Noah Cyrus – Live Or Die lyrics

If there ain’t no price tag, I might take it right
If I hit it from the back, I might just hit it twice
Rest in peace to everyone that we lost in life
And I just wanna run away-ay-ay
I just wanna run away-ay-ay
I just wanna run away-ay-ay, yeah-eah-eah-eah,ay
(With you, baby)
[Chorus: Noah Cyrus]
Live or die, yah
Live or die
Got you and I
Got you tonight, yah
Live or die, yah
Live or die
Got you and I
Got you tonight
[Harmonizing] [Pre-Chorus: Noah Cyrus]
On our way to the sky
We’re gonna look down on tonight
When we die, you and I
Two heartbreak soldiers
When you lay by my side
I see the whole world through your eyes
Ride or die, you and I
[Chorus: Noah Cyrus]
Live or die, yah
Live or die
Got you and I
Got you tonight, yah
Live or die, yah
Live or die
Got you and I
Got you tonight
[Verse 1: Lil Xan & both]
Have you ever seen a red flower? Aye
Came from a broken home, parents never saw it
Now I’m living all alone, taking care of us all, yeah
Flashes in my face, I guess that’s what you get with all this fame
Just because it’s that you gang does not mean that you really gang
Weather changes with my mood, it never really stays the same
And one plus one is two, and without you I think I’d go insane
And what you think? Yeah
Have you ever seen a gold flower? Pause, let it sink in
They threw me in and now I’m drowning in the deep end
If I’m religious, you’re the one that I believe in
You’ve been here with me to help me fight all my demons
[Pre-Chorus: Noah Cyrus]
On our way to the sky
We’re gonna look down on tonight
When we die, you and I
Two heartbreak soldiers
When you lay by my side
I see the whole world through your eyes
Ride or die, you and I
[Verse 2: Lil Xan, Noah Cyrus, both]
To live or die, what’s the price on a life?

Young Thug – Rich Nigga Live Lyrics

Go to Instagram and…
Get on a rich nigga live, rich nigga live, rich nigga live
Rich nigga live, rich nigga live, rich nigga live
Aye this a rich nigga live, a rich nigga live, a rich nigga live
A rich nigga live, a rich nigga live, a rich nigga live
I’m having plenty [?] and wives and I’m having plenty lies
I’m having plenty sticks and knives
They pop at you [?]
She said I’m Katy Perry some of callin me [?]
She said I’m Katy Perry some of callin me Lisa Maguire
It ain’t no Instagram Live it’s a rich nigga live, a rich nigga live
This is a rich nigga live, a rich nigga live, a rich nigga live
Hop on a rich nigga live, a rich nigga live with all of my slimes
I told my homie to get off of live and go head and serve me some pie
I called up the wheezy he comin’ through like a blizzard
Chief Keef Sosa he callin my phone he ready to pierce ya
Anything that Lil Durk want I told to go head and pick it like bingo
Champagne Papi on a tour with them Migos I told him he should run out of state get a kilo
Serving me dog food like I’m Scooter if you don’t [?] I rob you like casino
I told my dog Julio Jones to switch his position throw it like he Tebow

