Musicals – Love Never Dies – Beneath A Moonless Sky lyrics

And I left you. I stood to your side, to tell you I must go. That night. And blind in the dark, a soul gazed into song; I looked
Into your heart and saw you pure and whole. And slipped into the dark beneath a moonless sky. Ashamed of what I was. Oh Christine, my Christine in that time when the world
Thought me dead, My Christine on that night just before
You were wed. Too dark to see a thing. Afraid to see your eyes. I’d have followed any where you
Led. Once there was a night beneath a moonless sky. A night I can’t forget, beneath a moonless sky. Cloaked under the night with nothing to suppress,
A women and a man no more and yet no less. I felt no longer scared. And embraced you, and I felt you. And the world around us fell away. And I kissed you. And now. And nothing mattered then,
Except for you and I. And I loved you. We both knew why. I felt no longer shy. How dare you try and claim me now, how dare you come invade my life? We said things in the dark,
We never dared to say. Too dark to even try. And I heard those ravishing refrains. And I loved you, yes I loved you. And I held you, and I touched you. And when it was done. And caressed you. And I loved you. And I had to, both of us knew why. And I touched you. And I loved you. Again and then again, beneath a moonless sky. I stood while you slept and whispered a goodbye. That long ago night. I should have known that you’d be here,
I should have known it all along,
This whole arrangement bears your step,
You’re in each measure of that song. And I felt you. At last our feelings bared beneath a moonless sky. And I kissed you. Before the sun could rise. Ah Christine you came and found where
I hid, don’t you deny that you did. The singing in your veins. I couldn’t see your face, but sensed you even so. And with every breath and every sigh. With a need too urgent to deny. There is no now. And yet I won’t regret from
Now until I die. How could you talk of now for us? I woke to swear my love, and found you gone instead. The music of your pulse. And caressed you. And I took you. And I caught you.

Musicals – Love Never Dies – Beautiful lyrics

My God
My God Fleck:
Come and follow faster. Don’t you agree? Where are you taking me? Fleck:
Step lively child. Phantom:
He plays like me. Gustave:
Music that calms and controls. Trio:
Come and meet the master. Phantom:
This music. Hurry up
And follow us
Hurry if you care to
Soon the dark
Will swallow us
Follow if you dare to

Is this is where Mr. Trio:
At your service. Gustave:
So very beautiful. Gangle:
Come along and follow us. Ten years old. Gangle. Gustave:
Haunting, and lovely, and bold

He just ten years old. Beautiful, beautiful notes. Y lives? Phantom:
What’s this? Gustave:
Who are you? Squelch:
Come along and follow us. Gangle:
Dr. Squelch:
The Mighty Squelch. Squelch:
He is waiting. Gangle:
This is where he works. Phantom:
This is my realm
Illusion’s domain
Where music and beauty
And artifice reign,
Go, look around while I finish my work. Fleck:
And his. Beautiful, beautiful sounds. Gustave:
What is this place? Gustave:
May I? It’s beautiful

This boy. Gustave:
Just a song
In my head

Go on. Gustave:
I think it’s beautiful. Fleck:
I am Miss Fleck.

Musicals – Love Never Dies – Bathing Beauty lyrics

Bathing beauty on the beach see her practically clothed! Checks! (Meg) SPOTS! Taking in sun and all the boys around her
Properly clothed here and giving time to love her
Wearing a smile and here at Coney island
Bathing beauty of the show! Y is pleased to present to you his final surprise of the season

(Gangle) a command performance by Christine Daae the
Most heavenly diva of this or any age

(Fleck) but first for those of you whose taste is a little more earth bound

(Squelch) The sweet heart of the mid way

(Gangle)The oh lala girl

(Fleck) The incomparable
(All three) MEG GIRY! (Meg) so I asked my friends to lend a hand, Girls? Bathing beauty (laughing) Bathing beauty (ohhhh!)

