Nightstalker – One Million Broken Promises Lyrics

How many dead ends I never thought they end? All those dead ends
They seem to have no end
Cause I’m drunk and stoned
So far away from home
Cause I’m drunk and stoned
So far away from home
Cause we die alone
So far away from home
Cause we’re drugged and stoned
So far away from home NIGHTSTALKEROne Million Broken Promises Lyrics
One million promises
I don’t know where they went
Those broken promises
I broke all of them
Cause I’m drunk and stoned
So far away from home
Cause I’m drunk and stoned
So far away from home
Cause we die alone
So far away from home
Cause we’re drugged and stoned
So far away from home
Those goddamned wrong turns
I don’t know where they turn
How many wrong turns are right until you turn?

Rae Sremmurd – Perplexing Pegasus Lyrics

RAE SREMMURDPerplexing Pegasus Lyrics
Ear Drummers
Mike WiLL Made-It
[Chorus: Swae Lee]
Jump in the Pegasus
All kinda reckless the necklace
All kinda reckless I flexed it
K-keep the change, yeah you heard me correctly
If she sleek and foreign, call her Lexus
Every week a foreign, I just check her wishlist
Only thing I’m here for is perplexin’
Caterpillar whip and I lowered it
[Verse 1: Slim Jxmmi]
Lil’ Jxm’, I got a problem
I’m in love with money, I’m in love with ballin’
Gotta keep my phone on vibrate, how these bitches callin’
Neiman Marcus’ shawty and I ain’t with no shoppin’
2K on my feet, yeah, 2K, I be kickin’ game
Bubble Gum on Jxm’, smokin’ on a different strain
Niggas stealin’ sauce, they need to stay up in their lane
Baby, we on top and that ain’t ever gonna change
Put you boys to shame
Pull them foreign’s out
And put you boys to shame
Going hard on a bitch like Major Payne
Say my name (Jxm’)
They ain’t know how to spell it, so I put it on my chain

Bebo Norman – Disappear Lyrics

BEBO NORMANDisappear Lyrics
On a day like this
I want to crawl beneath a rock
A million miles from the world
The noise, the commotion
That never seems to stop
And on a day like this
I want to run away from the routine
Run away from the daily grind
That can suck the life, right out of me
I only know one place I can run to
I want to hide in You
The way, the life, the truth so I can disappear
And love is all there is to see coming out of me
And You become clear as I disappear
I don’t want to care about earthly things
Be caught up in all the lies that trick my eyes
They say it’s all about me
I’m so tired of it being about me
I want to hide in You
The way, the life, the truth and I can disappear
And love is all there is to see coming out of me
And You become clear as I disappear
I would rather be cast away
Separated from the human race
If I don’t bring You glory
If I don’t bring You glory
If I don’t bring You glory
‘Cause I want to hide in You
The way, the life, the truth and I can disappear
And love is all there is to see coming out of me
And You become clear as I disappear

Blind Melon – Dumptruck Lyrics

BLIND MELONDumptruck Lyrics
New York City soothing
My itchy itchy month of May
Time has passed for Ms. Onassis
Decay on display
I don’t wanna go down
I don’t wanna go down
I don’t wanna go down like she did
And I can’t understand why
Something good’s gotta die
Before we miss it
Mumbled talk through Pigeon Park
And Hastings is wasting away
Religiously they seem to sin
Buy, sell or trade for amens
I just don’t wanna feel
I just don’t wanna feel
I just don’t wanna feel like they feel
Hollow body for sound
Trade my coat for a gown
Now way up in my arms
You know I love you just a little bit more
Raisin’ nose down to chin
Smoke after smoke they all trickle in
Anythin’, for anythin’
And endin’ up with nothin’
Simple pimpled young man
Sores all over his hands
He’s sleepin’, not so silently
I’ll mop the floors for you all
I’m a fly on the wall
Really big and listenin’
Burned a hand of a friend of mine
And now Bub I know
That you could fly a mile high
You told me nothing’s ever gonna come between
And nothing’s ever gonna come between
Nothing’s ever gonna come between
My dump truck and me

