t say too much (say too much)
But for y’all I will stay tough (oh, oh)
Daddy just need y’all to trust, and believe in me (trust, in me)
I admit that I told the truth (told the truth)
And still not free
Still wanna hate me (yeah)
Still wanna stone me (stone me, yeah)
Still wanna chain me (chain me, yeah)
I think they wanna kill me
I admit it, admit it (I admit it)
I admit it, I did it (I did it, yeah)
I admit it, I did (I)
I admit it, I did, did it
[Verse 8]
Now, no disrespect to Chi-Town, my home (my home)
But we’ve got to learn how to support our own (our own)
I admit that my heart cries for my city (my city)
‘Cause we’re losing young lives in our city (my city)
Instead of judging me, y’all should be using me (judging me, using me)
To help these kids, raise them out of depression and poverty (oh, oh)
Now I’m not saying I’m no savior, but I can be an inspiration (no savior, inspiration)
This is an invitation
Man I admit I go through so much day to day (day to day)
Got 23 lawyers, 3 or 4 managers, what am I doing? (really)
Kidnapped, really? But I ain’t never offered her no drink (no drink)
But I admit that she asked me, can I get a little Hennessy? whole career)
Found guilty when you’re innocent, is the only times that I fear
There is one thing that’s for sure, and I want to make this shit clear (for sure, clear)
I done lived my voice and represented my country for 31 fuckin’ years (yeah, yeah, yeah)
Damn it I admit
I admit, I admit, I admit (yeah)
I admit, I admit, I admit (yeah) (really)
Can’t eat, really? (yeah)
We both turned off our phone, we drinked, I smoked, we talked
I admit that I told it all (our phone, we talked, it off)
From my good points to my faults (faults)
She said “What about Aaliyah?”
She said “What about the tape?”
I said “hush”
I said my lawyer said “don’t say noth’”
But I can tell you I’ve been set up (up)
I admit it, how ever since the first day (first day)
That without knowing that I signed my publishin’ away (away)
I admit it, I was young and caught up and so blind, yeah (so blind)
Said I had dyslexia, couldn’t read all them contracts, yeah
Now the truth in this message, is I’m a broke ass legend (message, legend)
The only reason I stay on tour, is ’cause I gotta pay my rent (on tour, my)
I never thought it would come to this, to be the most disrespected artist (come)
So I had to write a song about this, ’cause they always take my words and twist it (song)
Believe me its hard to admit all this, but I’m in my feelings about this shit (oh, oh, yeah, yeah)
But I had to set the fuckin’ record straight, so (yeah, yeah)
I admit it, admit it (I admit it)
I admit it, I did it (I did it, yeah)
I admit it, I did (I)
I admit it, I did, did it
[Verse 6]
I admit it, I love Steve Harvey
John Legend, and Tom Joyner
They’re doing good in their lives right now, why would they wanna tear down another brother (tear down)
Women show black men some love (yeah)
‘Cause black men, we go through enough (oh)
How can we get up off the ground, when we steady tearing each other down (how, oh)
I admit that the devil is busy (busy)
Had some people beside me ain’t with me
I admit that I’m gon’ do this music up until the Lord come and get me (real talk)
Now, I admit a family member touched me (touched me, touched me, touched me)
From a child to the age 14, yeah
While I laid asleep, took my virginity (sleep, gini’)
So scared to say something, so I just put the blame on me
Now here I am, and I’m tryin’ my best to be honest (honest)
‘Cause the sources out there tryna keep me from bein’ an artist
I admit I’m at rock bottom (oh, oh)
And this shit has rocked my mind (my mind)
I’m calling on my hood, come walk by my side (my hood, oh)
They don’t want me to shine, women’s group, my god (shine, god)
Now don’t get it twisted, I do support ’em, but why they wanna bring down the R
Damn, this is breaking my heart (my heart)
‘Cause from fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters, I am part of the music culture (yeah, yeah, oh, oh)
Spotify, took me off they playlist (playlist)
I admit that I, been underated (rated)
I’m not convicted, not arrested, my dragged my name in the dirt (nope, oh, yeah, yeah)
All this work to be successful, when you abandon me ’cause of what you heard (yeah, oh, yeah, heard)
I admit that I am not perfect, I never said I was perfect (perfect, perfect)
Said I’m abusing these women, what the fuck that’s some absurd shit (what?)
They’re brainwashed, really? How much can a nigga pray? (where)
Now here comes this big ass conspiracy
But still got my fans, thats a blessing
Listen to heaven, just stay on my grind, and that’s 24/7 (yeah)
