Musicals – Evita – High Flying, Adored lyrics

For someone on top of the world
The view is not exactly clear
A shame you did it all at twenty-six
There are no mysteries now
Nothing can thrill you, noone fulfill you

High flying, adored
I hope you come to terms with boredom
So famous so easily, so soon
It’s not the wisest thing to be

You won’t care if they love you
It’s been done before
You’ll despair if they hate you
You’ll be drained of all energy
All the young who’ve made it would agree

High flying, adored
That’s good to hear but unimportant
My story’s quite usual
Local girl makes good, weds famous man
I was stuck in the right place at the perfect time
Filled a gap, I was lucky
But one thing I’ll say for me
Noone else can fill it like I can Were there stars in your eyes
When you crawled in at night
From the bars, from the sidewalks
From the gutter theatrical
Don’t look down, it’s a long, long way to fall

High flying, adored
What happens now, where do you go from here? [Che:]
High flying, adored
So young, the instant queen
A rich beautiful thing, of all the talents
A cross between a fantasy of the bedroom and a saint
You were just a backstreet girl
Hustling and fighting, scratching and biting

High flying, adored
Did you believe in your wildest moments
All this would be yours
That you’d become the lady of them all?

Musicals – Evita – Waltz For Eva And Che lyrics

I’d say low
Better to win by admitting my sin
Than to lose with a halo

Tell me before I seek worthier pastures
And thereby restore self-esteem
How can you be so short-sighted
To look never further than this week or next week
To have no impossible dream? Oh what I’d give for a hundred years
But the physical interferes
Every day more, O my Creator
What is the good of the strongest heart
In a body that’s falling apart? [Che:]
Tell me before I waltz out of your life
Before turning my back on the past
Forgive my impertinent behavior
But how long do you think this pantomime can last? Tell me before I ride off in the sunset
There’s one thing I never got clear
How can you claim you’re our savior
When those who oppose you are stepped on,
Or cut up, or simply disappear? A serious flaw, I hope You know that Tell me before you get onto your high horse
Just what you expect me to do
I don’t care what the bourgeoisie say
I’m not in business for them
But to give all my descamisados
A magical moment or two

[Che and Eva:]
There is evil, ever around
Fundamental system of government
Quite incidental

So what are my chances of honest advances? [Eva:]
Allow me to help you slink off to the sidelines
And mark your adieu with three cheers
But first tell me who’d be delighted
If I said I’d take on the world’s greatest problems
From war to pollution, no hope of solution
Even if I lived for one hundred years

[Che and Eva:]
There is evil, ever around
Fundamental system of government
Quite incidental

So go, if you’re able, to somewhere unstable
And stay there
Whip up your hate in some tottering state
But not here, dear
Is that clear, dear? [Eva:]
Tell me before you get onto your bus
Before joining the forgotten brigade
How can one person like me, say,
Alter the time-honored way the game is played?

Musicals – Evita – The Lady’s Got Potential lyrics

Who did not feel the need to be elected

They had themselves a party at the point of a gun
They were slightly to the right of Atilla the Hun
A bomb or two and very few objected

Yeah, just one shell and governments fall like flies, kapow, die
They stumble and fall, bye bye
Backs to the wall, aim high
We’re having a ball
The tank and bullet rule as democracy dies

The lady’s got potential, she was setting her sights
On making it in movies with her name in lights
The greatest social climber since Cinderella

OK, she couldn’t act but she had the right friends
And we all know a career depends
On knowing the right fella to be stellar

Yeah, just one shell and governments lose their nerve, kapow, die
They stumble and fall, bye bye
Backs to the wall, aim high
We’re having a ball
That’s how we get the government we deserve

Now the man behind the President calling the shots
Involved so discreetly in a lot of their plots
Was Colonel Juan Peron, would be dictator

He began in the army out in Italy so
Saw Mussolini’s rise from the very front row
I reckon he’d do likewise sooner or later

Yeah, just one blast and the tear gas falls like rain, kapow, die
They haven’t a chance, bye bye
The terrorists advance
But one guy doesn’t dirty his hands
Peron was biding time out in the slow lane

Yeah, suddenly an earthquake hit the town of San Juan, kapow, die
They stumble and fall, bye bye
Keep away from the wall
But one guy was having a ball
The tragedy, a golden chance for Peron

He organized a concert with incredible flair
In aid of all the victims, such a grand affair
Politicians, actors, stars of every flavor

It was January twenty-second, 1944
A night to remember, yeah, that’s for sure
For that’s the night that Peron first met Eva
For that’s the night that Peron first met Eva [Che:]
In June of forty-three there was a military coup
Behind it was a gang called the G.O.U.