410 – Hunterz Lyrics

Pull it in gear and let’s go hunting? Pull it in gear and let’s go hunting? Pull it in gear and let’s go hunting? What’s that smell in the air? Pull it in gear and let’s go hunting? Splash him, and splash his friend
Ayy Ayy, Y.AM Sav ‘mence
He’ll do him and do his friend
Oh gosh, he went on the bloody net
Talking hella nonsense
I’ll splash him and splash his friend
Trap stack, man can’t do it like TS
Man need to loww all the vocal
The boy try speak and he still got beating
You got changed and he left you
Question?, Are you gonna back you bredrin? That wi-wi gave them a 100
Du-du, du-du, bands on me
Noddy or leave
I don’t want no discussion
You ain’t tryna make bread or nuffin’
What you gonna when the crashers summin’? What’s that smell in the air? That wi-wi gave them a 100
Du-du, du-du, bands on me
Noddy or leave
I don’t want no discussion
You ain’t tryna make bread or nuffin’ That wi-wi gave them a 100
Du-du, du-du, bands on me
Noddy or leave
I don’t want no discussion
You ain’t tryna make bread or nuffin’
What you gonna when the crashers summin’? That wi-wi gave them a 100
Du-du, du-du, bands on me
Noddy or leave
I don’t want no discussion
You ain’t tryna make bread or nuffin’
[Verse 2: Skengdo]
410’s wet, what? Girls on me, and I like her loads
But she moves too young like Ashley
Would wife a gladly, but she don’t get me
All she wanna do is stress me
Stay away from trident
Y.AM just violent
He’s not tryna impress me
Big .45 with a Muay Thai kick
But the kickback kick like Jet-Li
Doing up houses bit by bit
But the bit brix loves Coke and Pepsi
You already know dat I beat your chick
If you don’t want wood just let me
Man just ran when I wave that stick
Cah the shotgun long and hefty
Miles tryna catch dem fishing in C
Mans been to the C, there’s plenty
Think about me
I was raised in the C, had 2 shotguns at 20
Trident on me, IC3
Roll with the blue like Bentley
She was on me, nuttin ain’t free
True say the kid been trendy (Mally)
What you gonna when the crashers summin’? What’s that smell in the air? Kick down doors like Kungfu
Wave it around and now everyone is stressin’ (du-du bow)
They ask “why we ain’t social?”
Cos most mans fake and they ain’t in my intrest
Look at you, splashing on cotton
I’ll just sip on my tea and left him
Boy better have that plan
Cah me and the g’s investing
Skengs, ding-dongs, rolls of work
I’m poppin’ it eas’ on a next ting
Bro-bro set that trend
You better do that shit like your best friend
Filly, 410, F Blocka be the best ends
You couldn’t be gang
Ahh me you stressin’
As we say round here “you done out ‘ere, that’s a lesson”
[Chorus: AM]
What you gonna when the crashers summin’? Pull it in gear and let’s go hunting? What’s that smell in the air? Pull it in gear and let’s go hunting? That wi-wi gave them a 100
Du-du, du-du, bands on me
Noddy or leave
I don’t want no discussion
You ain’t tryna make bread or nufin’
[Verse 1: AM]
Girls on man cah the music bangs
Nuff times she wet her panties
Man love chat till I step ‘pon flats
And her legs get wee like bambies
Opps outrageous, giving out statements
Tryna crash corn at families
Beef intense, so I cop me a skeng
Tryna rain on dem, Ashanti
Free K-Crash, he was doing up Viking
Why you gonna be so wassy? [Chorus: AM]
What you gonna when the crashers summin’? What’s that smell in the air? That wi-wi gave them a 100
Du-du, du-du, bands on me
Noddy or leave
I don’t want no discussion
You ain’t tryna make bread or nuffin’
What you gonna when the crashers summin’? What’s that smell in the air?

Big D The Impossible – Father and Son (alebumaye) Lyrics

(Verse 1)
First nigga, niggas first
First record nigga sound quick
I ain’t the type of people you can mess quick or make a name out of his mind
I’m a record lable, i make a record label between your mind
Between the line you can distinguish i and you out, Wu first clan in tang big deal
I’m not the type you can diss quick, i’m a family man
I first introduced you to rap not pap or trap you mingle into
Shot up your mouth big too, hahahaha, nigga slap on my face my face down
Nigga quick rap on about the jerk i’m into, my face blown down too
I fucked your wife you fucked my bitch too, bee shot up your face down well
Before i crossed your line my time ain’t wasted on rhymes line, high bitch first crossed your line
Now, you think you gat somethin’ to rap fake gee
(Chorus 1)
Alebumaye killin’ shovelin’ killin’ shovelin’ alebumaye
Alebumaya killin’ shovelin’ killin’ shovelin’ alebumaye
Big shot the fuck up
Alebumaye killin shovelin’ killin’ shovelin’ alebumaye
Alebumaye killin shovelin killin’ shovelin’ alebumaye
(Verse 2)
First record i signed my son and i myself
Never forget biggie and pac death row, local gees, force militant, amy first habbit
Record suit addict cocaine congrat me make me out of sense
I’m in greedy i don’t feel the line i don’t feel it at all
I don’t mean it i don’t mess around like you B that call yourself G
Bitch to God gat somethin’ or nothin’ to say
I’m on my own i label my senses my record and my soul
Monkey tie ain’t suit me, but love the fitted up on my neck
Monkey tie ain’t sit me, but i love the size only up on my neck
Lonely, day i’m on my own i think i forget about more than i think i gat
I forget about it all, all i thought, all i got i and all i had
But the day goes on like tin and bring all day back
Today is another day entirely i reap my way, i sat down and i see myself back line
(Chorus 2)
Alebumaye killin’ shovelin’ killin’ shovelin’ alebumaye
Alebumaye killin’ shovelin’ killin shovelin’ alebumaye
I’m plannin’ ahead every moment i sit
Alebumaye killin’ shovelin’ killin’ alebumaye
Alebumaye killin shovelin’ killin’shovelin’ alebumaye
I’m plannin’ ahead whenever i sit