(Meg and the Girls) Checks? What a cutie what a peach! Bathing beauty on the beach se her practically clothed
Wearing a smile and hear at Coney Island
Bathing beauty of the show! Bathing beauty say… (Squelch) ladies and gentlemen Mr. Bathing beauty on the beach,
Bathing beauty say hello! (Meg) Oops! What a cutie what a peach Bathing beauty watch her go,
Hosing under her parasol she is what you call a real spectacle,
Prim and proper with lots of poise
She gots the boys at the practical. CHECKS! (Meg)
I took a little trip to Coney Island,
To get away from all the city sprawl,
I couldn’t bare to choose what bathing suit to use,
So goodness me I guess I brought them all! (Girls) Ohhhhhh! (Girls)
Bathing beauty take a look at you! Checks? (Meg) HELLO! Checks? (applause)

(Gangle) Lady and gentlemen Meg Giry the Oh Lala Girl! Checks! (Girls) Ohhhhhh! Bathing beauty on the beach

(Meg) STRIPES! In just a few moments Christine Daae the world’s
Most celebrated song bird will be making her American
Debut here at Phantasma! But when at last I got to Coney island,
And found myself a spot upon the sand,
I noticed something strange there was no place to change

(Girls) Uh oh! But first performing fits
Of fantastic muscular strengths the Mighty Squelch

Musicals – Love Never Dies – Ah, Christine lyrics

Ah, Christine! Yours in regret…”

“Raoul.” Ah, Christine! What a triumph you gave me tonight! In Paris,
At the opera”

RAOUL (spoken):
Romantic idiots… It sounded beautiful! CHRISTINE (spoken):
My dearest wife… Every note, every word. My Christine! CHRISTINE:
The song was beautiful! And I felt beautiful! RAOUL:
“Little Lotte,
Ah, what fools we once were…”

“Long ago,
In our youth…”

“… My Christine! And it felt beautiful! RAOUL:
“Little Lotte, I beg you forgive me…”

CHRISTINE (spoken):
Lost in the music once more,
Feeling it rise up and soar,
Alive once again! The opera is done, the last notes have been played.”

“May your Angel of Music watch over you now,
And give you what I wish I gave you somehow… CHRISTINE:
“Those two people are gone.”

“Now I must go, our choices are made. All the dark, silent years now set right!

Musicals – Love Never Dies – Mother, Did You Watch lyrics

MG: Now he has them, and for us, we have both been replaced

MEG: NOO!! MG: Where, poor girl do you think that he was? MEG: And the Master must have heard every note and every Word
Mother, tell me, did he see? MEG: Mother did you watch? Everything is sold
Mother, can’t you tell the new routine, it went so well
I was worried just a touch that it might have been too much
Just a bit, well… MG: Meg, stop it… MG: All that you gave him it’s all been a waste

MEG: You’re wrong! MG: Dreaming of the son they love,
Too smitten to spare you a moment of thought

MEG: What you said… MG: All you’ve done, all entranced,
Y es, all but the one whose entrancement we sought

MEG: He wasn’t there? MEG: Even he will now conceive, I’m the only one he’ll need
Mother, what’s wrong? rather free
But just listen to that crowd,
Why they’ve never been so loud, screaming only for me

MG: Meg… Yes, that’s right, with her all along

MEG: With Christine?! MG: All that you’ve done it has all been erased

MEG: Don’t say that! MG: Meg, sweet fool, you did all that you Could
Shining bright and still not enough

MEG: What do you mean?

Musicals – Love Never Dies – Mother Please, I’m Scared lyrics


This place is yours? Phantom:
Every inch of it
Tell me where you’d like to go
Tell me what you’d like to see
I can grant any wish

Could you show me
If you please
All the island’s mysteries
All that’s strange
And wild and dark
In the shadows of the park

You shall see it all tomorrow
I promise

Back to sleep now, Gustave

Yes, mother Come and meet
A friend of mine

Welcome to my world
My friend

Gustave, this is Mr. Gustave:
Mother, please
I’m scared
What a dream
An awful dream
Someone strange and mad
Seething me and drowning me

Shh, Gustave, it’s alright.

