A berry good idea: Special sale of Ekka sundaes to help strawberry farmers

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“Strawberry supplies aren’t the problem, but we will need to have some conversations to get the ice-cream organised.”Agriculture Minister Mark Furner said the State Government would support the idea and offered the parliamentary kitchens for preparation.”This is a great way to assist our strawberry growers,” he said. Photo:
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“Copycat examples [of sabotage] continue to damage the industry, and it makes me sick to the stomach that one of my grandchildren could be the victim of a fool that’s out there.”If we can get behind our strawberry industry and support them — purchase the punnets, slice them and dice them.”The Minister also noted that he would be happy to offer his services to scoop ice-cream.”Back in my day as a young fellow I was scooping ice-cream at an old milk bar at Chermside, raising pocket money — I’ll be right in there in the thick of it.”Volunteers neededBill McDonald, an ambassador for the hospital foundation, said they had been inundated with offers from people keen to help.”It’s a win-win as we’re going to buy the strawberries from the farmers,” he said.”It gives people confidence that they can eat strawberries again.”It is hoped the sundaes will be on sale at pop-up stalls early next week in the Brisbane CBD. The famous Ekka strawberry sundae is about to be made outside of showtime for the first time in a bid to help farmers rocked by the needle contamination scare.More than 100,000 of the sundaes are made every year at the Ekka by the Prince Charles Hospital Foundation, with all monies raised going to medical research.Foundation chief executive Michael Hornby told ABC Radio Brisbane Breakfast that his team would use surplus strawberries and sell the desserts at pop-up stalls in Brisbane’s CBD.”The farmers and the strawberry industry absolutely deserve the chance,” he said.”We will have to turn to our partners and the Ekka for help and promotion, and we would need a lot of volunteers to help out.”
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During the Ekka more than 3,000 volunteers are needed to make the sundaes.”We’ve been with the Ekka for 29 years and we coordinate it each year, but we can make this happen,” Mr Hornby said.”This is a strong message to the consumers not only in Brisbane but across Australia as it’s a national dilemma, so let’s fix it.”Recipe under lock and keyEkka (RNA) chief executive Brendan Christou was also supportive and said he would allow the licensed recipe to be used for the cause.”We’ve never done it outside of Ekka time, so this would be a first but it’s such an important thing to do,” he said.”The ice-cream and the recipe are a special blend that is only made at the Ekka by Lick Ice-Cream.
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Jessica Hinchliffe


September 20, 2018 15:03:47

The popular sundaes have a special recipe only used at the Ekka.