And I know my mama Joanne is smiling down on me, I put that on every
Been a grown man since age 11 (11)
Mind on the guap since 7 (7)
Rest in peace to my homie Kevin
I admit it, admit it (I admit it)
I admit it, I did it (I did it, yeah)
I admit it, I did (I)
I admit it, I did, did it
[Verse 5]
I admit, I admit, I’m a freak (freak)
Used to go to strip clubs every week
But who these niggas tryna say I am, man I’m loud and I put that on chief
I admit I fuck with all the ladies, that’s both older and young ladies (ladies, yeah)
But tell me how they call it pedophile because that shit is crazy (crazy)
You may have your opinions, entitled to your opinions (opinions)
But really am I supposed to go to jail or lose my career because of your opinion
Yeah, go ahead and stone me, point your finger at me (stone me, yeah, yeah)
Turn the world against me, but only god can mute me (against me, mute me)
I admit that I fired some people (people)
I admit that I hired new people (yeah)
I admit that those people I fired, on my mama, was crooked ass people (yeah, yeah, people)
I admit that I don’t own my music (I)
I admit that I wrote on my music (yeah)
Want it back but they don’t wanna do it (don’t wanna)
What the fuck nigga, I wrote that music (I)
I did that Bump and Grind, I did that 12 Play, I did that Fed Up
I changed the damn game, so I deserve me a fair play, so put some respect on my damn name (fair)
Now Wendy Williams mad with me? (what)
How can I win, when I can’t win with truth? (take, pray)
Just wanna do my music, stop stressing me (hell yeah)
Please just let me age gracefully (yeah, yeah)
I admit it, admit it (I admit it, oh, oh)
I admit it, I did it (I admit it)
I admit it, I did (I admit it, I did it)
I admit it, I did, did it
[Verse 4]
Yeah, they took my gift and they blind me (blind me)
Where the fuck is my money? McGlenn (yeah)
FYI, that’s my second mother (mama)
I admit that I asked her how I’m gonna get the world off my shoulder (oh)
She said son, don’t you lose it (lose it)
Sometimes you gotta go through it (through it)
They can say what they say, but at the end of the day, they cannot deny your music (oh, woah)
‘Cause your music, has touched people, it inspired, all people (yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
Overseas, everywhere (yeah, yeah)
Don’t worry, don’t care (care)
‘Cause the anointed is on you, and that’s why these haters is at you (on you, at you)
So keep on doing you baby, you don’t have to give these fools an explanation (yeah, yeah, oh)
I admit it, admit it (I admit it)
I admit it, I did it (I did it, yeah)
I admit it, I did (I)
I admit it, I did, did it
[Verse 7]
What’s the definition of a cult? Whats the definition of a sex slave? (oh)
Got a couple of dead homies, that I promised would make it out this shit (sorry)
And I don’t think God’s hands is on me nigga, I’m gonna make it out this shit
No weapon formed against me (amen)
Shall prosper (amen)
Not claiming (amen)
The storms over (amen)
I admit I talked to Ms. Go to the dictionary, look it up
Let me know I’ll be here waiting
Now I admit that I got some girls that love me to pull they hair (they hair)
Now I admit that they love me to talk dirty when I pull they hair (they hair)
Some like me to spank ’em
Some like to give brain and
What some of these girls want, is too much for the radio station
Look I’m just a man y’all (man y’all)
Not a monster or beast (no, no)
But I admit there are times when these girls so fine, they’ll chill with a nigga for a week (oh, for a week)
Now I admit I love Hugh Hefner (Hugh Hefner)
Through the years supported Hugh Hefner (yeah)
But when he left this world, he had a million girls, but we gon’ always love Hugh Hefner (yeah, oh)
To Jim DeRogatis, whatever your name is (whatever your name is)
You been tryna destroy me for 25 whole years (25 whole years, yeah)
Writin’ the same stories over and over against (stories, stories, yeah)
Off my name, you done went and made yourself a career (a whole career)
But guess what? Show me the way (oh)
The only thing I have left is my voice, and now I have to use it for my protection (my voice, yeah)
‘Cause they left me no choice (no choice)
See my work has nothing to do with my private life
So stay the fuck out of my business and tend to your own damn life (life)
So go head and say what you want to say, about who I want to date (want to say, I want to date)
But you won’t say that shit to my face, ’cause you know it ain’t no shit to say (to my face, oh, oh)
Next nigga bring me some dumb shit, is gon’ end up a misunderstanding (dumb shit, yeah)
