Liza Anne – Small talks

Small talks small talks
We don’t talk enough
Small talks too much
Somebody get me out of here
I used to go and talk to everyone I see
But now when I go out
It’s just keeping me from sleep
I don’t wanna be rude
I don’t wanna be rude
I don’t wanna be rude
No, I don’t wanna try these (small talks)
Small talks small talks
We don’t talk enough
Small talks too much
Somebody get me out of here
(x2) [Indie-pop music]

I’m frustrated, I think I hate it
I can’t even look interested
I think the older I get, the harder it gets
Maybe I’m fine, maybe I’m dying
Oh, maybe I’m just tired
Tired of trying the oldest conversation together
it means nothing at all
Small talks small talks
We don’t talk enough
Small talks too much
Somebody get me out of here
Are we friends? did i miss it? we never left it
I’m too passive-aggressive
Maybe it’s mean, maybe I don’t wanna do these conversation
But I I I I just can’t do it. Cause you’re talking to me like we’re connecting
Why should we pick it up?

Lloyd Banks – Mighty Healthy Freestyle Lyrics

Stay silent
You crossed the crew’s gray island
Don’t box me into your categories I’m alien
Them records, I hear nothin’ but fear in ’em
Break a chair on ’em
I see a nigga dye one more color I disappear again
Y’all breedin’ bitches
My blade’ll give a cesarean
I give it everything I had, another high speed choice
Thinkin’ “what more do you want from me?” in Tyrese voice
All we do is make it stack the homicide green boys
Unnecessary altercations keep the concrete moist
I hate makin’ shit, disciplinary jab though
Limited edition lab coat, Louie Supreme collabo’
For every blow, depends on breath control
So it’s the first thing you must learn
Fortunately it’s easy
You’ll soon learn Gotta fight to get on like Love & Hip Hop
Mary Jane’ll tie me up, fell in love with the Ziploc
I done seen your true colors for green niggas’ll flip-flop
Hope you take your best shot followed by something tragic
Have to show you Cs and I’ll spit in your face like a battle rapper
Shit, I only hit the weed slow, came up a rabbit clapper
Prayed on the God, glow and he gave it to me, tabernacle
Never really liked y’all, hate you, know to my next feed
Baguette sleeve
A loyal my begger’s my pet peeve
Time for me to jet, heavy time on the jet skis
The dopest supplier, you trippin’ to let the connect leave
Audacity dissin’ veterans puttin’ up tanking numbers
Ain’t no deuce deuce in yo’ boot, them fuckin’ ankle huggers
When we hug these mics we get busy
I’m thinkin’ “Who is he?”
A stupid motherfucker truck is moving, dumping free work all over to feed the customers
Settin’ the soundtrack for the realer kind of greatest hustlers
Haters to fuel up the fire, doubters to act astounded
Smoke for the watches, gorilla glue with the wax around it
Dollars to rev up the ops and ammo to back them down with
Double bottoms for ass kickin’, the black and brown shits
Certifications debatable, take a fall stay quiet
Your fan base ain’t gone save you, you hit the floor stage divin’
Fire trail from me flying
You takin’ off? [Intro]
You know who the fuck it is
Two thousand and make cream
At Your Request
[Verse: Lloyd Banks & Ghostface Killah]
Masked up on my last case
Figured no face, no karma
Throwin’ salt at me
Prefer my shade by Dolce Gabbana
Rideable, bet the dough gets some kinda rotation out her
Stand for nothin’ fall for anything, prada replace the dollar
Havin’ 70s gettin’ bent out of shape and I’m in tip-top
Want this shit? Brave pilot
You makin’ moves?

Mikky Ekko – Come Out and Die Lyrics

Nothing’s coming out
‘Cause I’m still not allowed
You know, or don’t you? What you know, don’t you? [Verse 2]
Oh, woah woah
Come and die
Stuck in the sun for a while
Busy pushing me just ’cause the pushes stay long(?) and
Don’t take calls, ’cause we’ll belong
‘Cause we’re still young animals;
Fun being cannibals
Stuck in the bad way of life
Won’t you come out and die
And die for me? If your living is all inside a dream
Well there’s a dirty cop comin’
Dirty cops don’t come clean
So would you come out and die
For me? If your living is all inside a dream
There’s a dirty cop comin’
Dirty cops don’t come clean
So would you come out and die
For me? [Verse 1]
Keep my song my song alive
Where everybody’s happy
Oh, come and die
The least you could do is come out
Would you come out and die
And die for me? If your living is all inside a dream
Well there’s a dirty cop comin’
And dirty cops don’t come clean
Oh, would you come out and die
And die for me? If your living is all inside a dream
We’re just two animals(?)
Lovin’ on, loving it(?)
So won’t you come out and die? [Chorus]
Would you come out and die
And die for me? What you know
Would you come out and die
And die for me?