New choppa – Playboi Carti feat. Asap Rocky lyrics

I roll up an L in the lobby
My partner’s got wops and it’s probably a Glock or a Tommy
From H to the E double hockey sticks
Keep a chopper chop you if you try me b*tch
Let’s see who next on my homi’ list
Carti like, “Rocky you bodied this”, that’s my prerogative
S**t on them, that’s on my potty list
Accused of being boujee by a snobby b*tch
Cops want to ID us, hope they as fast as my Adidas
She say I’m special, that’s obvious
Rich ’cause my ideas run up the racks, for the most part
“I rap,” when they ask what my hobby is
Run it up, not one of them
Rich as f*ck, I’m a hundred up
Swipe, swipe, like I’m on a bus
It’s A$AP and I ain’t wanna rush. Playboi Carti lyrics
Video choppa Lyrics Playboi Carti – New Choppa
New choppa, new choppa it came with the beam
Actavist pouring up lean
Got Flacko, yeah Rocky, he pass me the bean
I shoot like a king
All of these knots on my jeans, Alexander of McQueen
Diamonds they lookin’ like ice, I whip the hoe like I’m Ike
Stack up my cash I got height, take advantage of the Sprite
Take the bando bring the hype
We just go hard in the kitchen
Had a catch up with my b*tches
They know that young nigga be living. Run it up, run it up, run it up
New chaaoppa, new chaaoppa, new choppa, new choppa
Run it up, run it up, run it up
I ain’t hearing what you say, I ain’t listening what you say
Get the f*ck up out the way, go on let a playa play
New chaaoppa, new choaappa, new chaaoppa, new choaappa. Run it up, run it up, run it up
New choppaaa, new choppa, new choppaaa, new choppaaa
Run it up, run it up, run it up
I ain’t hearing what you say, I ain’t listening what you say
Get the f*ck up out the way, go on let a playa play
New choppa, new choppaaa, new choppaaa, new choppaaa.

Selfish love – Jessie Ware lyrics

And I, I know
That I can’t get enough
Selfish looove. Selfish love, why do I do these things? Oh, you’re acting sweet
I know what that means
All these games we play
Always end the same. I break you down, just to get my way
Selfish love, darlin’ you do it too
You tell me lies and I bend the truth. And I, I know
That I can’t get enough
Selfish looove
Selfish looove
Selfish looove. Lyrics Jessie Ware – Selfish love
Baby let’s be honest about this
There’s only room for one in your heart
So tell me darlin’, why are we like this? I break you down, just to get my way
Selfish looove, darlin’ you do it too
You tell me lies and I bend the truth. (x8)
Jessie Ware lyrics
Video love I must admit that I kind of like it.(selfish love)
Oh, you’re acting sweet
I know what that means
All these games we play
Always end the same. Selfish love, why do I do these things? Selfish loveee. Oh, you’re acting sweet
And I know what that means
Selfish looove
Oh, you’re acting sweet
And I know what means. Take what I want, but you want me to take it
I only give love and I want to make it. Baby now it feels like we’re dancing
Touching bullets, now ain’t that romantic?

Desert eagle – Kurdo feat. Majoe songtexte

Desert Eagle. Im Konflikt mit dem Paragraph
Denn wir klären’s mit Uppercuts
Es macht dighi daaam
Desert Eaaagle, Desert Eaaagle. Mir gefällt deine Fresse nicht (no no)
Irgendwann bist du draußen und wir treffen dich
Denn die Straßen vergessen nicht
Generation Stresserblick
Von Grund auf zu verschieden
Keine Zeit für Filme schieben
Erst woll’n sie Beef und dann Frieden
Red mit der Desert Eagle. Von Grund auf zu verschieden
Keine Zeit für Filme schieben
Erst woll’n sie Beef und dann Frieden
Red mit der Desert Eaaagle. (x8)
Brust raus, 4-7, Guantanamo
Ich hole Gold für meine Stadt wie ein Pharao
Linke Hand Pappbecher, rechte Hand Klappmesser
Guckt jemand schief, hau’ ich nicht ab, doch mach’ ‘nen Abstecher
Mister Majoe, ich bin kräftig gebaut
Geh’ mit fünf Brüdern rein in Club, mit sechs b*tches raus (haha)
Nicht um Netflix zu schau’n (nein)
Nur drei Jahre für den Hattrick gebraucht
Yeah, wir sind Refugees im SUV
Fahr’n vor dein Café und spiel’n ‘ne Runde Battlefield (spiel’n ‘ne Runde Battlefield)
Nicht Dark Knight, schwarz-weiß, Westernstil
Rest in Peace, c’est la vie, Desert Eagle. Mir gefällt deine Fresse nicht
Irgendwann bist du draußen und wir treffen dich
Denn die Straßen vergessen nicht
Generation Stresserblick
Von Grund auf zu verschieden
Keine Zeit für Filme schieben
Erst woll’n sie Beef und dann Frieden
Red mit der Desert Eagle. Songtexte Kurdo – Desert eagle
Immer noch Staub von den Slums auf den Jeans
Unser Motto bleibt, “.. Desert Eagle. (x8)
Wir sind hungrig wie an Ramadan (Ramadan)
Zielen mit der Desert in die Kamera (Kamera)
Denn wir komm’n in ‘nem Karavan… (x8)
Kurdo songtexte
Video eagle den police.”
Mach mir nicht auf Prinzessin, kahba, shake mal
Mir geht’s gut, wo ich heute bin, dank den Hatern
Füll’ die Wand mit Paper, Gott sei Dank kein Major
Undertaker, Bagdad-Flavour
Marbella, in der Hand lila
Bau’ mir in den Slums Villas, so wie Frank Miller
Rein in die Air Max, schwarz-matte Kalash
Treppenhaus-Kanaks, die Ketten aus Marash
Narbe im Gesicht, so wie FR7
Sag’ salamu alaikum zu der Desert Eagle. Desert Eagleee.