Musicals – Love Never Dies – Love Never Dies lyrics

Who knows when love begins
Who knows what makes it start
One day it’s simply there
Alive inside your heart

It slips into your thoughts
It infiltrates your soul
It takes you by surprise
Then seizes full control

Try to deny it
And try to protest
But love won’t let you go
Once you’ve been possessed

Love never dies
Love never falters
Once it has spoken
Love is yours

Love never fades
Love never alters
Hearts may get broken
Love endures
Hearts may get broken
Love endures

And soon as you submit
Surrender flesh and bone
That love takes on a life
Much bigger than your own

It uses you at whim
And drives you to despair
And forces you to feel
More joy than you can bear

Love gives you pleasure
And love brings you pain
And yet when both are gone
Love will still remain

Once it has spoken
Love is yours

Love never dies
Love never alters

Hearts may get broken
Love endures
Hearts may get broken

Love never dies
Love will continue
Love keeps on beating
When you’re gone

Love never dies
Once it is in you
Life may be fleeting
Love lives on
Life may be fleeting

Love lives on

Musicals – Love Never Dies – Look With Your Heart lyrics

Love’s a curious thing
It often comes disguised
Look at love the wrong way
It goes unrecognized

So look with your heart
And not with your eyes
The heart understands
The heart never lies
You need what it feels
And trust what it shows

Look with your heart
The heart always knows
Love is not always beautiful
Not at the start

So open your arms
And close your eyes tight
Look with your heart
And when it finds love
Your heart will be right

Learn from someone who knows
Make sure you don’t forget
Love will misunderstand
Is love that you’ll regret

Look with your heart
And not with your eyes
The heart can’t be fooled

The heart is too wise

Forget what you think

Ignore what you hear

Christine and Gustave:
Look with you heart
It always sees clear

Love is not always beautiful
Not at the start

But open your arms
And close your eyes tight
Look with your heart
And when it finds love
Your heart will be right

Musicals – Love Never Dies – Devil Take The Hindmost lyrics

Stay back or I’ll kill you, I promise you! Phantom:
Such a child, strange to see
Different, musical

Huh? Raoul:
We’ve a son – our bond’s secure

Are you sure? Phantom:

Fine! And we were playing a different
Game. Look at me – the concert’s only hours away. I’ve bested him before and if he ever had the courage
To meet me face to face, man to
Man… Raoul:
What do you mean? Phantom:
Not afraid of me, you say? Phantom:
Either way! Devil take the hindmost. Phantom:
Is he more you or me? And if she won’t, if I win

All your debts wiped away

Very well, let’s begin

Devil take the hindmost


You think you have the odds
You think you’re in control
You think you’ve fixed the dice
Well I will gladly roll
I’ll bet against the house
I’ll even double down

Our game, it’s been changed
Every throw risking her
All the rules rearranged
Fate has redesigned those

Fortune’s on my side
I won her long ago, I won her from you then
I beat you even now, I’ll win her back again

Cut the deck, let us play
Roll your die once again

And when the game is done! Phantom:
Are you so sure? Phantom:
She walks, you leave together
Pockets full
Debts paid. Devil take he hindmost

Look at you, foul as sin
Hideous – horrible
Call the stakes, deal me in
Devil take the hindmost

Our Christine shall choose tonight

Let her choose

Is she yours or mine? Which one do you find most? Raoul:
Oh, God. Raoul:
You lie. (simultaneously)

Deal the cards, let them fall
Choose your hand, try your best
He who wins, wins it all

I call your bluff – the game is on
And we will see who wins
He who runs it out wins it all

Devil take he hindmost

Deal the cards, let them fall
Choose your hand, try your best
He who wins wins it all

I call your bluff – the game is on
And we will see who wins out
He who runs it out wins it all

Devil take the hindmost! Raoul:
Draw the line

If she sings you lose tonight

I won’t lose

You leave from here

Fine! No, no it can’t be. As you say, you’ve beaten me before,
But that was a long time ago, Vicomte. Raoul:
What? She sings – you leave alone. Both:
Devil take the hindmost
Now Christine shall choose at last
Is she yours or mine? Raoul:
Miss Giry, I’m not afraid of him. What have I done? Phantom:
Of course. Look at you, deep in debt
Stinking drunk – pitiful
Shall we two make a bet?