Meet the newest ‘angel’ of Kings Cross

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When millionaires and homeless people pray side by side
Australian Story

By Vanessa Gorman


August 20, 2018 05:13:28

Video: Graham Long says he will be still around to support Wayside's Pastor Jon Owen. (Australian Story: Quentin Davis)

(ABC News)
Graham drove Jon Owen out to the Mt Druitt area and Jon, wife Lisa and their two young daughters set up a community centre from their living room in the suburb of Bidwell.They ran youth groups, cooking classes and men’s forums, and helped out in the community whenever there was a need.”Our mission [was] to create community and make our household a safe place for kids, a safe place for women, and a place of peace for men,” says Jon.”I think we had 13 people in a three-bedroom house at one stage.”Graham invited Jon into the Wayside as an assistant pastor to see whether he could sink or swim.Despite being mistaken for a drug dealer on his first day in the job, Jon swam.Rebel with a causeIn June this year, Jon Owen was inducted into his new role of pastor and chief executive of the Wayside.The choir sang and the crowd cheered. Sometimes that’s all a person needs.”That connectivity he has and the real compassion he shows for people generally is the key attribute that will make him a success in the role,” says Ian Martin, Wayside’s chairman. Some he has seen through jail terms, drug addictions and difficult recoveries.”I’ve had more goodbye concerts than Jon Farnham,” he jokes to an old mate as he gets up to leave.His title now is Pastor Emeritus but Graham calls himself just “a pimple on the bum of Wayside”.The weight of keeping this vital service alive is on someone else’s shoulders but Graham will still be around to support his younger successor.”We all flourish best when we’re necessary, significant, not central,” he says.”I really believe that with all my heart. (Supplied)
‘A pimple on the bum of Wayside’Graham Long sits in the sun talking to the visitors. Photo:
Whether it’s a meal, shower, rehabilitation or just a friendly chat, visitors come to Wayside for their own reasons. He also happens to look like an Indian version of George Clooney, with killer looks and also a killer sense of humour.”I’m Indian, we can’t fight. Photo:
Wayside Chapel is a haven for the city’s vulnerable and homeless. And we’re very proud of him for what he’s pursued over the past 20-odd years,” says Jon’s father Zyx. Photo:
Malcolm Turnbull at the Wayside during Christmas 2017. (Supplied: Wayside Chapel)
The visitors are waiting outside the Wayside Chapel in the morning as the blinds go up.It’s a cluster of buildings down a side street in Kings Cross and the sun is just reaching the front courtyard.Some of the visitors have slept rough on the street and need a shower and clean clothes.Others want a cheap breakfast or to play chess in the cafe.People who are isolated and lonely come for company or to join in one of the many activities.A man with homemade tattoos tells Jon his sad life story. (Supplied: Wayside Chapel)
Search for Wayside successorWhen Graham Long announced he was stepping down as Pastor and CEO of Wayside late in 2017, many felt he was irreplaceable.An irreverent Reverend, a maverick and a teller of bawdy jokes, Graham fashioned the Wayside into a true community.Instead of acting as an intensive care unit for the disadvantaged, Graham created a place of no “us and them”.Celebrities rub shoulders with the mentally ill. But now I have to demonstrate it.”He walks up Hughes Street, resting easy in the knowledge his life’s work is in good hands. (Supplied: Wayside Chapel)
Talk about stepping up. (AAP: Dean Lewins )
Children going to playgroup in the hall walk past ice addicts, and prime ministers serve meals to the homeless.Everyone is treated with dignity and respect.”It’s not really right to call it a welfare agency, we don’t see it that way. When we break into your house, we’ll probably reconfigure your wi-fi to make it work properly,” he laughs.Jon has never broken into anyone’s house. Jon lets him talk. For them it has been a long journey with their wayward son.They brought him as a baby from Malaysia and raised him and his sisters in Melbourne hoping for the educational opportunities that would create successful lives.”I actually secretly wanted him to become a doctor. Who are they going to find?'” remembers Wayside ambassador Indira Naidoo.”They’re very big shoes to fill, aren’t they?” adds another ambassador, actress Claudia Karvan.Graham had the man for the jobAs it turns out, Graham had already pegged his successor.A few years into his tenure at Wayside, a young man turned up from Melbourne wanting to know where in Sydney he could do the most good. In fact, for the last two decades he has opened his home to anyone needing help.With his wife Lisa, they chose to live on the poverty line while working among disadvantaged communities in Melbourne and Western Sydney.It is this creed of selfless service that has seen him chosen as the new pastor and chief executive of Sydney’s iconic Wayside Chapel. We’re not even naughty. Jon Owen is a modern-day saint. A lawyer would’ve done fine,” remembers mum Rani.Jon was six months away from completing his computer science and engineering degree when he dropped out to do community work.”We’re not disappointed now, given where this has taken him, and his passion. We’re a place where community is created and where barriers are knocked down. Photo:
Graham Long and Jon Owen outside Wayside Chapel (Supplied: Wayside Chapel)
Watch Australian Story’s Leading the Way 8pm on ABC TV and ABC iview. Photo:
Jon Owen and his wife Lisa set up a community centre in their Bidwell home living room. Photo:
Jon Owen’s mother secretly wanted him to become a doctor or lawyer. We don’t want to be an intensive care unit for people who fail,” says Graham.But after 14 years in the job, Graham felt it was time for generational change and a fresh energy for this enormous role.”I think we were all thinking, ‘How can he ever be replaced? From running a small ministry out of his living room, he is now in charge of over 100 staff members and nearly 700 volunteers, and responsible for raising an operating budget of $10 million a year.As well, he ministers to thousands of visitors who treat Wayside as a home away from home — that is, if they have a home to go to.A place where love trumps hate