‘Cause niggas they listen to dumb shit (dumb shit)
Are niggas that be on that dumb shit (dumb shit)
They need a life ’cause they ain’t got no life, so they always come through with them dumb shit
Blockin’ my path, they don’t know the half, so they makin’ assumptions (path, half, assumptions)
Since when do assumptions, cost a man his whole career (since when? (really)
Real talk, that shit sound silly (yeah)
And if you really, really wanna know (know)
Her father dropped her off at my show (show)
And told this boy to put her on stage (yeah)
I admit that she was over age (age)
I admit that I was feelin’ her and I admit that she was feelin’ me (she was feelin’ me)
I admit that that’s just some shit that comes with being a celebrity (celebrity)
I ain’t chasing these ladies, no (no, no)
These ladies are chasing me, yeah (chasing me)
Now I’m only saying all this shit, ’cause how they tryna play me, yeah (yeah, oh)
I admit that this is no disrespect to the parents (no disrespect)
But this is my advice to you ’cause I’m also a parent (parent)
Don’t push your daughter in my face, and tell me that it’s okay (my face, okay)
‘Cause your agenda is to get paid, and get mad when it don’t go your way (yeah, go way)
I know y’all look at me like I don’t go through things, but I’m human (human)
I know it’s hard sometimes, but try to keep in mind that I’m human (human)
Fuck all the fortune and fame, forget the name, I’m a human (human)
I can’t believe all the under the table shit they doin’ (they doin’)
I’m tired the fingers pointed at me (at me)
I’m tired of all this weight on me (on me)
I’m tired of everybody wanting a piece of me, shit I’m not an ATM machine (yeah, no, hey)
What do I do when I can’t do what I do? [Verse 1]
I admit I done made some mistakes
And I have some imperfect ways
I admit I helped so many people
And them same damn people turned fake
I admit it was so hard to focus
I didn’t go to classes
I admit that I dropped out of school
I admit that I wasn’t that cool
I admit that I just feel like retiring
I admit that I just don’t feel like trying
But all my real niggas round me keep tellin’ me
“Kells, fuck that you gotta keep climbing”
I admit it, I admit it I did
I done fucked with a couple of fans
I admit that I’m a gift and a curse
I admit that I don’t go to church
I admit it, admit it (I)
I admit it, I did it (I)
I admit it, I did (I)
I admit it, I did, did it
[Verse 2]
I admit it I got so many flaws (yeah)
Told so many lies to these broads (too many lies)
Blew so much money, pop so many bottles, yeah I fucked a bitch just because (just because)
Nigga, I had a hell of a day, but I admit I was in my own way (hell of a day, in my own way)
I admit I had my mom crying over me, what else can a nigga say (uh)
I admit I can’t spell for shit
I admit that all I hear is hits (ohh)
I admit that I couldn’t read the teleprompter
When the Grammy’s asked me to present (yeah)
I admit that I love God but wait
It’s so much temptation but wait
And mental, the drinking and smoking too much
But it helped me get through the day (oh, day)
Won’t say no name, I’m not a snitch
But one night at the Ritz, did some shit I shouldn’t of did (at the Ritz, shouldn’t of did)
Went and fucked a nigga’s bitch
I admit, I admit that I did (I did)
I fucked my girlfriends bestfriend (oh)
Yeah I tapped that in the back of my Benz (my Benz)
I admit I’m sorry for my sins (my sins)
I admit it, admit it (I admit it)
I admit it, I did it (I did it, yeah)
I admit it, I did (I)
I admit it, I did, did it
[Verse 3]
Yeah, I admit I trust people too much (I trust too much, too much, too much)
I admit I can’t say such and such
But my lawyers told me settle this (settle this)
Even though it’s bullshit (it’s bullshit)
Kelly, protect your career
All these people in my ear
I admit I been tempted by drugs
I admit that I just need a hug (I)
I admit the devil talk to me sometime, but the devil is not who I trust (yeah, not who I trust)
I been fucked by so many damn managers, while they push me out front of these cameras (managers, cameras)
All this music I done gave to them, and now they play me like a fuckin’ amateur
I got a life, yeah, I got a right, yeah
Cancel my shows, that shit ain’t right (shows)
How they gon’ say I don’t respect these women, when all I’ve done is represent (30 years)
Take my career and turn it upside down, ’cause you mad I’ve got some girlfriends (girlfriends)
Hell with this record deal, it ain’t worth this shit forreal (yeah, yeah, that’s real)
Ain’t seen my kids in years, they tryna lock me up like Bill (in years, like Bill)
How much can a nigga take?