Moonrocks – Mosh36 feat. Pa Sports songtexte

Nach dem Flug folgt der Ulf
Noch ein Zug für die Bull’n
Gib mir Moon-rocks
Gib mir Moon-rocksss. Der Erfolg schmeckt mir gut
Hol mir Moonrooocks bei .. Songtexte Mosh336 – Moonrocks
Ich bin in New York auf Moonrocks, Rockefeller Center Rooftop
Weedliebhaber wie Snoop Dogg, ein Feature mit euch wäre Rufmord
Gib mir White Wax, Highclass, 3-6, Dicka, Wild West
Vaporizer hightec, mache Livechats via iPad
Dicka, ein Brett zerreißt Rap, zeig’ deiner Gang wie Blei schmeckt
Bis keiner mehr auf deine Scheinwelt voller Kleingeld hereinfällt
Komm’ im Nikedress, V8-Benzin, Hauptstadt Berlin
Auf Waage Weed, Aussage nie
Moonrocks und der Kopf brennt, Topten, genau wie John Lennon
Paul McCartney Rockband, deine Freundin tanzt im Hostel
Ist ein Joint im Umlauf? Nach dem Flug folgt der Ulf
Noch ein Zug für die Bull’n
Gib mir Moon-rocks
Gib mir Moon-rocks. Nach dem Flug folgt der Ulf
Noch ein Zug für die Bull’n
Gib mir Moonrooocks
Gib mir Moon-rocks
Der Erfolg schmeckt mir gut
Hol mir Moonrooocks bei .. Ich brauch’ ein bisschen Unkraut
Ich lehne mich zurück und deine Freundin macht den Mund auf
Raw-Papes, Hasch und Weed im Cocktail
Nachtaktiv am Broadway, Caipirinha, Bombay
Check die Submariner Offday, Moonrocks im Gepäck
Ein Zug und du bist weg, check, die Zukunft ist DZ, Motherf*cker.(moonrocks)
Der Erfolg schmeckt mir gut
Hol mir Moonrocks bei .. Nach dem Flug folgt der Ulf
Noch ein Zug für die Bull’n
Gib mir Moonrocks
Gib mir Moon-rocks
Der Erfolg schmeckt mir gut
Hol mir Moonrocks bei .. Ob im Pompeys oder Greenhouse, im Barneys oder Bulldogs
Gib mir New York Diesel, Organe Butt im Mix mit ein paar Moonrocks
Wir bang’n high, alle meine Jungs sind endbreit
Jeder meiner Homies pusht das OG Kush und unser Schädel ist auf Standby
Ich brauche keine Groupies im Designerkleid
Halt dein Maul und drück die Moonis in den Grinder rein
Cool Daddy P, Crewfamily
Wir sind wieder mal auf Moonrocks, Blue Cherry Cheese
Alle zwei Tage anderer Leihwagen, ab in die Heimat bei Hood vorbeifahr’n
Fünf Gramm auf mein’n Nam’n, dein’n Nam’n, sein’n Nam’n, ganz egal, ich werd’ bei Weed zu ‘nem Hayvan
Dicka, red nicht, gib mir mein’n Stoff, ich kann nur denken mit richtigem Kopf
Überliste die Cops, bretter’ dreihundert km/h, Bruder, guck, wir sind nicht zu bekomm’n
Mit der Gang auf Moonis, Baby, meine Leute haben Uzis, Baby
Alles real, keine Movies, Baby, keine Angst vor der Police, Baby
Wir sind unterwegs mit Moonrooocks im Gepäck
Nur ein Zug und du bist weg, guck, die Zukunft ist DZ. Mosh36 songtexte
Video Mosh36