The Wayside Chapel is run out of a cluster of buildings down a Kings Cross side street. None more so than his parents Rani and Zyx Owen.

Chances are this 92yo and her husband are much better dancers than you

Melbourne 3000

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Ballet dancing for health also 'makes me feel beautiful', seniors say
They call me the bargain hunter in Coles,” she said.”[If I stopped dancing] I’d be an old woman then.”The Kortlevens have been coming to the Cuckoo for almost five decades but have been weekly attendees for at least the past six years. I’m happy with anything. “Wherever there was a dance we went there and we went only once a month to the Cuckoo, but nowadays it is every week.”It’s one day of the week I don’t cook. (Supplied: Frans Kortleven)
Mr Kortleven said he was able to learn quickly under his wife’s tutelage “because we got on so well”.It’s this mutual adoration that also helped them through the hard times. (ABC News: Jacinta Parsons)
Mr Kortleven said aside from dancing together, the secret to their long and happy marriage was having “tolerance of each other”.Mrs Kortleven, meanwhile, puts it down to “no nagging and know when to shut up”.”I get up at six o’clock and get my husband breakfast in bed, but later on he does all the floors and the windows so I’ve got the better deal, don’t I?”We are a very happy couple.” “It’s the most beautiful thing and I find it quite romantic, nostalgic but also invigorating. External Link:

Facebook: ABC Radio Melbourne
Mrs Kortleven said the regular dancing kept her young.”It keeps you mentally alert and I’m still very good in figures too. I’ve got no worries and I don’t make any.”It’s a simple life. Nobody tricks me. “It makes me feel very young and fit — like if they can do it, I can too.”The Kortlevens met at a club in the Netherlands when Frans was 22 and Wilhelmina was 27.They married in 1952 and moved to Australia the following year, escaping the devastation and housing shortage after World War II.Although Wilhelmina was a champion dancer, Frans required a bit more work to raise him up to her lofty standards.”He couldn’t dance when I met him, but I used to teach beginners so it was easy,” she said.”I started dancing in 1947 in a championship in Holland. The pair could not have children, but rather than dwell on the past Mrs Kortleven prefers to think positively.”I’m always happy. Even at the school when they kids go past and they wave to me, little things like that make me happy.”Even a breast cancer diagnosis and mastectomy couldn’t stop her from spinning her beloved around the dancefloor.”I lost my breast last year, two weeks later I was back on the dancefloor,” she said.”Things like that don’t worry me. Every Saturday night, 92-year-old Wilhelmina Kortleven and her 87-year-old husband Frans put on their best clothes and their finest dancing shoes.They wait eagerly at home to be picked up by members of a German folk band and driven to the kitsch restaurant The Cuckoo in the Dandenong Ranges.The couple, who have been married for 66 years, are the unassuming star attraction of the entertainment offering at this outer-Melbourne venue.Alongside the bulging smorgasbord, the pair twirl around the polished timber dancefloor every week, stunning diners with fast and nimble footwork that belies their ages. In the past, when suburban dances were more common, they used to try different venues.”We often had the German club, the Dutch club, the Slovenian club, even the Croatian club,” she said. My husband only gets breakfast and I have breakfast and that’s all he gets because you’ve got to be hungry when you go to the Cuckoo.”Venue owner Daniela Koeppen Rosenfeld said the pair were an inspiration.”There are no places left to be able to see two people dance the classical waltz or the two step and in harmony — the way they swing around together, it’s like the two are one,” she said. The quickstep I’m pretty good at now, and the polka.”

