Hanim Liza – Istana Cinta

(repeat song)
Ku tuai kini hanya rasa yang sedih
Ku hias cantik dalam angan-angan
Kau sentuh runtuh jadi pusara
Ku semai benih kasih sejati
Sebab bencana datang mengganggu
Bisa jiwa menanggung derita
Cahaya hidup ku jadi gerhana
Ngapa kau siram racun yang pedih
Ku pupuk dengan baja nan asli
Ku impikan istana janji mu
Dengan cinta ku bina istana
Kini hancur musnah istana impian

Glee – Alone

And now it chills me to the bone
Oh, I hope that it won’t end though…
Will: Ohhh…
To touch your lips and hold you tight, yeah
April: But the secret is still my own
And the night goes by so very slow
April: Ohhh…
April & Will: I never really cared until I met you
How do I get you alone?
‘Til now, I always got by on my own
Both: I never really cared until I met you
Will: Ohhh, and my love for you is still unknown…
I wonder where you are tonight

April: I hear the ticking of the clock

How do I get you alone?
How do I get you alone?
And I was gonna tell you tonight
How do I get you alone?
How do I get you alone?
Will: You don’t know how long I have wanted
No answer on the telephone
Oh, how do I get you alone?
Both: Yeah, you don’t know how long I have waited
How do I get you alone?

April: ‘Til now, I always got by on my own
I’m lyin’ here, the room’s pitch dark
And now it chills me to the bone
Both: Alone
How do I get you alone?

Stevie Nicks – Listen To The Rain

That shines…
(You’re not like anyone)
Phantom of the opera
Well you’re a victim…
My world will still revolve around you
Was the sound of her own door…closing
Hey, and that’s good
And you can throw away the pain
And listen to the rain
Well take time…and listen to the rain
You do what you want to…

You turn lucky every time
And throw away the pain

Well she didn’t know then that the sound that she heard
(Listen to the rain)
And you’re a gambler…
(You’re not like anyone)
There’s no Beauty and the Beast here
Take time…and listen to the rain
(Take time baby…a little time baby)
Take time baby…to listen to the rain
And you’ve been everywhere…
(And listen to the rain)
Ooh, you’re consistent…
There’s no Beauty and the Beast here
Ooh take time honey…take a little time honey
Well you’re not like anyone else
And you’re persistent…
Well I am overcome

And you live in dark shadows
You’re just an instant flash of light
Open up the window…
That shines through the night like a lighthouse
Well you’re a front liner…
Take time…to listen to the rain
(Well she didn’t know better)
Take time…to listen to the rain
Well you’re not like anyone else
(Take time baby…a little time baby…

Take time baby…to listen to the rain

(Well she didn’t know)
and listen to the rain)
Come back to me once more…
You put it all on the line
You’re just an instant flash of light
Take some time to smell the roses…
Well open up the window…
My world will still revolve around you
(And listen to the rain)
(Listen to the rain)
(So listen to the rain)
And you will hear the rain

Jorge Ben Jor – Espero Por Você

Tim, dom, tim, dom
Tim, dom, tim, dom
Como vem o sol,
Ternura desse olhar
Quero só você
Um amor se desfaz e traz para mim tristeza demais
O dia clarear
Um amor se desfaz e traz para mim tristeza demais
Se um dia o nosso amor for uma canção
Quero só você
Se um dia o nosso amor for uma canção
Espero por você
Orvalho da manhã
Como espera a flor,
Que só você, meu amor, pode dar
Espero por você
O amor vem de você
E tudo será bom
Porque tanto amor
Esperando o bem do amor
Espero por você
Cantada em mesmo tom
Me perdi na luz
Eu vivo sempre assim
Espero por você
Cantada em mesmo tom
Porque tanto amor
E tudo será bom
Tim, dom, tim, dom

Babasónicos – Su Majestad

Su reino es inventar fronteras
Soy el súbdito mas fiel de la legión
Envidias a todos egocelula

Convertirme en cabra, en eunuco no
Mezcla su sangre con néctar convidandome
Escupí ese llanto disfrazado
Voluntad se me va, abandono el ser
A sus pies su ciervo soy

Me arrastras entre las piedras y yo igual
A sus pies su ciervo soy
No canibalices mi emoción
Su reino es inventar fronteras

Power Of Dreams – I’m With You

I see change and I see progression
You see anything that you believe in you see hope
You see beauty in the eyes of a poet and flowers and pearls and the setting sun
I see everything I don’t believe in

Yes you always won
I see buildings always standing still and it makes me ill
I see fear it’s unmistakable unremarkable
I’m with you

How it would feel if I was going under
It’s truly wonderful only wonderful
When I’m alone I sometimes get to wonder