Vybz Kartel Gives Bleaching Lessons In Animated Video “Yabba Dabba Doo”

Vybz Kartel premiered the long-awaited animated video “Yabba Dabba Doo” over the weekend. “Check Mr. Vybz Kartel has long been the face of skin bleaching since around 2010 when he promoted the lightening of skin without apology. “Hey gal a so the bleach make yo face look old, and you a just 35 years old, we the young gal them deh, weh bleaching fit yo, make yo bumper role,” Kartel deejay over a beat produced by Purpleskunkz Entertainment. The single has been in the pipeline since last month and touches on the controversial topic of skin bleaching in Jamaica. Chin down a town get me rubbings, gal a say Addi you white out and me love it, link the thugs them a Hannah Town side a public, Benz no me disguise in a Sunny, World Boss white face black buddy,” Kartel continues. In another line Vybz Kartel deejays about the exact products he used for his skin bleaching. Watch Vybz Kartel animated video “Yabba Dabba Doo” below. “Wa yo use bio cream with the omit, if yo elbow take long fi reach rub a little curry the fair and white, spend yo bloodcl*** money… Hey gal yo bleach just naan reach, yo should a reach a flour, but yo stuck a cornmeal,” Kartel spits. The animated clip features the dancehall hitmaker as Fred Flintstone riding in his Benz while hitting up a street dance with some Flintstones character females perform acrobatic dances. Related Posts

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Rapsody Details How Kendrick Lamar Changed Her Life

Zacari “It feels good to compete with your friends, you can compete but in a healthy way,” she said. K-Dot is also nominated in the Best Rap Album category for his album DAMN. Rapsody says working with Kendrick Lamar changed her life and career for the better. As far as being the only female rapper nominated in the rap album category at the Grammy’s, Rapsody says it’s bittersweet because she grew up seeing a platter of female emcees in the 1990s and now it seems like there can only be one female mainstream rapper at a time. Speaking with Larry King in a recent interview, Rapsody details how Kendrick Lamar significantly impacted her career last year and put on a scale she never thought she would reach. She is the only female rapper to be nominated in the category this year. Now she is nominated for a Grammy awards for Best Rap Album for her latest project Laila’s Wisdom. They were both fans of each other at the time and Kendrick was a big fan of the producer. She says he first met the Compton rapper back in 2011 through producer 9th Wonder. Related Posts

Kendrick Lamar & Drake Gets 2018 BRIT Awards Nominations

Kendrick Lamar Recording New Music For “Black Panther” Soundtrack

Kendrick Lamar Drops Romantic Video For “Love” Feat. Aside from dropping her album last year, she released a handful of singles that did very well on the airwaves. The female rapper had a phenomenal year in 2017 and a big part of her success is attributed to Kendrick Lamar whom she worked with on his landmark album To Pimp A Butterfly. RELATED: Kendrick Lamar Recording New Music For “Black Panther” Soundtrack
Rapsody also opened up about her impression of Kendrick Lamar as the face of rap music currently, telling Larry King that he is a fearless and humble rapper, who is not afraid to rap about anything he feels like. “After I worked with Kendrick on To Pimp A Butterfly, it put me on a platform where he introduced me to a lot of people that necessarily weren’t paying attention,” the rapper said.

Cardi B Didn’t Want Offset To Get Neck Tattoo Of Her Name

Some fans think that Offset instantly lost all of his street creds the moment he debuts the new ink, while others think he is just plain old dumb. But sources are saying he just wanted to prove to her just how much she means to him even after she objected to it. The Migos rapper broke the number one rule on dating, never tattoo the name of the person you’re dating even if it’s your husband or wife. Related Posts

Cardi B Blast King Yella Amidst Offset Beef

Cardi B Equals Beyonce’s Billboard Chart Record

Offset Threatens Chicago Rapper King Yella Over Cardi B In this case, Cardi B and Offset are engaged, but still, people do break up and divorce rates are at an all-time high right now. Nevertheless, the Atlanta rapper hit up his favorite tattoo artist recently and got himself a tattoo of the “Bodak Yellow” rapper on his neck. Via @theshaderoom
A post shared by DJ Akademiks (@akadmiks) on Jan 14, 2018 at 8:18am PST