Artwork based on sport wins major SA award

The month-long festival is heading into its final day, the 20th year local art has been celebrated and put on show at venues across SA. Photo:
This shows part of A Shifting Stillness, an artwork by Alice Blanch. (Supplied: SALA Festival)
In all, 20 emerging and established South Australian artists won prizes across nine categories recognising their achievements.SALA Festival director Penny Griggs said it was hard work for the judges because of the very high standard of entries this year.”We received nearly 300 entries from artists of all backgrounds and art forms from right across South Australia, showing the incredible breadth of art-making we have in this state,” she said. A multimedia artwork based on family and sport has been awarded the major prize at the South Australian Living Artists Festival (SALA).Adelaide-based Trent Parke and Narelle Autio were recognised at an event at Government House in Adelaide for their work The Summation of Force.It can be viewed at the Samstag Art Gallery at the University of South Australia on North Terrace in the CBD.Emerging photographer Alice Blanch won the Atkins Photographic Award for her ethereal landscape A Shifting Stillness.

August 30, 2017 21:03:21

External Link:

The Summation Of Force SALA multimedia artwork
Adelaide 5000

Internet sleuths help to ID the images Queensland Archives cannot

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Brisbane 4000
By Patrick Williams


August 31, 2017 06:23:45

The Bon Air 6-1-X prototype of an air-cushion transport in Hamilton, Brisbane in 1963. (Supplied: Queensland State Archives)
Within the hour, one Redditor suggests an address on Mayfield Road. 1940 photo as the Diamantina Receiving Depot and Infants’ Home in Wooloowin. (Supplied: Queensland State Archives)
“It was originally listed … it took people a bit longer to date it,” Ms Watson said.”There was a tram in the back left-hand corner, so people were trying to date it from the tram and someone had an aerial photo of the area and located the park with the tram in the back of the park, and that’s how they figured out which one it was. (Supplied: Nova Watson)
“[It’s] one of about 1,200 homes built on Queensland Housing Commission estates at Carina in the mid 1950s,” QSA’s post read.””We’re not sure if it’s in Carina itself or what was then called the ‘Carina Estate’ in Belmont.”With only that information to go off the internet got to work.”Looks like my house but mirror image … there are quite a lot of houses that look like this in the area,” one person wrote.But the search did not go on for long. people really get into it trying to figure out which street in the suburb it actually is,” she said.”I think sometimes people are from the area and can recognise landmarks … Maybe it’s the same vehicle?””We put it on Reddit and Facebook and managed to figure out what it was and its history. External Link:

Queensland State Archiveson Facebook: We have this great photo of a street in Southport but some of the details are a little sketchy
Another backed them up, and hours later QSA had consulted Google Street View and were confident it was the correct address.The new information was added to the photograph both in the QSA database and on image hosting website Flickr.”These are fun, please post more,” one person writes.QSA promised they would keep coming back.”We have thousands of photos of Queensland Housing Commission dwellings.”Facebook followers recognise 1940s playgroundBut not all images are solved so quickly.One particular photograph of children playing in a Brisbane sandpit took longer than usual.”We put that one out on Facebook … (Supplied: Queensland State Archives)
Ms Watson said one photograph of a housing commission came with the month and year it was taken, but not the street it was on.”So it helps us when we put them out … Social media detectives are helping Queensland State Archives (QSA) fill in the gaps of missing information in its near-200 years worth of records.For the past couple of months the archives and record management authority, based in Brisbane, has been turning to Facebook as well as “the front page of the internet” Reddit, to help uncover lost facts. the Indooroopilly one, some people looked at it on Google Maps and it looked very much like it.”For that one I had to look at Google Map entry and it looked pretty spot on.”Redditors solve mystery of missing address in less than an hourThe latest picture puzzler uploaded by QSA took less than an hour for Redditors of Brisbane to solve.A photo attached to a Courier-Mail article from October 1952 came only with its location, the suburb of Carina. I think it was just ‘playground at hospital’, but it wasn’t actually at one of the hospitals.The photograph was eventually unveiled as the Diamantina Receiving Depot and Infants in Woolloowin, circa 1940. and it was one of the harder ones we’ve had … External Link:

QSA Facebook post
So far they have helped correct or gather new information for dozens of their images, with thousands of others up their sleeves needing help.Archivist Nova Watson said while many viewed it as a challenge the QSA’s postings were legitimate calls for help.”We genuinely don’t know the answer, which is why we ask for help,” she said.”Unfortunately in a lot of cases the supporting documentation for some older photo collections no longer exists.”There’s a few people who really get into it, you can see the ones who comment a lot.”Ms Watson said anyone able to help was welcome to contribute.”Some of these pictures were taken quite a long time ago and sometimes the information about them gets lost or the information wasn’t recorded at the time.”A mysterious hovercraft from the 1960s was one of the more perplexing entries QSA have posted recently.It was originally believed the photo was taken somewhere on the Brisbane River in early 1963.The original post stated: “A debate in Parliament in November of that year mentions an experimental hovercraft at the University of Queensland. When we put the picture up there was virtually no context at all,” Ms Watson said. Photo:
A housing commission house on Orontes Rd, Yeronga in 1949 – identified by social media detectives. Photo:
“Social media detectives” helped identify this c. Photo:
Ms Watson said anyone is able to help.
Gold Coast history in pictures becomes a hit online

The travelling nun making a difference to outback families

Brisbane 4000
ABC Radio Brisbane

By Jessica Hinchliffe and Robin McConchie


August 31, 2017 07:30:00

Sister Christine Henry and her dog Kenya with their reconditioned ambulance. (ABC Radio Brisbane: Jessica Hinchliffe )
Sr Christine’s work in numbers950,000 kilometres travelled11,753 hours of compassionate service17,160 eggs delivered 5,052 Christmas hampers delivered 113 Wellness Days for Country Women serving 5,258 women6 Bugger the Drought events helping 368 families
As the coordinator of the Downs & West Community Support, she has helped countless families through droughts, floods and financial struggles.She is seen by many as a conduit between city and country and is known by farming families as a “living saint”.”Country people are proud and don’t like others knowing they are going through difficult times,” she said.”Many also don’t see doctors regularly and they can be suffering health issues.”I aim to lend a listening ear and to encourage them to allow me to refer them to a specialist in a certain area if required.”

Sister Christine manages to break through the hard exterior of many farmers. (Supplied: Downs and West Community Support)
In addition to her health work, Sr Christine organised numerous events including Bugger the Drought.”I’ve gotten so much more out of working with these people who are struggling than I have doing anything else in my life.”They share with me the most important aspects of their suffering and I feel it has been a great privilege to walk their journey with them.”I’ll do it for a lot longer if I can; 10 years on and still going strong and I still have the love and desire to help people in need wherever the need may be.”

Sister Christine and her companion Kenya get ready to drive out of Brisbane. (ABC Radio Brisbane: Jessica Hinchliffe)
“She’s able to help a farmer, male or female, open up about their feelings and the situation they’re in.”Sr Christine said she had seen the country through many times — both good and bad.”I’ve seen the beauty of the country and I’ve seen it when it’s been devastated by floods and small towns become ghost towns.”These disasters are very cruel and people suffer. Meet Sister Christine Henry.She is a Brisbane nun and registered nurse who has spent the past 10 years travelling more than 950,000 kilometres to help families in the bush.Sr Christine began driving from Brisbane to communities in south-west Queensland after retiring, providing health support and transporting necessary items. (ABC Radio Brisbane: Jessica Hinchliffe) (Supplied: Downs and West Community Support)
The ups and the downsTravelling in a reconditioned ambulance, it’s filled to the brim with toiletries, Christmas hampers, beds and often tyres.Sr Christine drives as far as Thargomindah, more than 900 kilometres west of Brisbane.With the help of her trusty sidekick Lady Kenya (a name given to her dog from families in the bush), the pair manage to break through the hard exterior of many farmers.”People greet Kenya before they say hello to me; she sits in the passenger seat and is an asset to take on trips,” Sr Christine said. Photo:
Sister Christine and her dog Kenya ready to hit the road in their reconditioned ambulance. That’s why they need our support.”Bringing the country and city together Sr Christine said through her work she had seen the gap between city and country people become smaller.”People are so generous,” she said.”I’ve had mothers in the bush who have lost their husbands while they were pregnant and city families have adopted them from afar.”They don’t know who they are, but they simply help them through donations and supplies that I get to them.”

Sister Christine spends weeks on the road stopping to help farming families.

Magpies swooping? You should try making friends

A magpie used to come down and sing to it. ABC Radio Melbourne listeners contacted the station with stories of their black-and-white feathered friends. Photo:
Magpies remember their human enemies, as well as friends. They can remember faces and we have never been attacked.”Janet from Mount Martha said she was regularly visited by magpies seeking snacks.”We’ve had a pair of magpies live around our house for 17 years and we’re very fond of them,” she said.”They bring their babies every year and then send them away when they’re around nine months old.”Another listener said they made friends with magpies when they lived in Monbulk in Melbourne’s Dandenong Ranges.”I used to put a speaker out in the garden when I was working in it. The Victorian Government warns against feeding swooping birds lest it encourages the behaviour. “They will introduce their young [to you] and they will be the most charming birds.”Even during the breeding season you can come close to them because they know you’ll do no harm.”