Musicals – Evita – She Is A Diamond lyrics

She’s not a bauble you can brush aside
She’s been out doing what we just talked about, example
Gave us back our businesses, got the English out
And when you think about it, well why not do
One or two of the things we promised to? [Peron:]
But on the other hand, she’s all they have
She’s a diamond in their dull gray lives
And that’s the hardest kind of stone
It usually survives
And when you think about it, can you recall
The last time they loved anyone at all? But on the other hand, she’s slowing down
She’s lost a little of that magic drive
But I would not advise those critics present to derive
Any satisfaction from her fading star
She’s the one who’s kept us where we are

She’s the one who’s kept you where you are

Musicals – Evita – Santa Evita lyrics

For I love you
[Che:] Turn a blind eye, Evita
Tell Heaven I’m doing my best
[Che:] Turn a blind eye
I’m praying for you, even though you’re already blessed

Santa Santa Evita
Madre de todos los ninos
De los tiranizados, de los descamisados
De los trabajadores, de la Argentina For I love you, tell Heaven I’m doing my best
I’m praying for you, even though you’re already blessed

Please, mother Eva, will you look upon me as your own? [Children:]
Please, gentle Eva, will you bless a little child? Make me special, be my angel
Be my everything wonderful perfect and true
And I’ll try to be exactly like you

Please, holy Eva, will you feed a hungry child? For I love you, tell Heaven I’m doing my best
I’m praying for you, even though you’re already blessed

Please, mother Eva, will you feed a hungry child?

Musicals – Evita – Requiem For Evita lyrics

Requiem aeternum dona Evita
Requiem aeternum dona Evita
Requiem Evita, Requiem Evita
Evita, Evita, Evita, Evita
Grant eternal rest to Evita
Grant eternal rest to Evita
Rest to Evita, Rest to Evita
Evita, Evita, Evita, Evita

Requiem aeternum dona Evita
Requiem aeternum dona Evita
Requiem Evita, Requiem Evita
Evita, Evita, Evita, Evita

Musicals – Evita – Rainbow Tour lyrics

People of Europe, I send you the Rainbow of Argentina

Spain has fallen to the charms of Evita
She can do what she likes, it doesn’t matter much
[Aide #1:]
She’s our lady of the new world with a golden touch
[Aide #2:]
She filled a bull-ring, forty-five thousand seater
But if you’re prettier than General Franco, that’s not hard

[Aide #1:]
Franco’s reign in Spain should see out the forties
So you’ve just acquired an ally who
Looks as secure in his job as you
[Aide #2:]
But more important current political thought is
Your wife’s a phenomenal asset, your trump card


[Peron and Aides:]
Let’s hear it for the Rainbow Tour
It’s been an incredible success
We weren’t quite sure, we had a few doubts

[Peron:] Will Evita win through? [Italian admiral:]
But Signora Peron it’s an easy mistake
I’m still called an admiral
Yet I gave up the sea long ago

[Aide #2:]
More bad news from Rome; she met with the Pope
She only got a rosary, a kindly word
I wouldn’t say the Holy Father gave her the bird
But papal decorations, never a hope
[Aide #1:]
She still looked the part at St. Peter’s, caught the eye


[Peron:] Will Evita win through? But the answer is
[Aide #2:] Yes
[Aide #1:] Yes
[Aide #2:] Yes [Aide #1:] And the answer is
[Aide #2:] Yes
[Che:] And no
[Aides:] And yes
[Che:] And no
[Aides:] And yes
[Che:] No


[Aides:] Would Evita win through? [Aides:] But the answer is yes

There you are, I told you so
Makes no difference where she goes
The whole world over just the same
Just listen to them call her name
And who would underestimate the actress now? [Aides:] But the answer is … [Che:] A qualified
[Aides:] Yes

Eva started well, no question, in France
Shining like a sun through the post-war haze
A beautiful reminder of the care-free days
She nearly captured the French, she sure had the chance
But she suddenly seemed to lose interest
She looked tired