The tattoo comes in the wake of a cheating scandal plaguing the couple’s relationship after hackers hack his iCloud account and started leaking videos and photos. “She was flattered but not too happy that he did and for a number of reasons because now this puts extra pressure on her to also get his name tatted on her and I don’t think she wants to get any more tattoos,” sources said. At what point of the relationship would u do it? The tat is also symbolic in that it shows her as a strong woman. Cardi B objected to Offset when he told her that he was going to get a tattoo of her. “Matter of fact she regrets the large one she has now and wished she could get read of it. Dancehall HipHop was also told that Cardi B’s favorite cartoon growing up was Power Puff Girls and that’s the reason why Offset got a tattoo with that theme. The tat depicts Cardi B as a Power Puff Girl with her name under it the image in large letters. Sources added that Bardi has since warmed up to the tattoo and feels the gesture shows her how much he loves her. Would u tattoo ur girl/man name on u?? There is also a rumored explicit tape floating around of the two, prompting Cardi B to fire off a letter from her attorney to stop the leaking. A lot of people see her and her gangsta vibe, but she is not big on tattoos. #offset gets Cardi B name tatted on him.

Kodak Black and XXXTentacion Highlights Legal Troubles in “Roll In Peace” Video


Kodak Black Take Shots At Rap Rivals In New Song “Here It Is”

Kodak Black Took A Shot At JAY-Z And Gets Hammered For It Kodak Black shows off his playboy and flashy lifestyle by throwing stacks of cash everywhere. Kodak Black and XXXTentacion made fun of the court and their legal troubles in “Roll In Peace” video. He has a mountain of legal troubles ahead of him after being slapped with more than a dozen new charges filed against him last month for tampering with a witness who his the victim. The video starts out with a court setting with the judge walking in and taking his seat in front of an audience made up of manikins. This video highlights those issues as both rappers continue to face retribution from the justice system and from some hip hop fans who openly criticized their music and public life. XXXTentacion did not make a cameo in the video but a monologue from one of his social media videos before his recent court date in December was injected in the middle of the cut. This clip will show you that Kodak and X have much more in common than we previously thought. Related Posts

Kodak Black Raps About Cardi B On Song “Free Cool Pt. X could not appear in the video because of his house arrest. The Florida rappers teamed up on the new collaboration which was debut over the weekend and now we have the visuals. His next court date is set for later this month and he is facing years in prison from both his previous charges of assaulting and kidnapping a pregnant woman and his new charges. “I was just given seven more charges by the state attorney’s office and now I have a court date on the 15th [December], so I would ask that everyone come to support me and to show the positive influence that I have,” he said. They both wrestle with legal troubles last year and their public image has come under fire on more than one occasions.

Joe Budden Insist Eminem’s “Revival” Is Trash Angers 50 Cent

?#denofthieves Jan 19
A post shared by 50 Cent (@50cent) on Jan 9, 2018 at 5:20am PST

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50 Cent Signs New Multimillion Dollar Deal With STARZ

Jimmy Henchman Convicted For Killing 50 Cent Associate In Murder-For-Hire The album sold 267,000 copies in the first week with 197,000 copies being from traditional album sales. The G-Unit emcee took it a step further and threaten to give Joe a proper beat down when he sees him. Despite getting heavy backlash from Em fans, the Slaughterhouse rapper stands firm about his remarks, insisting that it’s the worst music the Detroit rapper ever released throughout his entire career. “That was a bad idea, look you got a little ass whopping coming. That was a bad idea, look you got a little ass whopping coming. It’s not a big deal, you will get over it. The criticism is particularly striking given that Bidden has always been an Eminem ally. Despite his harsh criticism of Revival, the album debut at No. 6 in its third week on the chart. It’s not a big deal, you will get over it. Rappers like 50 Cent and D12 member Bizarre have been going after the rapper turn podcaster on social media. Joe Budden is insisting that Eminem new album is trash and now 50 Cent is threatening to put hands on him. ?#denofthieves Jan 19,” 50 wrote while using the opportunity to promote his new movie Den of Thieves. Joe Budden is now off Everyday Struggle and rumored to have a new show coming after signing a new deal with Revolt TV. 1 on Billboard 200 and is currently at No. Just before his departure from Everyday Struggle last month, Joe Budden openly criticized Eminem new album Revival calling it trash.

