A lost racing pigeon finds itself in the wrong town

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A racing pigeon has had a remarkable journey after becoming separated from its friends and ending up hundreds of kilometres from its intended destination.The pigeon was among more than 1,000 birds released in Forbes, central-west New South Wales, on September 16.
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Cobargo 2550
“Some of them get taken by hawks. He is probably lucky to be here.”Mr Ahern said Mr Ciubancan was shocked to find out the pigeon had taken a different flight path and was still alive.”I think he was quite amazed,” Mr Ahern said.”He didn’t know where Cobargo was. The couple created a makeshift bird cage and took care of the pigeon for the next five days. Photo:
Steve Ahern at his property holding the wayward pigeon. Photo:
Steve Ahern (right) and his wife Veronica drove more than 350km to reunite the prized pigeon with its owner, Daniel Ciubancan (left). The birds were due to make the 570 kilometre journey back to various lofts in Victoria on the day, but this pigeon had other plans.Eight days later, in the sleepy village of Cobargo in south-east NSW, more than 500 kilometres from Forbes, Steve and Veronica Ahern found the wayward pigeon on their doorstep.They offered the pigeon seeds and managed to capture him without a fuss. I had to tell him it was north of Bega.”I could see him scratching his head thinking, ‘How the hell did it get there?’,” Mr Ahern said. He tracked down the owner, pigeon racer Daniel Ciubancan, from the Melbourne suburb of Hampton Park.Mr Ahern learned the pigeon had taken a week-long detour before making a pit stop at his home, more than 450 kilometres from its planned destination.”He has covered a fair bit of distance to make it this far and still be in one piece [given] some of the natural predators they encounter on their flights,” he said. (Supplied: Steve and Veronica Ahern) (ABC South East NSW: Daniel Doody )
Mr Ahern noticed the pigeon had tags and found contact details written inside. Photo:
The lost racing pigeon enjoys the comfort of his caretakers at their property in Cobargo. (ABC South East NSW: Daniel Doody)
Mr Ciubancan from the Greater Melbourne Pigeon Federation said he had expected his bird to arrive home on the day it was released.But after more than a week passed, he thought the pigeon had met with foul play.He was thrilled to receive the call from Mr Ahern saying his pigeon had been found safe and well.”They’re fairly inexpensive, but this is a prized pigeon.”I really wanted him home, not lost somewhere in the bush or being eaten by a falcon.”I am just so very happy he was found.”Mr Ciubancan said he had never experienced anything like it before, in 33 years of racing pigeons.Steve and Veronica Ahern drove 369 kilometres to Bairnsdale, Victoria to meet Mr Ciubancan halfway and reunite the owner with his prized bird.And after the 13-day adventure, the pigeon will have an epic story to share with its mates.
Racing pigeons missing in WA outback
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The wayward pigeon's journey home
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October 01, 2018 06:27:38

Steve and Veronica Ahern found the unexpected visitor on their doorstep.
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