Face the facts, the Rainbow’s starting to fade
I don’t think she’ll make it to England now

[Aide #1:]
It wasn’t on the schedule anyhow

You’d better get out the flags and fix a parade
Some kind of coming home in triumph is required


[Aide #2:] Would Evita win through? [Che:]
Now I don’t like to spoil a wonderful story
But the news from Rome isn’t quite as good
She hasn’t gone down like they thought she would
Italy’s unconvinced by Argentine glory
They equate Peron with Mussolini, can’t think why

Did you hear that? They actually called me a whore! They called me a whore!

Musicals – Evita – Peron’s Latest Flame lyrics

Dangerous Jade

We have allowed ourselves to slip
We have completely lost our grip
We have declined to an all-time low
Tarts have become the set to know

I am only a radio star with just one weekly show
But speaking as one of the people I want you to know
We are tired of the decline of Argentina
With no sign of a government able to give us the things we deserve

It’s no crime for officers to do as they please
As long as they’re discreet and keep clear of disease
We ignore, we disregard
But once they allow a bit on the side
To move to the center where she’s not qualified
We are forced to mark his card

She should get into her head
She should not get out of bed
She should know that she’s not paid
To be loud but to be laid
Slut! [Che:] At the watering holes of the well-to-do
I detect a resistance to
[Aristocrats:] Precisely
[Che:] Our heroine’s style
[Aristocrats:] We’re glad you noticed

[Che:] The shooting sticks of the upper-class
[Aristocrats:] Give her an inch
[Che:] Aren’t supporting a single ass
That would rise for the girl
[Aristocrats:] She’ll take a mile

Such a shame she wandered into our enclosure
How unfortunate this person has forced us to be blunt
No we wouldn’t mind seeing her at Harrod’s
But behind the jewelry counter, not in front

[Che:] Could there be in our fighting corps
A lack of enthusiasm for
[Army:] Exactly
[Che:] Peron’s latest flame
[Army:] You said it brother

Should you wish to cause great distress
In the tidiest officer’s mess
Just mention her name

That isn’t funny

Peron is a fool, breaking every taboo
Installing a girl in the army H.Q. Is this because of your involvement with Colonel Peron? [Heavies:]
Goodnight and thank you

She won’t be kept happy by her nights on the tiles
She says it’s his body, but she’s after his files
So get back on to the street

She should get into her head
She should not get out of bed
She should know that she’s not paid
To be loud but to be laid
The evidence suggests
She has other interests
If it’s her who’s using him
He’s exceptionally dim

Things have reached a pretty pass
When someone pretty lower-class
Graceless and vulgar, uninspired
Can be accepted and admired Dangerous Jade

This has really been your year, Miss Duarte
Tell us where you go from here, Miss Duarte
Which are the roles that you yearn to play? Whom did you sleep … And she’s an actress, the last straw
Her only good parts are between her thighs
She should stare at the ceiling, not reach for the skies
Or she could be his last whore

The evidence suggests
She has other interests
If it’s her who’s using him
He’s exceptionally dim
Bitch! [Eva:]
Acting is limiting, the line’s not mine
That’s no help to the Argentine

Can we assume then that you’ll quit? dine with yesterday?

Musicals – Evita – On This Night Of A Thousand Stars lyrics

Now Eva Peron had every disadvantage
You need if you’re gonna succeed
No money, no cash
No father, no bright lights
There was nowhere she’d been
At the age of fifteen

As this tango singer found out
Agustin Magaldi
Who has the distinction of being the first
Man to be of use to Eva Duarte

On this night of a thousand stars
Let me take you to heaven’s door
Where the music of love’s guitars
Plays for evermore

In the glow of those twinkling lights
We shall love through eternity
On this night in a million nights
Fly away with me

I never dreamed that a kiss could be as sweet as this
But now I know that it can
I used to wander alone without a love of my own
I was a desperate man
But all my grief disappeared and all the sorrow I’d feared
Wasn’t there anymore
On that magical day when you first came my way
Mi amor

On this night
On this night
On this night of a thousand stars
Let me take you to heaven’s door
Where the music of love’s guitars
Plays for evermore