JAY-Z Trademark Jaybo From “The Story Of O.J.” Video

“The Story of O.J.” is the first video to be released from the album and it received raved reviews among rap critics. There are already some talks that JAY-Z is planning to release some merchandise featuring the Jaybo character like mugs and T-Shirts, or perhaps he could be featured in some upcoming music videos. The character is often characterized as racist due to his depiction and JAY-Z’s single also has a racial tone. The Jaybo character was inspired by the famous Sambo character from the 1899 children’s book, The Story of Little Black Sambo. During a recent interview with iHeartRadio, Hov spoke about the meaning behind the single, saying it was just a song about “we as a culture, having a plan, how we’re gonna push this forward. We all make money, and then we all lose money, as artists especially.”

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JAY-Z and Beyonce Drop Star-Studded Cinematic “Family Feud” Video

JAY-Z and Beyonce Goes To Confession In “Family Feud” Video With Blue Ivy Last week news surfaced that his 4:44 album inspired a book about finance and now this week the rapper filed a trademark to protect the beloved character Jaybo from one of the singles on the project where he raps about money and finance, “The Story Of O.J.” TMZ reported on Monday that JAY-Z filed the trademark under his company S. Carter Enterprises. JAY-Z files a trademark to protect his Jaybo animated character from “The Story Of O.J.” video and it makes perfect sense. There is also some resemblance to the character Dumbo from the 1941 film which also sparked condemnation of racism.

Lil Kim Responds To Eve Comments About Her On “The Talk”

The two female rap veterans are still friends, according to Kimmy Blanco, despite some recent statement from Eve on her show The Talk. “Why do you girls always do this to me? Trying to make me out to be the bad guy?I don’t remember it that way at all [Eve] is my girl that’s my baby y’all.We are not fighting.We are real friends.We can have this debate and still cuddle on the couch and watch a movie 2gether,” Lil Kim Tweeted, while telling Eve that she would love for a chance to come on her show to explain what went down. “And I just thought that there was this sisterhood in the music business, so I would run up to her and be like, ‘Oh my god Kim, oh my god, hey girl I love you so much.
— Lil' Kim (@LilKim) January 12, 2018

Oooohhh I can’t wait to have this debate on your show.? In this segment in question, she details her early days in the music business where she was a big fan of Lil Kim who was already an established rapper. “When I first started in the business, I’d been a big, big giant fan of Lil Kim,” she said. Yeah.
— The Talk (@TheTalkCBS) January 10, 2018

Why do you girls always do this to me?Trying to make me out to be the bad guy?I don’t remember it that way at all?@TheRealEve is my girl that’s my baby y’all.We are not fighting.We are real friends.We can have this debate and still cuddle on the couch and watch a movie 2gether.. opens up about her past beef with fellow rapper @LilKim? Ok.”
Eve says she then decided to stop going up to her, but at the time she just didn’t think Lil Kim hated her. While the hosts discuss the topic about hating someone at first sight, @TheRealEve? The former Ruff Ryder rapper is a co-host on the CBS daily show and she often used her platform to discuss what’s happening in hip hop currently. Lil’ Kim, Eve & Trina – I’m Better (Remix) [New Music]

Missy Elliott feat. ??? Lil Kim wasn’t about to sit by and let Eve namedrop her on The Talk without a proper response. Lil’ Kim, Eve & Trina – I’m Better (Remix) Lyrics Kimmy has since responded on Twitter saying that she is not the bad guy everyone making her out to be. What is really in those cups that ya’ll be drinking?? I just got signed, could you please be on my album?’ and whatever, and she’d just look at me, like, ‘Uh uh. — Lil' Kim (@LilKim) January 12, 2018

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Missy Elliott feat.

Tommy Lee Sparta – Pon Di Roadside [New Music]

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Listen Tommy Lee Sparta & Masicka New Song “Real Link”

Tommy Lee Sparta Kick Off New Year With “Happy Life” Video The success of the EP helps build more hype ahead of the release of his album. on its debut, it quickly became the top trending reggae project on iTunes. Tommy Lee Sparta goes retro for his new joint “Pon Di Roadside.”
The Ricardo Gowe Records-produced track is featured on his New Creator EP now available on iTunes. Tommy Lee Sparta is currently working on his debut album due in April of this year. His New Creator EP was released on January 5th and it’s been getting some positive feedback. Over an authentic reggae beat, Tommy Lee Sparta shows off his vocals while singing about taking another man’s girl. “Me buck a catty pon the roadside, say she waan get close by, me say me have a girl she say she don’t mind, me serious without smile, say she want me close by, after that she say me too nice,” Sparta sings.