Musicals – Love Never Dies – Til I Hear You Sing lyrics

The moments creep, yet I can’t bear to sleep
’til I Hear you sing. [Verse 1]
The day starts, the day ends. My broken soul can’t be live and whole
’til I hear you sing
Once more. Time crawls by. [Chorus]
And weeks pass,
And months pass. I turn and it fades away
And you’re not here! Still I ache down to the core. In my mind I hear melodies pure and unearthly,
But I find I can’t give them a voice without you. Time runs dry. [Verse 3]
And music, your music,
It teases at my ear. Seasons fly. I always feel no more than halfway real,
’til I hear you sing
Once more! Ten long years wasting my time with smoke and noise. [Verse 2]
And sometimes at night time
I dream that you are there,
But wake holding nothing but the empty air… Night steals in pacing the floor. [Chorus]
And years come, and years go. Let them die! My Christine, my Christine. [Chorus]
Let hopes pass,
Let dreams pass. [Intro]
Ten long years living a mere facade of life. Lost and gone, lost and gone… Still you don’t through the door,
And in a haze I count the silent days
’til I hear you sing
Once more. Without you what are they for?

Musicals – Love Never Dies – The Phantom Confronts Christine lyrics

Oh, no

Do you have something to confess? Just live
Our son
Just live
My son
Just give what I could give
And take what little I deserve

My own flesh and blood
And even he recoils in horror from me
Just like his mother

Forgive me, I beg you, if you can
I’ve brought you nothing but woe
Tomorrow night, I’ll sing with all my might
Sing for you again, then we’ll go

From out of ugliness, such light
From out of darkness, such a flame
In him, my wrongness is made right
And yet he loathes me just the same

So let him shun me in disgust
Let him flee this cursed face
If I must hide from him, I must
Yet shall he be my saving grace

Oh, Christine, my Christine
If it’s true, I’ve no reason to live
Then, Christine, then our boy
Shall have all I can give

Ah, Christine
All I create on this earth
All that I’ll never be worth
All shall be his

Ten long years and he casts us aside
Ten whole years, this is how we’re repaid
Ten dark years of toil and tears
And now what we’ve worked for will go to that child

All our hopes were at last in our grasp
All the dreams and the plans that we laid
Everything is vanishing
And we get discarded, rejected, reviled

All of the bonds in between is now torn
All of the love that we gave him was worn
All would be ours
If that bastard had never been born Gustave, it’s alright, it’s me
Gustave, please take him away
I’m so sorry
Please forgive him, he meant no harm

How could you think I wouldn’t guess? Please don’t make me
I want the truth right now, if so

Once upon another time
You went off and left me alone
But that’s not all you did
You left me with a son

Ever since that other time
I wished, how I wished you’d have known
I kept the secret hid, the secret my marriage forbid
What else could I have done? What do you mean? How could you think I wouldn’t know?

Musicals – Love Never Dies – That’s The Place You Ruined, You Fool lyrics

That’s the place that you ruined, you fool! MADAME GIRY:
What do you mean? FLECK:
Don’t you remember what happened back then? I couldn’t have known! When we, even we, dared to walk among men! MADAME GIRY:
It wasn’t my fault! FLECK:
That’s the world you destroyed with your greed! When even a Phantom could dream his dark dreams once again…

Musicals – Love Never Dies – Once Upon Another Time lyrics

Once upon another time
Our story had only begun
You chose to turn the page
And I made choices too

Once upon that other time
We did what we thought
Must be done
And now we have no choice
We do what we must do
We love
We live
We give what we can give
And take what little we deserve

Once upon another time
I knew how our story would end
And maybe I was wrong
But now the moment’s gone
Were it still that other time
I’d make time itself
Somehow bend
But now I’m not that strong
And time keeps moving on

Christine and Phantom:
We love
We live
We give what we can give
And take what little we deserve

We love
We live
We give what we can give
And take what little we deserve
Once upon another time

CATS – Skimbleshanks, The Railway Cat lyrics

We are pulled back to the present as “Skimbleshanks The Railway Cat”
Introduces himself. Solo:
Skimbleshanks the railway cat, the cat of the railway train
There’s a whisper down the line at eleven thirty-nine
When the night mail’s ready to depart
Saying, “Skimble, where is Skimble has he gone to hunt the thimble
We must find him or the train can’t start! ”

All the guards and all the porters and the stationmaster’s daughters
Would be searching high and low
Saying “Skimble, where is Skimble for unless he’s very nimble
Then the night mail just can’t go”