Magpies will try to attack if you run away from them or speed up while cycling. (Flickr: Roman Joost)
On the other hand, if you are mean to a magpie it will bear a grudge for a long time.Schoolchildren and others who wear a uniform may suffer the consequences if someone else wearing the same uniform has attacked the bird or thrown stones at them. “We leave them out a tub of water in the heat and a few snacks in the cooler months. Listeners tell of feathered friendshipsIt seems that despite their reputation for attacking passers-by, magpies have many fans — and we’re not just talking Collingwood supporters. (Supplied: David Flannery)
Katherine said she had a good relationship with a family of magpies that lived in her area. But a magpie “will only swoop when he doesn’t know somebody”, said Gisela Kaplan, emeritus professor in animal behaviour at the University of New England and author of Bird Minds. “We know that magpies remember and recognise human faces and they will remember them for years,” Dr Kaplan told ABC Radio Melbourne’s Sami Shah and Jacinta Parsons.Magpies are ‘like dogs’Dr Kaplan said that once a magpie knew you and judged you to be a nice person, you would have earned a friend for life. “When my dog died the maggies watched me bury him, then within half an hour the whole family came down and sat with me.” And if you haven’t yet had time to make a magpie’s acquaintance, you can avoid being attacked this spring by keeping your distance from nesting areas and not running if you are swooped. “They will form very long friendships, like dogs,” she said.
Darwin's bird attack hot spots mapped
Some people go to great lengths to deter magpies from swooping, wearing fake eyes on the back of their head to fool the birds into thinking they are being watched. Forget fake eyes and spiky helmets — if you want to avoid being attacked by magpies, just make an effort to be friends with them.Swooping magpies are common in Australia at this time of year, as male birds attempt to protect eggs and chicks in their nests from predators.Official government websites give tips to avoid being swooped and a crowdsourced online map tracks reports of swooping magpies nationwide.
ABC Radio Melbourne


Simon Leo Brown


August 31, 2017 12:14:32

Magpies can recognise human faces and will not swoop if they know and like you. (ABC: Daniel Battley)

Melbourne 3000
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External Link:

ACT Government magpie swooping season tips
Magpie swooping season in full swing in Canberra
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Sun stickers, killer dragonfly wings and other discoveries up for Eureka Prize

The smart sensor is cheap and can be printed from an ordinary inkjet printer using special ink made from food dye and titanium dioxide — the active ingredient in many sunscreens.Like dog poo baking in the Australian sun, the sensor will turn white when it is cooked.”It’s smart because when UV light hits the piece of paper, the ink loses its colour,” Professor Gooding said.Variations of the slap-on sticker can be made that take into account skin tone and whether you have put on sunscreen.Professor Gooding said he hoped the sensor would make it to store shelves in the next year or two.Dragonfly wings can kill even antibiotic-resistant bacteria

Dragonfly wings physically kill bacteria with tiny spikes. (Flickr: Virginia Sanderson)
Normally when you think about killing bacteria you think about attacking them with a chemical.But researchers at Swinburne University of Technology have discovered the surface of dragonfly and cicada wings will physically self-sterilise, with no chemicals necessary. (Supplied: ACES)
Surgeons will use the Biopen and its ink of living cells and growth factors to fill in damaged bone during surgery, giving them great control and precision.The stem cells are encased in gel when dispensed and an ultraviolet light on the pen hardens the “hydrogel” ink.It is being tested on sheep at St Vincent’s Hospital in Melbourne, where stem cells are delivered directly to a knee to regrow damaged cartilage.So far the testing is showing better results than any current treatment used on humans.”Although we have used this primarily for cartilage, we can already see how this can be used in a variety of other clinical situations,” St Vincent’s Hospital orthopaedic surgeon Professor Peter Choong said.Dialysis for just a few dollars a day with mini machine

The Affordable Dialysis System dramatically cuts the cost of treatment. (ABC News)
Operation Crayweed started more than five years ago and sought the help of volunteer citizen scientists to replant the seaweed in affected areas from Palm Beach to Botany Bay.The crayweed is installed on the reef floor in specially designed mats, and in just months new generations of the seaweed were sprouting and rejuvenating the coastline.Biopen doodles could erase arthritis