Masicka – They Don’t Know [New Music]

“This is the first of many new singles to coming very soon so look out for more new material,” a rep for the deejay told Dancehall HipHop. Related Posts

GT Taylor Threatens To Sue Masicka and Tommy Lee Sparta

Listen Tommy Lee Sparta & Masicka New Song “Real Link”

Masicka – Kill Quick [New Music] Following a phenomenal year, Masicka is off to a great start for 2018 with a number of new singles coming at the top of the year. Masicka wants the world to know his story. “It’s a Genahsyde year expect big things.”
Listen to “They Don’t Know” below. “How them a gwaan like mi never hungry before, how them a gwaan like me never stumble before, Yo affi make it when yo humble for sure, cream in a cup and a no rum me a pore, how them a gwaan like say me born in a riches, Masicka deejay. The Genahsyde leader debuts his first single since the start of the new year, “They Don’t Know.” The single was produced by his in-house producer and is currently available on Apple Music and Spotify.

Ninjaman Transfer From GP Over Beef With Vybz Kartel

It’s not a good look because now some men sees him as a traitor.”
Ninjaman attorney didn’t deny or confirmed the reports, but reliable police sources told us that the dancehall legend is currently being housed at Spanish Town prison and he is not too happy about it since conditions at that prison is far worse than GP. The Don Gorgon, who was sentenced to life in prison for murder, was involved in a feud with some other inmates while being housed at the Tower Street Adult Correctional Centre, also known as GP. Related Posts

Vershon Pays Homage To Buju Banton, Vybz Kartel, Ninjaman In New Song

Ninjaman Working With Troubled Inmates In Prison

Dancehall Artists Praise Ninjaman At GT Taylor Christmas Extravaganza He was subsequently transferred to the St Catherine Adult Correctional Centre, in Spanish Town. Sources told Dancehall HipHop that Ninjaman got upset because Vybz Kartel and other inmates were allowed to have certain electronics like flat screen TV and DVD players. So when he complained about it, the other inmates got upset because its bringing too much attention because these things are illegal. “Plus he was the one who spoke out against inmates being allowed conjugal visits when the National Security Minister said he wanted to humanized inmates. “The other men in prison weren’t too happy with him talking bad about Kartel during the Lizard trial and even after the sentence, so there were a lot of bad blood and tensions were high, so that’s why they transfer him to Spanish town to prevent war from breaking out,” sources added. It’s like he just came in and want to run the show, but you have to pay your dues.”
RELATED: How Ninjaman Conviction Could Shatter Vybz Kartel Appeal
We’re told that Some inmates are also angry at Ninjaman because he previously disrespected Vybz Kartel in interviews before going to prison and also advocate against a Ministry of National Security initiative to allow inmates to get conjugal visits. Ninjaman was transferred from GP last week following a beef with Vybz Kartel and other inmates. “He felt like Kartel was being treated better than him when he is a celebrity too,” sources said. “I think he was denied a request to get a flat screen TV and a DVD player in his quarters and that didn’t sit well with him.

Lil Uzi Vert Says If Your Over 30 Years Old You’re Lame

“This why I say y’all lame I’m just playing wit y’all old people if It wasn’t for ya wrinkly self I wouldn’t be here so love me and be mad at ya self hope you live another 60 years,” he added on his Twitter timeline. — Uzi London ????® (@LILUZIVERT) January 16, 2018

Some fans are already saving the tweets to show it to him in a few years time when he turns 30. After getting some backlash from some hip hop fans on the social media network, Lil Uzi Vert back off his statement saying that he was only joking. Uzi has been ranting on Twitter since last weekend over his record deal with DJ Drama and last night he fired off a few disses aimed at his older fans or perhaps any other rapper over a certain age. “If you 30 years old you lame,” he tweeted. This why I say y’all lame I’m just playing wit y’all old people if It wasn’t for ya wrinkly self I wouldn’t be here … so love me and be mad at ya self ?? hope you live another 60 years ?? Uzi himself is 23 and there is this ongoing feud between the younger artists and the old heads with both sides constantly criticizing each other’s music. “And when I say opps and 32nd just know I’m only talking 32 years and up cause I’m rocking wit all the young ni***,” he added on Twitter. Lil Uzi Vert thinks if you’re over 30 years old then you’re lame. Related Posts