At eleven forty-two with the signal overdue
And the passengers all frantic to a man
That’s when I would appear and I’d saunter to the rear
I’d been busy in the luggage van! A friendly uncle to all of the cats, Skimbleshanks
Attends the trains he rides, and makes sure every detail is perfect. All:
Then he gave one flash of his glass-green eyes
And the signal went “All clear!”
They’d be off at last for the northern part of the northern hemisphere! Skimbleshanks, the railway cat, the cat of the railway train

You might say that by and large it was me who was in charge
Of the sleeping car express
From the driver and the guards to the bagmen playing cards
I would supervise them all more or less

Down the corridor he paces and examines all the faces
Of the travellers in the first and the third
He established control by a regular patrol
And he’d know at once if anything occurred

He would watch you without winking and he saw what you were thinking
And it’s certain that he didn’t approve
Of hilarity and riot so that folk were very quiet
When Skimble was about and on the move

You could play no pranks with Skimbleshanks
He’s a cat that couldn’t be ignored
So nothing went wrong on the northern mail
When Skimbleshanks was aboard

It was very pleasant when they’d found their little den
With their name written up on the door
And the berth was very neat with a newly folded sheet on
And not a speck of dust on the floor

There was every sort of light you could make it dark or bright
And a button you could turn to make a breeze
And a funny little basin you’re supposed to wash your face in
And a crank to shut the window should you sneeze
Then the guard looked in politely and would ask you very brightly
“Do you like your morning tea weak or strong?”

But I just behind him and was ready to remind him
For Skimble won’t let anything go wrong
When they crept into their cozy berth and pulled the counterpane

They ought to reflect that it was very nice
To know that they wouldn’t be bothered by mice
They can leave all that to the railway cat
The cat of the railway train

Skimbleshanks, the railway cat, the cat of the railway train

In the watches of the night I was always fresh and bright
Every now and then I’d have a cup of tea
With perhaps a drop of scotch while I was busy keeping on the watch
Only stopping here and there to catch a flea

They were fast asleep at Crewe
And so they never knew that I was walking up and down the station
They were sleeping all the while I was busy at Carlisle
Where I met the stationmaster with elation

They might see me at Dumfries if I summoned the police
If there was anything they ought to know about
When they got to Gallowgate there they did not have to wait
For Skimbleshanks will help them to get out

And he gives you a wave of his long brown tail
Which says, “I’ll see you again”
You’ll meet without fail on the midnight mail
The cat of the railway train

You’ll meet without fail on the midnight mail
The cat of the railway train

CATS – Old Deuteronomy lyrics

Yes. Hi. Oh my eye! My mind may be wandering but I confess
I believe it is Old Deuteronomy

Old Deuteronomy’s lived a long time
He’s a cat who has lived many lives in succession
He was famous in proverb and famous in rhyme
A long while before Queen Victoria’s accession

Old Deuteronomy’s buried nine wives
And more I am tempted to say ninety-nine
And his numerous progeny prospers and thrives
And the village is proud of him in his decline

At the sight of that placid and bland physiognomy
When he sits in the sun on the vicarage wall
The oldest inhabitant croaks:

Well of all things can it be really
No. The cats put on a show called “The Awful Battle of the Pekes and
The Pollicles together with The Marching Song of the Pollicle Dogs. Hi. Oh my eye! Old duteronomy:
My legs may be tottery, I must go slow
And be careful of Old Deuteronomy

Munkustrap has assembled some entertainment for Deuteronomy. Hi. My mind may be wandering but I confess
I believe it is Old Deuteronomy

Well of all things can it be really
No. The cats adore and respect him. Oh my eye! My mind may be wandering but I confess
I believe it is Old Deuteronomy

Well of all things can it be really
No. The entire tribe rejoins as their benevolent and wise
Leader Old Deuteronomy arrives. Hi. Ho. Ho. Ho. Yes. Hi. Yes. My mind may be wandering but I confess
I believe it is Old Deuteronomy

Well of all things can it be really
No. The two groups
Bark ceaselessly at each other, until they are frightened away by
The great Rumpus Cat, a sleek, powerful feline. Yes. Oh my eye! Solo:
I believe it is Old Deuteronomy

Well of all things can it be really
No. Yes. Oh my eye! ”
In the show, which Munkustrap narrates, the cats dress up as two
Rival dog factions: the Pekes and the Pollicles. Ho. Ho.