Professor Peter Choong says repairing cartilage is just the beginning for the Biopen. (Supplied: John Turnbull, Marine Explorer.)
Pollution, including sewage being pumped into the ocean off areas including Bondi Beach, is thought to have killed off a huge 70-kilometre stretch of underwater seaweed forests.The crayweed, which supported lobsters and abalone, disappeared and even an improvement in water quality in the 1990s could not bring back what was lost.So scientists at the Sydney Institute of Marine Science at UNSW decided they would do a large-scale transplant of the underwater forest. Photo:
The Biopen writes in a “hydrogel” ink. (Supplied: St Vincent’s Hospital)
Doctors might not be famous for their legible writing, but their penmanship will soon be put to the test repairing damaged or diseased bone during orthopaedic implant surgery.A team of scientists from Wollongong working with doctors in Melbourne have made a pen-like handheld 3D printer that can deliver stem cells right to where they need to go. (Supplied: Swinburne University of Technology)
They do that with tiny spikes called nanopillars that catch, stretch and rupture the bacteria.Scientists hope a new generation of nanotextured material based off the wings can provide an antibacterial surface for medical implants that will physically stop and kill bacteria.Swinburne researcher Professor Elena Ivanova said the new surfaces had exciting potential in the fight against antibiotic-resistant bacteria.”Because this is a mechanical process it’s less likely that the bacteria will be able to develop resistance to this material,” she said.Balding Sydney coastline gets transplant

Crayweed is planted onto mats that are distributed along the coastline. Photo:
The UNSW invention fades in colour after sun exposure. It’s awe-inspiring, it’s a shocking thought,” Mr Garvey said.It is being heralded by the institute as the first major leap forward in dialysis design in more than 50 years. Video: Scientists say underwater seaweed forests along Sydney's coastline have made a remarkable recovery. From new ways to protect us from sunburn to a stem cell pen for surgeons, 45 finalists with groundbreaking projects are vying for one of Australia’s top science prizes.Tonight the Australian Museum Eureka Prize will be awarded across 15 categories.Until then, check out some of the best entrants on the frontier of Australian research.Smart sun sensor lets you know when you’re cooked

The stick-on sensor will fade to white when you’ve had too much sun. (UNSW/Grant Turner – Mediakoo)
Where else but this sunburnt country would scientists invent a sticker that changes colour when you have had too much sun.Professor Justin Gooding, Dr Parisa Khiabani and Dr Alexander Soeriyadi from the University of NSW created the simple sensor to alert people they need to get under shade or slap on more sunscreen. (The George Institute)
If you have kidney disease, you will find it can cost more than $50,000 a year to undergo dialysis.This creates a massive burden on many people and locks out millions worldwide who simply cannot afford the life-saving treatment.But a new portable invention can reduce that cost to just $1,000.UK engineer Vincent Garvey won a worldwide competition set up by Australia’s George Institute for Global Health to create an affordable dialysis machine.The winning entry is solar powered and miniaturises existing technology to fit the whole thing inside a suitcase.The Affordable Dialysis System uses the sun to power a small distiller capable of purifying water for use in the machine.It is a perfect design for use in remote locations where sunshine is plentiful but sterilised water is not.”We’re presented with an opportunity where you can save millions of lives. Photo:
A surface covered in nanopillars will bust bacteria.
By Daniel Miller