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Nicki Minaj & Lil Uzi Vert Drop Long Awaited Video ‘The Way Life Goes (Remix)’

Lil Uzi Vert Struggle To Quit Drugs After Lil Peep’s Death

The science behind stunning sunsets and rainbows between clouds

The sun just reflects through the little water vapour, generally up the top of the clouds, or ice crystals.”These vapour drops are especially tiny, meaning the sunlight that diffracts off them is especially spread out. Photo:
Sandwiched between two clouds, this rainbow was the result of tiny ice particles and water vapour in the atmosphere. These allow for fascinating variations of colour.Got it. (Supplied: Fiona Prentice)
“It’s called iridescence or irisation,” he said.”It’s the same as a rainbow, basically. They are especially common after thunderstorms.It is a lot to take in, but Mr Browne said all this knowledge enhanced rather than distracted from his enjoyment of a wet season sunset.”If I’m sitting there enjoying the sunset, I’m thinking about all the physical processes that take place in order for me to see that.”It’s just little scientific tidbits that just pop into my head while I’m enjoying my feed down at Mindil.” (ABC Open Contributor: Jonathan)
But as the Sun sets, and the path those blue wavelengths travel to reach our eyes becomes up to 40 times longer, a corresponding shift in colour takes place.”Think of it as an extinction of the blue colour as the light travels through the atmosphere,” Mr Browne explained.”All of that blue light’s eliminated as far as our eyes can see and we end up with a very red sunset.”This is why the sky appears bluest at solar noon, when the Sun’s rays are closest to us and blue wavelengths are only travelling the shortest distance. So what’s behind the rainbow in the clouds?The answer to Sunday’s rainbow cloud came from talkback caller Mick, who told ABC Radio Darwin’s Richard Margetson that such occurrences were somewhat common but fleeting in Darwin’s skies. It’s a vision of pure glory: thick banks of cloud and a setting sun lighting up the sky in colours from pastel pink to chimney red.In Darwin’s steamy wet season, it is not uncommon to find people gazing outwards from camp chairs on the shoreline, where the open harbour mouth offers uninterrupted views of these vivid light displays over rippled water. And on Sunday night locals were treated to another atmospheric phenomenon when a rainbow briefly appeared between layers of stormy cloud.Unsurprisingly, there is much more to these vivid vistas than meet the eye.”They’re very visually pleasing but the science behind it is quite complex,” meteorologist Jackson Browne said.Mr Browne, who said he had always had an inquisitive, curious mind, began to “tease apart what makes a sunset tick” while studying to become a meteorologist.”It brings together the science of the very, very small — down to the atomic level — up to the size of the distance between here and the Sun.”The time that that light ray has taken from the centre of the Sun is 50,000 years, and once it leaves the Sun’s surface it’s another eight-and-a-half minutes to us.”And then it does all sorts of fantastic stuff once it travels through the atmosphere and eventually reaches the eyeball.” Red sky at nightOnce this light enters the atmosphere, certain gases begin to block parts of the spectrum of wavelengths that sunlight carries.These wavelengths are associated with different colours, meaning some are filtered out before we even see them. Photo:
Flocks of locals take to Darwin’s shoreline each afternoon to watch the spectacular colours on display. Layers of cloud a ‘canvas for the sunset to project on’So why are spectacular sunsets so common during the wet season?According to Mr Browne, one reason is that the frequent thunderstorms and accompanying rain have a way of vacuuming pollutants out of the lower parts of the atmosphere.”Particulates — when I talk about particulates I mean dust and haze and smoke — can tend to get lifted up into the atmosphere,” he said.”So if you get a thunderstorm maybe two hours before the sunset and it just cleanses the atmospheric column, so to speak, when you get that sunset coming through it’ll be really quite vibrant.”Additionally, clouds are much friendlier to the wavelengths that produce those vivid reds.”It reflects all colours equally, so having mid to upper-level cloud can really act as a canvas for the sunset to project on.”Another legacy of a good storm is the mammatus cloud, a pouch-like formation often attached to larger clouds after a thunderstorm. Others are invisible to the human eye.”When it comes down to visible wavelengths — what you and I can see — the light of a shorter wavelength — so blue — interacts more strongly with the atmosphere and it tends to get scattered away from that light path,” Mr Browne said.
Darwin 0800
ABC Radio Darwin

By Jesse Thompson


January 15, 2018 15:11:14

Video: Darwin locals witness iridescence above the clouds

(ABC News)