Musicals – JEKYLL AND HYDE THE MUSICAL – Possessed lyrics

When this all began
You knew there’d be a price to pay
Too late now to turn away
You have come too far
I know you’ll find a way [JEKYLL]
Lisa, all my life I’ve been possessed
By one great all consuming quest
And that’s my driving reason to survive! You and I together will be… [LISA]
Henry, please believe me
I see everything there is to see! Henry, I adore you
Always have done, always will do
But I, too, have dreams! [JEKYLL]
Darling, try to see what I see! [JEKYLL]
Then what, by God, am I supposed to do?! Maybe not as grand as yours
Or hard to understand as yours
But nonetheless my dreams! [LISA]
My love, you know
I live to see that dream come true
My world consists of it and you
Together we will keep the dream alive!

Musicals – JEKYLL AND HYDE THE MUSICAL – Once Upon A Dream (Lisa) lyrics

Once upon a dream,
I was lost in love’s embrace. I knew there’d be a price… Are you just a dream? Could we begin again
Once upon a dream … Once upon a dream
You were heaven sent to me. And I was unafraid,
The dream was so exciting. Once there was a time
Like no other time before. But now I see it fade
And I am here alone! Hope was still an open door
Once upon a dream. LISA
When this all began… Was it never meant to be? There I found a perfect place,
Once upon a dream.

Musicals – JEKYLL AND HYDE THE MUSICAL – No One Must Ever Know lyrics

It’s such a fine line
Between a good man and a bad… I’ll search the world until the answer’s found! Somehow I’ve got to go on
Till the evil has been defeated,
Till my work’s compleated –
I will not be cheated! Am I a mad man? Have I really lost my way? Find the course I charted
When I first departed. After midnight. Somehow I have to get back
To the place where my journey started. The beast has taken a heavy toll, not only on me, who can yet be saved, but on others, who cannot. No one must ever know
What I have done
For if anyone does
All my work is undone
And I must gain control
Of this monster inside
In the name of the people who’ve died! I am dangerous – more dangerous than any wild animal stalking its prey… In the battle of wills
That is raging inside,
Will I end up as me, or as Hyde? And see the view I saw before. The transformations are starting to recur of their own accord. Could it be? I remain convinced there is a way to counteract the effects of the formula, but I must have new chemicals for the antidote soon. I’ll find a way back to the higher ground! You must help me carry on! Have I lost my mind? JEKYLL
October 7th. From what fate has shattered –
I’ll retrieve what mattered! Every day they say they will be delivered, but still they do not come! Somehow I have to rebuild
All the dreams that the wind have scattered. And then success will pound upon my door! I cannot bear much more. Somehow I have to hang on
To the vision that first inspired me,
To the hope that fired me
When the world admired me! The experiment is out of control. But how to deal
With a foe I can’t see
Who whenever he wants
Takes possession of me? I dare not leave this place. When it seems all hope has gone,
I have got to carry on! Am I a good man? Will I lose the day? God!

Musicals – JEKYLL AND HYDE THE MUSICAL – No One Knows Who I Am lyrics

Look at me and tell me who I am
Why I am
What I am
Will I survive? Am I the one who must finish last? Look at me and tell me who I am
Why I am
What I am
Call me a fool and it’s true, I am
I don’t know who I am
It’s such a shame
I’m such a sham
No one knows who I am

Once there were sweet possibilities
I could see
Just for me
Now all my dreams are just memories
Fated never to be

Time’s not a friend
Hurrying by
I wonder who am I

Am I the face of the future? If no one knows who I am
Nobody knows
Not even you
No one knows who I am Am I the face of the past? Who will give a d***?

Musicals – JEKYLL AND HYDE THE MUSICAL – Murder, Murder lyrics

How right you are my dear! That dreadful dirt they dish up! How? Although it didn’t come from me! It well could be! They’ve gotta trail an’ jail him now! ALL
Murder, Murder
Once there’s one done
Murder, Murder
Can’t be undone! And poor old Archie is no more! I agree! Shouldn’t be! What about that poor old Bishop? ALL
Until the killer’s found
There’s danger all around! FIRST NEWSBOY
Read about the worst two murders! We shall see! That feller must be off his ‘ead! Murder, Murder,
Nothing’s worse than
Bloody Murder
In the night! Murder, Murder
So watch your step! GOSSIPS
This time he was in Park Lane