The fight to keep Tiwi Islands Aboriginal art centre alive

(ABC News) Back Roads


Neda Vanovac


July 23, 2018 06:30:00

Video: John and Joy Naden (left) have been working with artists at The Keeping Place in Wurrumiyanga on the Tiwi Islands for 23 years.
Tiwi Island Sistagirls set sights on future in fashion
We’re both getting close to 70 now, we can’t keep doing this forever,” Mr Naden said.Watch Back Roads on ABC TV 8pm MondayPast episodes or extras are on iView or at www.abc.net.au/backroads

#BackRoadsHeather Ewart returns to the Back Roads of Australia, to discover more resilient country towns and the inspiring people who live in them. (ABC News: Neda Vanovac)
‘They see themselves belonging’Ngaruwanajirri was founded by couple John and Joy Naden 23 years ago as a response to local requests for a program for some of Wurrumiyanga’s residents with disabilities.Both former teachers, Mr Naden said the centre provided a crucial service in the small community of about 1,500 people.”It’s a job, it raises the social profile of these people,” he said.”Coming to work means people don’t sit around playing cards and getting into drugs and other stuff, causing fights, so it’s most important.”His wife agreed.”Giving people some work, something to do, helping to build their self-esteem,” Ms Naden said.”They see themselves as artists and they see themselves belonging to this workshop, so that gives them pride and helps them establish a feeling of worth.”