A photograph of Frans and Wilhelmina Kortleven dancing in their younger years. I’ve still got another [breast] here.”I’ve got not worries, no computers, no mobile phone — but I’ve got the Cuckoo.”

The band at the Cuckoo Restaurant plays German folk songs. I was a champion then and I’m still fast.
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'Like a good wine': Your views on whether marriage gets better after 20 years
How these four couples make their relationships work
(ABC News: Jacinta Parsons) ABC Radio Melbourne

By Nicole Mills and Jacinta Parsons


August 20, 2018 08:36:23

The couple say the secret to a happy marriage is tolerance and “knowing when to shut up”.
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‘I hope Prince Harry gets one’: RSL women get sewing for Invictus athletes

(ABC Radio Brisbane: Jessica Hinchliffe) ABC Radio Brisbane


Jessica Hinchliffe


August 20, 2018 09:00:33

Members have been counting the laundry bags before sending them to Sydney.
(ABC Radio Brisbane: Jessica Hinchliffe)
Lynne Gambrill said the bags were a practical gift to help the athletes who do bulk washing each day.”It’s been a wonderful project, and people not even involved with the RSL have wanted to take part,” she said.”I had a call from a lady from Nanango who wasn’t an auxiliary member but she still wanted to be part of it.”The biggest thing for me has been that so many people from across the state have come together to support the athletes who are amazing in their own right.”

Each of the ladies took part in sewing the bags for the Invictus athletes. Invictus Games: Everything you need to know More than 500 athletes from around the globe will descend on Sydney for the 2018 Invictus Games. (ABC Radio Brisbane: Jessica Hinchliffe)
Stitching more than 250 bagsAlong with auxiliaries from New South Wales and Victoria, the project is aiming to produce a total of 500 bags. Photo:
Lynne Gambrill coordinated the project for Queensland, collecting bags from across the state. Hundreds of handmade laundry bags will be given to athletes competing at the upcoming Invictus Games in Sydney following months of sewing by enthusiastic volunteers.Members of RSL Women’s auxiliaries across Queensland have spent most of the year busily collecting material and stitching bags.From bright koala embroidery to kangaroo-emblazed patchwork, each bag has been designed with a unique Australian theme. But what are they? Photo:
Prince Harry created the Invictus Games in 2014. (ABC News: Philippa McDonald)
“I hope Prince Harry gets one of my bags.”How wonderful would that be? I would really like that.”Fellow volunteer and bag creator Vicki Williams said although their contribution was small, it’s an important one.”I feel so proud to be part of it and we’ve become like ambassadors for Australia; it might just be a laundry bag, but it’s an icon that they take home with them.” we’ve sewn more than half the number needed,” Ms Gambrill said.”The women have enjoyed the fact that they could be involved in the Games even if they aren’t going.”Ms Gambrill said since joining the RSL Auxiliaries in 1980, she had never seen a project that involved so many people from across the country.”It’s been really heart-warming and I hope the athletes know how much love went into making each bag.”

Some of the bags have been inscribed with messages to the athletes. (ABC Radio Brisbane: Jessica Hinchliffe)
Patchwork quilts have also been made for each country competing.”One of the quilts made from us has scenes of the Great Barrier Reef on it and we know it’s going to the English team,” Ms Gambrill said.”We also have one for Prince Harry and Meghan so they have something to take back to their country.”Inspired by young diggersVolunteer Betty Beauchamp made 25 bags on her own, the highest number made by one person in Queensland.”I’m a sewer and a hoarder,” she said”I even had a man from the Manly RSL who was able to embroider a gold kangaroo with Invictus Games Sydney 2018 on the bottom of each one.”

Betty Beauchamp made more than 25 bags for the project. Queensland has sent 250 to Sydney in preparation for the event.”We thought we would try and get 100 made here in Queensland but we’ve ended up with more than 250 bags … (ABC Radio Brisbane: Jessica Hinchliffe)
Ms Beauchamp said she was inspired by her husband who fought in Vietnam as well as the many young diggers she had met over the years.”My husband was in the Army for more than 20 years and I have come into contact with many young diggers,” she said.”One of the young men had been in an accident and had lost one hand and badly damaged the other.”He was so positive and had hoped to be a pilot with the Air Force, but he had to change his dream and do something different within the force.”His positivity made me think ‘yes, we can help’.”Fingers crossed for Prince HarryMs Beauchamp hopes one special guest in particular receives one of her handmade embroidered bags.
What the Invictus Games mean for the people who compete in them
Cleveland 4163
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