And he may come back again! Really! But awfully interesting! Murder! Cos they’re all so thick at Scotland Yard! VARIOUS GOSSIP LADIES
London has a killer on the loose! I hear extremely messy! It’s London’s latest craze! Bloody Murder
In the night! Well, now – Let’s see! Murder, Murder
Lives in London! Paul’s
Requires a lotta balls! STREET PEOPLE
Murder, Murder –
Doin’ folks in
Murder, Murder
Is the worst sin! Tellin’ me
I agree! Paul’s Cathedral! Hear there’s a lot of gossip! So do we

He’ll kill us if we let him! VARIOUS GOSSIP LADIES
What a shame! ALL
Murder, Murder,
It’s a curse, man! I know a way to net him! It’s such a shocking thing! No matter who we’re blamin’
Till they put wot’s-‘is-name in
There’s gonna be a flamin’ row! Murder, Murder,
It’s perverse, man! – Of course not! The bloke what done it hopped it! VARIOUS STREET PEOPLE
Look at this, another murder,
Just like the other murder! STREET VENDOR
Thank God us lot are still alive! Do you think it’s true? Or a gang! That’s poor old General Glossop – dead! No! Either way – let ’em hang! Imagine! STREET PEOPLE
We wish we knew! STREET PEOPLE
Catchin’ such a madman could be hard! YOUNG BISHOP
Friends, take what comfort that you can from us! He hates the upper class! Murder, Murder
Take one more step,
You’ll be murdered
In the night! CONGREGATION
God in Heaven – now, forever
Take him – and leave us lot here! Murder, Murder
Makes me ‘ead spin! NEWSBOYS
Second London murder! I say that it goes to show
Some people we think we know
Aren’t all they might appear! – Dear General Glossop! Murder, Murder
Has me screamin’
“bloody Murder
In the night!”

Murder, Murder
Makes me blood thin! No matter who we’re blamin’,
Till they put wot’s-‘is-name in,
There’s gonna be one flamin’ row! What can we do? Fancy! YOUNG BISHOP
Sweet Death has taken this brave man from us! Bloody Murder
In the night! STREET VENDOR
Sweet Death ‘as raised ‘is score to five! They gotta go and get him! Murder! They’ve gotta try to nail him! He must be on ‘is ass! YOUNG BISHOP
God in Heaven – now, forever
Take him home and hold him near! Right away! Murder, Murder
Once there’s one done
Murder, Murder
Can’t be undone! Don’t look at me! That’s two in the last four days-
This killer has fancy ways! Murder! STREET PEOPLE
Gotta get ‘is head inside a noose! To kill outside St. Bloody Murder
In the night! SECOND NEWSBOY
Much worse than the first two murders! Last week the bishop copped it! Murder, Murder
Starts me drinkin’. Murder! The police are no use! Maybe his nerve will fail him! FIRST NEWSBOY
That makes it murders three and four! Murder, Murder
On your doorstep! Who could it be? STREET PEOPLE
That’s four in the last eight days! Murder, Murder
Lives in London! Who could he be? GOSSIP LADIES
They’ve murdered dear old Bessie! General Glossop killed on the steps o’ St. Of course not!

Musicals – JEKYLL AND HYDE THE MUSICAL – Lucy Meets Jekyll lyrics

(she hums) If you only knew
The games we could play, the things we could do

Yet I can see you’re not up to the chase! And yet I sense: there’s more to you

You flatter, sir, you really do! But, if you’re ever in need:
I am the girl, and this is the place. you never know… You need a friend… [JEKYLL]
…what would you do? Henry Jekyll, 46 Harley Street… [JEKYLL]
Of that, my dear, I’ve little doubt
One only has to look about
It’s not too hard to figure out the game here! Here’s to romance! [LUCY]
Don’t ask me! [JEKYLL]
I think I’ve taken enough for one day! If any time… [LUCY]
S’ not every day me friends and I
‘as gents like you just droppin’ by
Before you go, you’ll know just why you came here! To those unafraid of taking a chance! [LUCY]
Dr. With half a chance … Here’s to the night! lost

Oh, what a shame! And I have learned to my cost
It’s not the fun that it might be once you have… Come to me

It’s getting late – I have to go
If any time – you never know – you need a friend…