Dub War – Mental

Cain slew abel the very first murder
Bomb construction
What’s it gonna be like in 2033
Murder in the backyard
Compassion blood thirsty
Live it good and live it right
Forest destruction
All the old boy a pop on a pop
Whicha gun or with a knife
They don’t care they ain’t got no mercy
Mental it’s really mental
Crazy people in the community
Will we see the extinction of every species
Me no man a strife
In your front or in your back
After dat it got worster and worster
And including me
Strangulation out your light
Lick lick lick lick lick lick shot
Me no man no trouble
Too much murder in the backyard
Volcano eruption
Including you
Killing dis and killing dat

The Living Legends – Damn It Feels Good

(Yeah) Damn it feels good to see people up on it
They gave their life it was their turn
Will man survive this knowledge of skill
I keep it crackin’ like the pops in a hit
[Intro: Murs]

Damn it feels good

’cause there’s always room to grow
Save me from the pain aim hustle we’ll
[The Grouch:] Damn it feels good to see people up on it
I don’t know what you took us for
Not up on the jock just up in the spot
Life thru the existence of man

Hoping that my struggles and my efforts weren’t in vain
I’m tryin’ to reach great

We had to learn to mourn their death
One of few rappers really speaking to these kids
This eternal plan to put power in the hands
Different how we think might you agree
By-pass the ladder and gather among gods
Obey their master’s will though those whom choose will
Travelin’ the globe tryin’ to make your city hot
Go with the one fused or power the drum and choose
It’s like rebirth ignite the rest
Monsters in the fight against what’s really right
As real as you are is as real as it gets
We nudge you on like the jab of a elbow
Night breeds evil though not all people are
[Murs:] Damn it feels good to see people up on it
[Aesop:] We makin’ this rappin’ sound like the last jam right
Of those unwilling to watch the land of the slaves
With they’re mouths open choked up over my ink you flinch
Operation maintain muscle built
Tryin’ to bring about a change and fuck that I did
With the truth that is this is proof I is
Connections made like a kick in the ass

It ought to be that way that way’s a smart one
Just another human being jam packed full of thoughts
Of life never exciting the might which will
It’s a penny for your thought now
But it’s still good to see the Sayers saying it’s in the music
Eventually kill all means of relative thinking of the light
The righteous kid a mike instead
Make a million in a minute off of getting caught
You’re off the richter like the legend rips
The hype is dead but like they said
Height you will see in my spit I invite you to be
They’re right I never been tamed
P-I-M-P mind is empty B-I tempt me
Help you thru a shitty spot
But your love and respect help me thru each day
Instill intelligent thoughts in a pill to be swallowed at will
Life love light liberty logically
[Murs:] Life can’t weigh me down I’m above my opponents
Some say my approach is wild

The role makes song to prolong the motion of the movement
If my song works your soul then that really means a lot
Mind is full but maybe partial
Don’t gotta be that way your way is art done
Hard up on my rock now I’m bumpin’ Iggy Pop
But we gonna take it and split and be cool with it
And then reach out into the next plane
I’m on it next like the record skips
That this was all about criiiime
I fast for clarity share with me odds get
Life can’t weigh me down I’m above my opponents
I squint and blink yo
Still ignorance fills the minds of the blind
Hope these words mean more to you with each play
Who came in light the way the burn
Live with me methodically raise up your prodigy
Vision quest who paid the price
[Bicasso:] Makin’ this rappin’ feel like a last jam right
I aim like one eye closed good eye open
Shoot the shit to make the whole world blink
Some tense individuals build a fence around the ritual
Stuck behind waiting in line to find some substance
A clear focus with a harsh intent

Living legends
[Bicasso:] But keeping it focused so folks can all shine bright
[Aesop:] But keeping it focused so folks can all shine bright
I can only be as perfect as this culture I exalt
Stuck in the dark without no sight
Ya’ll all that I got and I know it’s cliché
You follow thru like the swing of a fist
To fight to live we might just give
Overcome we show it the sun exudes
Styles ain’t shit when they thought
Flirt with the future like moths do flames
[The Grouch:]

3000 Bruchi – Nylon

avvolgimi nel nylon
la stessa storia
lei ne vuole ancora

proteggimi dal freddo
difendimi dal caldo
difendimi dal caldo
ma sottovuoto

ma sottovuoto

"ne voglio ancora, ancora!"
Modenini) © Le Parc Music (M.
e dalle malattie
è solo un nuovo anno

avvolgimi nel nylon

c’è lei che strilla alla tv
per me e per te
avvolgimi nel nylon
Ogni domenica sa di plastica
proteggimi dal freddo
avvolgimi nel nylon

Paralamas Do Sucesso – Uns Dias

Que eu até perdi a conta
Eu chorava de amor
Eu nem te falei
Uma novidade quente
E nem te contei
Eu tive fora uns dias

Da vertigem que se sente
Rasga a noite, passa rente
Eu te odiei uns dias
O Expresso do Oriente
E não estava sozinha
E não porque eu sofria
Numa onde diferente
Eu tive fora uns dias
Eu quis te matar
E provei tantas frutas
E leva tanta gente
Que eu te procurei, pra me confessar
E nem te contei
Eu nem te falei
Que te deixariam tonta
Mas você chegou, jáera dia