Alfonso Puautjimi is a long-term artist at The Keeping Place on the Tiwi Islands. (Supplied: Joy Naden)
They say they haven’t received formal funding for five years, and are living off the smell of an oily rag.”We can’t pass it on to somebody else and expect them to work for nothing, so we keep hoping, hoping that something will change,” Ms Naden said.Mr Naden said Ngaruwanajirri’s annual turnover is about $90,000.”Despite the Labor Government’s promises to give us funding when they got into power, they didn’t do it, so we’ve worked without funding for five years,” he said.”Joy and I live off our super and about $20,000 we take from the business, and there’s still 10–12 people working here, mostly on sales.”He said tourist visits to the centre had dropped off since the local Sealink ferry company made a deal to only visit one art centre near the ferry landing.”[It’s cost us] probably about $40,000 in sales, which is a fair bit for us,” Mr Naden said. (Supplied: Joy Naden)
Running a centre without fundingThe Nadens said they loved running the centre, but as they both near 70, they feared there wouldn’t be anyone to take over from them.They feel so attached to the artists that they do not feel they can just stop without a succession plan. Photo:
Owls carved by artists at The Keeping Place on the Tiwi Islands. (Supplied: Joy Naden)
She said the positive peer pressure worked to keep the artists in a routine.”They just love being here, and having their own space and having their own bit at the table,” Ms Naden said.”I try and encourage them all to develop their own style, so that they’re not copying.”I help with materials — I help make up dyes and things like that, the paints — but the rest is up to them.”Mr Naden said the pair were educators, social workers, gardeners and plumbers, responding to the varied needs of their community.”We’ve never had a suicide from anyone here, they don’t visit Cowdy Ward [the mental health ward at Royal Darwin Hospital] and they seem to stay fairly well, because if they’re looking a bit bad we make sure they get to the clinic and get some medication, or we talk to their families,” he said.”If you work here, you’re open all hours … but we enjoy it and the people are lovely to work with.”

Estelle Munkanome stands in front of one of her own paintings at The Keeping Place art centre on the Tiwi Islands. In a calm open space underneath a huge domed ceiling painted like an Indigenous Sistine Chapel, artist Graham Tipungwuti carefully cradles two carved wooden birds.”This one here — look, I done it, this bird here — and the pole,” he said. Photo:
Alfonso Puautjimi and Marie Yvonne Tipuamantumirri sit outside The Keeping Place in Wurrumiyanga. (Supplied: Joy Naden)
During the past two decades, Ms Naden said she had observed a change in the artists.”One particular woman, before she started here was a real problem — she had a lot of fights and disagreements in the community,” Ms Naden said.”And she seemed to settle down a lot when she came here and was working.”They all get on so well together, and when one of them doesn’t turn up, they say ‘you should be at work’.”

Handpainted silk scarves by Alexandrina Kantilla from the Tiwi Islands. (ABC News: Neda Vanovac)
“Every morning I come, boil [a] cup of tea, and then carve.”Mr Tipungwuti is a long-term fixture at Ngaruwanajirri (‘helping one another’) or The Keeping Place, an art workshop and gallery for Tiwi Islanders with a disability, located in the main township of Wurrumiyanga on Bathurst Island, about 80 kilometres north of Darwin.He and about a dozen other artists gather in the space in the morning three times a week to create their art.They have been coming to the centre for about 20 years.”Paint canvas, a little paper, with ochre,” he said.”Yeah, I like it … good to work, you know. Photo:
Tutini by Ken Wayne Kantilla, an artist at The Keeping Place art centre in Wurrumiyanga in the Tiwi Islands. It’s good — keep your mind going.”

Tiwi Islands artist Graham Tipungwuti has worked at The Keeping Place art centre for many years. (ABC News: Neda Vanovac)
Unwilling to walk awayAlong with Sister Anne Gardiner, who has been on the Tiwi Islands since 1953, The Nadens are the only non-Tiwi residents to be offered a permanent permit to stay on the islands forever.They say they feel an enormous obligation to the artists who depend on them to keep the centre going.”The reason we can’t leave is the people here have been with us for over 20 years, so if we walk off they’re going to have nothing to do,” Mr Naden said.For 15 years the couple’s bedroom was a small space in the centre which has since been turned into an air-conditioned gallery space.They say that although the Tiwis have since built them a house, the manager positions will require real funding if they’re going to hope to attract someone else to the role.”We enjoy doing it but we’ve got other things to do. She meets communities whose good humour and inventiveness will inspire and uplift.
Tiwi art and family in the fabric of AFL Indigenous Round designs
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Wurrimiyanga 0822
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Ears on the mend as Tiwi Islands shows signs of health improvements over 15 years