August 30, 2017 16:17:30

Meet Sydney’s oldest and longest-serving Meals on Wheels volunteer

Sydney 2000
(ABC Radio Sydney: Amanda Hoh) ABC Radio Sydney


Amanda Hoh


August 30, 2017 10:11:14

John Karlick has been a volunteer with Meals on Wheels for 15 years.
How to be more neighbourly to elderly people
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I enjoy it rather than messing around at home,” Mr Karlick said.”We make sure that if people don’t answer the door, and that certainly does happen, we’ve got to check and follow up.”Wednesday marks National Meals on Wheels Day, but it is also the 60th anniversary of the first Meals on Wheels operation in New South Wales. (Supplied: City of Sydney archives)
In 1957 eight volunteers in the Sydney Town Hall kitchen cooked 150 meals in its first week to deliver to older residents and people with a disability.Today, there are 30 volunteers in the City of Sydney service who deliver 1,000 meals per week across the local area.”The meal is probably the least important thing with the service,” chief executive of Meals on Wheels NSW Les MacDonald said.”The most important thing is the social support for frail people confined to their own home. At 86 years old, John Karlick says he has “nothing better to do” with his time but to get involved in community groups and charities.He might be flippant about his work, but his dedication has seen him spend 15 years volunteering for the City of Sydney’s Meals on Wheels service.It makes him the oldest and longest-serving volunteer in the program’s history.”It gives me something to do. Photo:
Meals on Wheels not only deliver food but give wellbeing support to residents. Photo:
Volunteers provide company and support to elderly and disabled clients. But he’s come to the realisation that the Meal on Wheels is good for his body, not as rich as what he used to cook.”More choice in mealsThere are 700 Meals on Wheels services around the country operated by local councils or community services.Most meals are delivered in regional areas where there is often less support for the elderly, Mr MacDonald said.Due to stringent food regulations over the years, very few services now cook their own meals but have them provided by not-for-profit suppliers or commercial food companies. Photo:
The first Meals on Wheels service in NSW operated out of Sydney Town Hall in 1957. “Our volunteers also monitor the health and wellbeing of the client and report any issues to their supervisor.”Keeping others companyMarina Ferrari said she was grateful to volunteers like Mr Karlick who kept a close eye on her father when they delivered meals to his home in Glebe twice a week.Sergio Ferrari is about to turn 90, and if he happens to go for a walk or doesn’t answer the door, the volunteers get in contact with Ms Ferrari to let her know. (Supplied: City of Sydney archives)
Some of the biggest changes to the service over the years is the variety of foods on offer.”Those choices range from across different cultural cuisines so we can meet most of those needs of migrants that use the service,” Mr MacDonald said.”When we started the only choices we were offering people in the way of drinks was an apple or orange juice.”Now we’ve done some great deals with wineries which now supply piccolo bottles to our clients on a once-a-week basis, so they now have a choice of a red or a white.” (ABC Radio Sydney: Amanda Hoh)
“At least they come and make sure whether I’m alive or not,” Mr Ferrari joked.”The food is good and fresh.”My favourite is the fish on Fridays.”Ms Ferrari said that as her father became more frail, the family did not want him cooking over a stove when he was home on his own.”He won’t admit it but he can’t cook like he used to,” she said.”It’s very demoralising because he used to love cooking Italian food.

Rescued barn owl chicks ready for release

Adelaide 5000
ABC Radio Adelaide


Brett Williamson


August 30, 2017 11:02:57

Video: Barn owls saved and ready to be released

(ABC News)
An owl tilts its head to listen to something to the right of the perch. Photo:
Five of the six owls, all of which will soon be released. (Minton Farm: Bev Langley)
Ms Langley said by using the puppet, the owls would not associate humans with food and would have a better chance of survival in the wild.She and volunteers at the centre have been caring for the chicks for the past four weeks.”We think they were about three or four weeks [old] when we got them,” she said.Now the chicks are feeding independently. (ABC Radio Adelaide: Brett Williamson)
“They are all absolutely flourishing, they are all eating like mad,” Ms Langley said.With no larger pens to move the birds into, Ms Langley said they would soon be returned to the farm where they were found for release.”The drawback with this pen is they can’t do more than a couple of wing beats,” she said. Photo:
The young owls have grown well in the small enclosure. Photo:
The chicks were taken to the Minton Farm Animal Rescue Centre. (ABC Radio Adelaide: Brett Williamson)
Ms Langley said she was confident the owl chicks would reunite with their parents when taken back to the farm.She said she was waiting for the farmer to return to the property where the chicks were found so they could pinpoint the location of their nest.They will then be all set for a night release. Photo:
The tiny owl chicks were still covered in natal plumage. (Minton Farm: Bev Langley)
“When they were tiny I had to chop up their food and feed them with tweezers,” she said.”I made a glove puppet that looked like an owl so that they didn’t imprint to me.”

Bev Langley used a barn owl hand puppet to feed the owls so they would not connect with her. (Minton Farm: Bev Langley)
With no way to pick up the animals, Ms Langley put out a call for help via their Facebook page.By the end of the afternoon Ms Langley said she had the six chicks in the centre’s intensive care rooms. Photo:
An owl chick in the intensive care unit. When a local farmer near Auburn, north of Adelaide, spotted six tiny barn owls bunkered down in a partially destroyed nest, hopes weren’t high for their survival.A large branch near the nest had fallen, exposing it to weather and predators.The farmer dutifully fetched a ladder, collected the chicks and handed them to a local animal carer. (Minton Farm: Bev Langley)
But the carer was faced with more than she could cope with, so Minton Farm Animal Rescue Centre was contacted — some 120 kilometres away.”She didn’t want to take on six feisty little ones with pointy bits at both ends,” centre manager Bev Langley said. (ABC Radio Adelaide: Brett Williamson)