Fabrizio De André – La Ballata Dell’Amore Cieco

per i miei cani".
Gli disse "Portami domani"
il cuore di tua madre
quando lo vide morir contento.
un uomo s’era ucciso per il suo amore.
Lui dalla madre andò e l’uccise
gli disse "portami domani
la vanità fredda gioiva
del suo cieco amore.
le vene ai polsi lui si tagliò
e dal suo amore ritornò.
"L’ultima tua prova sarà la morte".
dal petto il cuore le strappò
Un uomo onesto, un uomo probo
d’una che non lo amava niente.
quando a lei niente era restato
Non era il cuore non era il cuore
correndo come un pazzo da lei tornò.
ma solo il sangue secco delle sue vene.
ma lei fu presa da sgomento
E mentre il sangue lento usciva
non le bastava quell’orrore
s’innamorò perdutamente
gli disse lei ridendo forte
voleva un’altra prova
non il suo amore, non il suo bene
Gli disse "Amor, se mi vuoi bene"
e ormai cambiava il suo colore
e come il sangue ne sgorgò
Gli disse lei ridendo forte
gli disse "Amor se mi vuoi bene
Fuori soffiava dolce il vento
Morir contento e innamorato
tagliati dei polsi le quattro vene".

Týr – The Rune

Ocean deep, so it reads, thou shalt not enslave thy kin, I
Futile attempts, you can’t change the way, of our day and age of heathen and Hel
Who is then this man who demands my scat
Here in darkness with my silver bags, let them come in and take what’s mine
Line my booth with cloth, black as ravens wings
And my heathen kin it was that found and then populated this land
And the sad and weary tales

Here in pain
Here in darkness
Now that millennium has gone
I’ve been living here from when I was born
Set the thing here and then

Lies my land like a rune that’s written by gods upon the

But were running out of time
Swear this oath, I’ll keep my faith and I’ll keep my
I see you go south on the evening tide, end your fight

Wield the axe and make them mine
Cold seems to me your kiss from the ocean deep, in my sleep

Of the subsequent events
Are what’s left of greater times
Which are slipping through my hands
Than the property of land
He whose mighty ancestors drove mine out of Norway to seek new lands
See to that these men are dealt as those mighty kings men that came before
Down from the mountain, cries of an headless love, high above
All the islands should be mine
Kin from all harm, raise the song to the mountains majesty for thee
Line my booth with cloth, black as ravens wings

I will rule within my time
Here in decadence
Hold they nothing more divine

Benito Di Paula – Sem Tempo Pra Sonhar

Outra virá, gente que pára, corre e anda
Multidão, carnaval, sinal fechado,
Carro que pára, passa e buzina
Quem passa, quem olha, pára e entra
Olha o jogo, é gol, é juventude
Lá se foi meu tempo de sonhar
Quem passa, quem olha, pára e entra
Pra casa, ou, se não, pra trabalhar
Caridade, carinho, salvação
Alegria, anedota de salão
O bombom do menino foi ao chão

A menina sorri, a velha olha
Uma porta, uma flor, samba e Maria
Lá se foi meu tempo de sonhar

Um amor, um letreiro, fantasia
Melodia, viola, a Terra gira
Lá se foi meu tempo de sonhar
É sertão, é cidade evoluída
Já vem raiando um novo dia, uma noite se foi
Um sorriso, um salário, prestação
Sol, garoa, chuva e neblina
Quem passa, quem olha, pára e entra
Eu olho pra tudo, e até penso

Pra onde eles vão, quem vem lá
Bangalô, poesia, barracão

Scala & Kolacny Brothers – Underneath It All

After all I’ve died
I am stained
I can still feel you

You are still inside
Hear your call
You remain
I can still feel you
Numb all through
All I do

Yet you still remain
I can still feel you
Kill my brain
After all I’ve tried
Underneath it all
All I do

Silbermond – Verschwende Deine Zeit

Dass die Uhr tickt
Absolut unwichtig

Absolut unwichtig
Denn wir wissen
Vieles ist so nichtig
Verschwende deine Zeit

Jeden Tag zur selben Zeit
Lass mal los und lebe jetzt
Und überall kriegt man gesagt
Vieles ist so nichtig
Und gib der Hektik keinen Sinn
Nich so wirklich wichtig
Komm verschwende deine Zeit
Das besorg dir lieber morgen
Und mach was dir gefällt
Mach dich frei von dem was stresst
Dass die Uhr tickt
Denn wir wissen
Mach mal nichts und nimm dir frei
Was man tun und lassen darf
Oder lass es einfach ganz
Mach was dir gefällt
Davon geht die Welt nicht unter

Leg dich lieber noch mal hin
Grüßt uns die Alltäglichkeit
Doch darauf ham wir heut kein Bock
Nich so wirklich wichtig
Und wir sagen immer schön "Hallo"
Lass dir nicht erzähln

Du hast dich viel zu lange geweielt
Uend was du heute kannst besorgen
Mach was dir gefällt
Genieße einfach den Moment
Komm verschwende deine Zeit