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(Back Roads: Campbell Miller ACS)
‘Fatter, healthier’ children are more robustMs Wigger said when she began travelling to remote communities, forms of otitis media were seen as normalised among children. She meets communities whose good humour and inventiveness will inspire and uplift. (Back Roads: Campbell Miller ACS)
Known as ‘The Ear Girl’, Ms Wigger works with the Menzies School of Health Research by travelling across parts of the territory to inspect the ears and provide better healthcare for children.”Fifteen years ago when we did our surveillance projects, you know, up to around 50 per cent in some communities, 60 per cent, even 70 per cent of children had a perforation in their eardrum,” Ms Wigger said.Otitis media — known as a runny ear infection — has prevented many children from hearing and can cause lifelong developmental disadvantage.For some children, surgery is needed to seal the hole created by the damage.”We have a really high intake of vaccines in in the Northern Territory and in Indigenous populations, even though the populations are very transient,” Ms Wigger said.”But the clinics, you know, hats off to them — they’ve done an incredible job at making sure that everyone gets their vaccines.”The kids are getting their vaccines, families understand more about bacteria and the actual causes of ear disease as well.”

Ear infection rates have fallen in the remote communities in the Northern Territory over the past 15 years. (Back Roads: Campbell Miller ACS)
Connections provide strong bondsWhile the research is mutually beneficial, Ms Wigger said the problem was nothing like it was before, but the reasons of her personally coming back to the Tiwi Islands were built over strong bonds with the people.”I love it,” she said.”I have a lot of family here and lots of connections here and over the time they just embrace me and they’re beautiful people,” she said.”I couldn’t work in a more inclusive place than with the Tiwi people.”We learn more than what we give back.”Watch Back Roads on ABC TV 8pm MondayPast episodes or extras are on iView or at www.abc.net.au/backroads

#BackRoadsHeather Ewart returns to the Back Roads of Australia, to discover more resilient country towns and the inspiring people who live in them. Photo:
As many as 70 per cent of children have had a perforation in their eardrum in remote Northern Territory communities. Photo:
Every Aboriginal community is different to work with, leaving a level of customisation to the clinics. (Back Roads: Campbell Miller ACS)
But times have changed and people have reacted differently to seeking help.”People are getting better at diagnosing ear infections — it’s a bit of a complex condition and getting the diagnosis right is sometimes difficult but I think there’s slow improvements for that,” Ms Wigger said.”There’s less superstition around it, and you know, awareness that it’s not just swimming in yucky water.”Ms Wigger said with housing improvements, hygiene, access to water and treatment when locals needed it had led to a better health overall.”Kids are fatter, healthier, more robust … we don’t get as much diarrhoeal disease but ear disease is still a major problem for us so that’s why I’m here doing ear studies,” she said.”[They’re] still using their natural bush tucker and natural things that they get from the sea and from the land.”I think awareness of health has improved so much, [and] western medicine has been taken onboard quite well.”

The Menzies School of Health Research has worked within the communities to help educate people to seek help sooner if they have symptoms. It’s working together as a team I think and getting things done.”It’s more than just doing your work — it’s really about extending yourself beyond your work and really getting to know people, being approachable and inclusive. Photo:
Christine Wigger has been researching otitis media in the Tiwi Islands for 15 years. (Back Roads: Campbell Miller ACS)
Every clinic is uniqueMs Wigger said every remote community was different no matter where she went, which took adjusting to the approach.”With having people adhere to medicines and working with clinics … every single clinic is different,” she said.”I guess we customise the way we work with the clinics and with the people — everyone has different needs.”What works for some people won’t work for others, so we try and be really flexible.”We like to work with the Indigenous people and work according to their culture, not just our agenda and our culture. An ear disease that has hindered Aboriginal communities in the Northern Territory since the 1950s is showing signs of slowing down.Over the past 15 years, clinical researcher Christine Wigger has inspected a lot of infected ears in remote communities — notably in the Tiwi Islands — and has seen child health change for the better in recent times through ongoing trials.
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Video: Christine Wigger says health awareness has improved on the Tiwi Islands in the 15 years she has been travelling there.